Bandhan Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2023

Bandhan Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Here you can see Bandhan Express Train Schedule according to recent update. Bandhan Express is the international train for traveling and going from Bangladesh to India and India to Bangladesh. It’s second international train that run between Bangladesh and India. It starts journey from khulna, Bangladesh and stops at Kolkata, India.

Bandhan Express is the most popular train for Bangladeshi people who want to go India. It is the second international train on Bangladesh India route, the name of first on is Mitree Express.

Information about both train on one article. That’s why on this post we are going to discuss about bandhan express train schedule and ticket price.  Are looking for this info? If yes! You have came to the exact website. Just read this article at the end I hope you will satisfy with our data.

Facilities Of Bandhan Express

Bandhan Express is a very advanced train that suits for your travel. It has many awesome feature that will make you comfortable and enjoyable. You can enjoy different types of landscapes while traveling.

You don’t have to be a little annoyed when it comes to traveling because this train runs fast. It goes from Khulna to Kolkata.  With a distance of about 47 km, the train takes only five hours.  Then you realize how fast it is. It runs at 73 kph per hour, and breaks into three places among 5 hour. Each break takes 10 to 15 minutes.

It was an old train, but during the war of India and Pakistan in 1965, its journey was stopped. 53 years later it started again on the route. It’s second journey has started on November 16, 2017. It has a total of 465 chair seats out of which 312 are air conditioned and 144 are advanced quality sets.

There are also various benefits of the train. You can charge your mobile and laptop on the train and use WiFi, use the network, use different type of social media network.

Bandhan Express Route Info

It started journey from Khulna and passed through Jessore. After coming to Jessore, It take a break for three minutes, and after the break it started racing again on the hillside. You can enjoy the beauty of mountain on that time.

It start journey along the border of Bangladesh and India and again took a break for a few minutes before reaching India.  After a little break, it start with full speed and arrive to India.  That’s how it takes 4 hour and 30 minute to arrive india.

What kind of seat do you want to go? (Seats chair class)

There are two types of sets on bandhan express rail. You have to choice what you want. If you are doing order on online for ticket then you have to be careful with the seat plan. Take a look at sets class

  • AC Chair Cars
  • AC First Class seats.

As I mentioned above their is total 456 seats and it’s divided into two sections. Each type of set has different prices, so look for the price when choosing your seat.

Bandhan Express Train Schedule

It is very important to know the schedule of the train you want to take. Time is a most important thing of our life so don’t waste your time without working anything. That’s why I have also mentioned on below the time table of Bandhan Express train from India to Bangladesh as well as Bangladesh to India.

Khulna to Kolkata Train Schedule

If you want to travel from Bangladesh to India by train then your journey will start from Khulna and your journey will finish to Kolkata. Suppose you are an Indian traveler from Bangladesh so we are going to start schedule from Khulna.

CodesStationsArrival TimeDeparture Time
KLNBKhulna06: 10 PM01:30 PM
Jessore02:30 PM
BENBenepole02:45 PM04:00 PM
PETPPetrapole04:10 PM04:20 PM
KOAAKolkata7:10 PM12:30 AM

Koklata to Khulna Train Schedule

When you return to Bangladesh from India, or wish to travel to Bangladesh. Your journey will starts from Kolkata and ends in Khulna. Have a look at below section for full schedule.

PETPPetrapole08:55 AN09:05 AM
BENBenepole09:15 AM10:15 AM
JESJessore11:30 AM11:33 AM
KOAAKolkata12:30 PM07:10 AM
KLNBKhulna12:00 PM07:10 AM

It’s the complete schedule of Bandhan Express international train. I hope it will make easy to your journey and travelling if you think it’s helpful then please share in social media.

Bandhan Express Train Ticket Price

I know you are waiting for this section because price of cricket is a common word while you are travelling it can be bus or train. It provides cricket in two countries Bangladesh and India. You can easily buy ticket in online as well as offline. If you are from BD and want to buy from Bangladesh then you have to use Bangladeshi money and when you are from India then you can use Indian rupees. There is true quality of ticket one is standard and one is lower. Here is ticket pricing depend on quality and country.

Seats TypesPrice BDT/RS
First Class AC2000/1165
AC Chair Car1500/465

Ticket price was fixed by the Bangladesh railway station and the Government of India jointly. It’s not more expensive. I think it’s good enough for us. You can easily buy tickets online and offline to buy tickets from Bangladesh, buy it from Khulna and buy tickets from India you need to collect from Kolkata station. It may be necessary to show some information when purchasing a ticket.


This was the detailed information about the bandhan express I hope the information has helped you and wish you a happy journey. If you have any misunderstand then feel free to comment here, if you want to know more about then please comment below with your problem we will give you proper solution.

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