Banglalink Welcome Tune On/Off Code 2021 (Amar Tune)

Banglalink Welcome Tune

Banglalink offers various types of services. Welcome tune is one of those. Welcome tune is the best way to make someone listen your favorite music.

As there are services for adding welcome tune, why not make people listen to some song while they are calling you? We have latest code here for turning on and off the Banglalink welcome tune. Read on to get the codes!

Banglalink Amar Tune Code

You might be expecting some direct song code from us. In that case, you will have to choose from a limited number of options.

That’s why we have a better solution. You can find you own song, just by sending a text!

  • Go to the text option
  • Type, Find<space><song name>
  • Send to 22222

Active by SMS

You can start the service many ways but we have the easiest way for you to get the service in a snap! To use the SMS methods, follow the steps below.

  • Go to the text menu.
  • Type ‘Start’ and send it to 22222. The Amar Tune will be activated for your number!

Banglalink Amar Tune Off Code

  • To turn the service off with code, dial- *2222#

By the by, You can use this code as well to activate the activate the Amar Tune. 

BL Welcome Tune Stop by SMS

To turn off the Amar Tune via SMS, perform the steps below.

  • Go the text application of your handset.
  • Type ‘Stop’, and send it to 22222.

Terms of Conditions

  • You will have one plan, which is monthly. It will cost TK 30 every month.
  • Also, VAT, SD, and SC are application for the service.

This is all about Banglalink welcome tune with its activation and deactivation code. If you want to know more about this, please leave a comment below.

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