Airtel New SIM Offer 2023

Airtel New SIM Offer

As a newly launched telecom company, Airtel has improved significantly. It encourage users by providing exiting offers. If you want to buy a new Airtel SIM, the authority of Airtel brought to you Airtel new sim offer. After seeing those offer, you will be interested to get a new one.

If you are looking for some offers for new activated SIM, continue with this article, here you will get all of the updated information regarding to your demand.

Airtel New SIM Internet & Minute Offer

Airtel has brought to you various types of offers for new customers. The call rate of a new SIM is only 48 paisa per minute. Users can also enjoy minutes and Internet. Here I have added an update offers from their official announcement. Choose your favourite one from the offer listed below.

41 Tk 2 GB, 19 Minutes & 48 paisa/minute

All of the new users can enjoy this bundle offer. On this offer, Airtel includes 2 GB internet for 7 days, 19 Minutes for 10 days, and 48 paisa per minute for any number with the validity of 90 days. To enjoy this combo, recharge exact 41 BDT within the first 30 days of activation. Users can easily check out the balance by dialing *8444*88# and *778*252# for internet and minutes respectively. Also, 30 TK will be added to main account. That’s why you can also select it as 11 TK offer. For a quick glance, have a look at the table.

Minutes19 Minutes
Minutes Validity10 days
Minutes Check*778*2525#
Internet2 GB
Internet Validity7 days
Internet Check*8444*88#
Main Balance30 BDT
Check Balance*778#
Call Rate48 Paisa/Minute


96 Tk 2 GB, 70 Minutes & 48 Paisa/Minutes

This is another first recharge offer. You have choses one of those. On this offer, you will get 2 GB internet for 7 days, 70 Minutes for 10 days, and BDT 55 on the main account. Now, it’s your wish. I don’t know which one you will prefer. If you have brought it, you have to dial *778*2525# for minutes checking and *778*2525# for minutes. Main balance can be checked by dialling *778# or *1#. Here is the quick info.

Minutes48 Minutes
Minutes Validity10 days
Minutes Check*778*2525#
Internet2 GB
Internet Validity7 days
Internet Check*8444*88#
Main Balance55 BDT
Check Balance*778# or *1#
Call Rate48 Paisa/Minute

11 GB Free for next 11 months (1 GB Per Month)

New user can enjoy 1 GB per month for 11 times. The offer includes some condition. This offer will start after the one month of recharging 41 or 96 BDT. Users will be able to get it within next 11 months. To enjoy, dial *121*889# after one month of previous dialing and get 1 GB instantly for 7 days. To use full 11 GB, you should dial every month regularly because after the exact period, offer will be denied no matter you have received 11 times or not.

1 GB 9 Tk 10 Times

This is another exiting offer for Airtel new SIM users. Airtel gives you a total of 10 GB for the next 10 months. Users can enjoy it 1 time in a month (1 GB every month). And, every time they have to recharge 9 Tk exactly. There is no activation code for this offer. It contains a validity of 7 days. To check out the balance, please dial *8444*88# or *3#.

54 Tk 3GB Internet

It’s the best internet offer brought to you by Airtel. New use can enjoy this offer as many as they want within first three months. There is no limitation for this. This is a recharge offer. That’s why it has no activation code to dial. To enjoy 3 GB, recharge 54 BDT right now. It contains a validity of 5 days.

How can I get a new Airtel SIM?

You can buy Airtel SIM from nearby market. Most of the market has a telecom shop where sell Airtel SIM. It would be better if you can buy directly from customer care or Airtel representative.

What is the cost of new Airtel 4g sim?

According to the Airtel Bangladesh official statement, an Airtel SIM costs 200 BDT. You can get by low cost on the time of offers. Even, sometimes they offer for free.

Which Sim is best for offers?

There are several telecom companies in Bangladesh. According to the recent data and users opinion, Airtel is the best SIM operator in Bangladesh especially when it comes to regular offers.

How can I get 1gb in 9 TK on Airtel?

You need to dial *121*889# to get free 1 GB. Also, it can enjoy by 9 Tk recharge for the next 10 times!

Final Thoughts

That was the full information about Airtel new SIM offer. All of the information is adapted from Official website and Facebook page of Airtel Bangladesh.

So there is possibility of anything wrong with this information. Hopefully, you get it helpful. To know more information, visit our website regularly.

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