Airtel SMS Offer 2023: All Pack Activation Code

Airtel SMS Offer

Airtel provides various types of offers for the users. Recently, the authority has announced some exciting Airtel SMS offer that you will love. If you are an Airtel user, those offers will be helpful for you. Here I have added everything, including activation code, price, validity, and checking process. So don’t worry about it; continue with this article.

Airtel SMS Pack

Airtel offers various types of SMS packs to users. You can buy according to your demand. In the section below, I have added all of the updated packs. Check out that one by one. Before that, I would like to make sure that offers are collected from Airtel’s official website. Hopefully, you will get desired offers.

40 SMS at 2 Tk

This is the lowest SMS offer for Airtel users. All of the prepaid users can enjoy this. If you are looking for some SMS at a low price, it would be best for you. To activate this, you have to dial *321*200#. The validity of this offer is only 12 hours. If you want to add more, please dial again within validity time. And, dial *778*6# to check out the balance. There is no limitation of it, you can enjoy it as much as you want.

150 SMS at 5 Tk

If you are a prepaid user, this is another one for you. Airtel gives 150 SMS by only 5 BDT. It’s applicable for on-net and off-net also. To buy this item, please dial *321*500#. Reply message will come up with 150 short messaging services. 24 hours is the validity time for that.

Bundle Offer 10 Minutes & 10 SMS at 6.09 BDT

If you want to start an SMS offer along with minutes at a low price, this one may be perfect for you. Airtel gives you 10 SMS and minutes for 6.09 BDT. You have to dial *121*301# for the activation. The talk times and minutes can be used within 12 hours of activation. To check out the balance of both, please dial *778*0#. You can purchase this pack as many as you want.

16 SMS & 15 Minutes at 9 BDT (Scratch card)

This is a scratch card offer. There is no option for dialing or recharging. On this offer, Airtel provides 16 SMS and 15 minutes by 9 BDT. If you want to enjoy this, please purchase a scratch card and dial *787*16 digit PIN number#. It has a validity of 24 hours. To check SMS balance, please dial *778*6#, and for internet balance dial *778*0#.

Bundle Offer 19 SMS & 19 Minutes at 10.96 BDT

This is a combo of SMS and minutes. Airtel includes 19 SMS and minutes by 10.96 TK only. Users can enjoy it as much as they want. If you are ready to jump into this, you have to dial *121*302#. It has a validity time of 24 hours. To check the status of both, please dial *778*0#. This offer is available for all Airtel users.

25 SMS & 24 Minutes at 14 Tk (Scratch card)

This is another scratch card SMS offer combined with minutes. Airtel has brought with 25 SMS and 24 minutes for 14 BDT. If you are ready to continue with this, you have to take an Airtel scratch card for 14 TK. After that, please dial *787*16 digit PIN number# to enjoy it. It has a validity of 2 days. Users have to dial *778*6# for SMS and *778*0# for minutes.

250 SMS, 250 Minutes & 1 GB Social at 149 TK

This is the multiple offers for the Airtel users, which includes 250 SMS, 1 GB of Social Internet, and 250 minutes as well. The bundle will be activated after dialing *123*149# or recharging 149 BDT. It includes a validity for one month. To check out the social data users must dial *3# and SMS or minutes can be checked by dialing *778*0#.

200 SMS & 335 Minutes at 193 BDT

It’s a monthly bundle offer for the users. On this offer, Airtel brought 200 SMS and 335 minutes. To be active, users will be charged 193 BDT. If you are ready to start the offer, please dial *123*193#. Both balances can be checked by dialing *778*0#. It gives a validation time of 30 days. If you want to enjoy both, star this offer right now.

800 SMS, 395 minutes & 500 MB 4G Internet at 228 BDT

Here Airtel comes up with everything you want. On this offer, the authority provides 800 messages along with 500 MB (4G only) and 295 minutes of talk time. If you like to start this one, please recharge the exact 228 BDT. There is no dial code for this because it’s a recharge SMS offer. Balance can be checked by dialing *8444*88#. You can enjoy it within 30 days of validation.

500 SMS, 605 minutes & 1 GB internet only for 349 BDT

If you are looking for a new offer for talking and messaging, you can get it right now. It provides users 500 messages, 605 minutes along with 1 GB of internet. To activate this offer, you have to dial *123*349# or recharge the exact 349 BDT. 30 days is the validation time of this. To check out the balance, dial *8444*88# for data, and *778*6666# for minutes and SMS.

800 SMS, 1000 minutes & 2 GB internet at 574 BDT

Want to start more expensive than above and get a solution for 30 days? Don’t worry! Airtel is near you. The authority of Airtel brought 800 SMS, 2 GB internet, and 1000 minutes by 574 BDT. You can enjoy talking, messaging, and browsing as well. To start this one, please dial *123*574# or recharge 574 exactly. To check remaining data, dial *8444*88# and for minutes and SMS checking dial *778*6666#.


It was the full information about Airtel’s sms offer. What are you thinking about our information? Is enough for you or not? If you are satisfied with this, don’t forget to share it with friends on Facebook and Twitter. If you want to know more, let us know by commenting below. Thanks for visiting here!

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