10 Best School in Chittagong 2021

Best school in chittagong

Chittagong is the second largest city in Bangladesh. There are a lot of school in the city. It’s a very hard work to find out the perfect institute for you. That’s why we have done prior research and going to share with you the best school in Chittagong. Although the education is depends on many factors on only institute but still it’s important to pick the best school.

If you are looking for such an article, don’t worry about it. Continue with me until the end of the article. Here I have covered the most essential things you should know before making the final thoughts.

Chittagong Collegiate School

Chittagong Collegiate School is one of the best high schools in the city. The Institution was established in 1836. It’s a government school that has classes from 5 to 12. Collegiate School is also considered as one of the oldest schools in Bangladesh & first English medium school in Chittagong. The school celebrated it’s 180th anniversary in 2016.

The motto of this institute is Truth shall prevail. According to the statistics of recent years, it is the best school in this area. From the beginning journey, it has been providing quality education around the city. The result of the school is excellent if you compare with others.

It has a separate place for the students. If you are looking for the best Institution, I think it can be perfect for you. Here I have included the most wanted information of Chittagong Collegiate School & collage.

Government Muslim High School Chittagong

The Muslim High School Chittagong is another government school in Chittagong District. It was established in 1909 and situated at Kotwali Thana. We have picked this institution at the number two because of excellent results.

It started journey as a madrasah in 1910. Khan Shaheb Wahaidun Nabi was the headmaster from the beginning to 1915. After that it changes role and named Muslim High School. Later in 1953, it opened Urdu department. The school has a mosque so that the students can pray.

There are a lot of books in the library; students can practice anytime. This school has a large playground for the students. It became football champion in 1953 and hockey champion in 1996. Muslim students should study on this school to better religious education.

Dr. Khastagir Government Girls’ High School

Dr. Khastagir Government School is an institute for girls. It was founded in 1907 by Annadacharan Khastagir and situated in the capital of Chittagong District. It’s the first girls school in the city. The teachers of the school always try to improve the quality of education.

This school is not only the top in Chittagong but also in the country for the junior school and secondary school certificate. As of 2005, it was ranked by top position for SSC in Chittagong board. In order to make students more advanced, it offers a computer lab science lab and more.

The Institution has a huge number of students that’s it’s become very hard to take classes at a time. So, it’s divided into two parts; morning and day. Morning group starts from 7 AM and continues until 12 PM. On the other hand, day class starts from 12.30 PM to 5 PM.

Nasirabad Government High School

Nasirabad Government High School is a government school which is top rated in Chittagong. The school is also a high performer in Bangladesh. It was founded in 1967 and situated in East Nasirabad, the second largest city of Bangladesh. As of the recent calculation, it has more than 3000 students.

In order to maintain the quality, it offers two shifts that is really helpful for the students and teachers. The school was founded by the government of Pakistan. After the victory of the liberation war, it came under the government of Bangladesh.

It has a lot of facilities for the students. If you are living away from the school, don’t worry! The Institution provides transport system for the students with Bus. In 2013, it was ranked #11 in the district for the SSC Result. Before that it was also ranked #5 in 2012.

Bakalia Government High School

Bakalia Government High School is another notable Institution in the city of Chittagong. It was founded in 1967 and situated in Bakolia Thana. Local people also known it as Bakolia Government Laboratory High School. It has excellent environment for the students with the two shifts.

The shifts are separated for the boys and girls. Girls shift starts from the morning and boys shift starts from noon. You can also call morning shift and day shift respectively. It has more than 1600 students who are learning from 32 teachers. 

Like the previous school, it’s also founded by the Pakistani government after the liberation war the government of Bangladesh controls it. In 2015, the Institution was ranked #19 for the SSC results in Chittagong. After that in 2017, it made significant changes by ranking #9 position.

Chittagong Cantonment Public College

Chittagong Cantonment Public College is another best school in the Chittagong District. It was founded in 1961 and administered by the Bangladesh Army. It also offers higher education for the students. In 2016, 2017 and 2018, it got “Best Collage” award by the Ministry of Education in Chittagong.

The Institution has also English version following the National Curriculum of the Ministry of Education, Bangladesh. If you are interested to learn English, it would be a better option. There are many student who became successful from this school.

When it comes to sports and entertainment, this institution gives enough faculties. Students can take part in various activities. So far the school has gotten many achievements for outside activities. Also, it’s the most popular collage in the city of Chittagong.

Nou-Bahini School and College

Nou-Bahini School and College is one of the best schools in this area. It’s also known as Bangladesh Navy School and College. It was founded in 1977 and situated in Nabik Colony 1, CEPZ, Bandar Thana. Right now, it’s performing very well since the beginning.

For the very first time, it was started as a junior secondary school of Nou-Bahini with only sixty students. Later on, in 1978 it started high school and college in 1990. After that it has been doing excellent in all sectors. The teachers are trying their best.

The motto of the school is Education for all. Rear Admiral Akter Habib is the chairman and Captain Habibur Rahman is current principal of the institution. It has an English medium section as well. The recent results of this is also better than others.

Ispahani Public School & College

Ispahani Public School & College is another one to note in Chittagong. It was founded in 1979 by Mirza Ahmad Ispahani with the motto of Enter to learn, leave to serve and situated in Zakir Hossain Road, Chittagong. 

For the very first time, it was opened the classes from one to eight. After that in 1989, it started secondary and higher education. In 1991, the students of the Institution appeared on HSC examination. Right now it has many departments, science laboratory, library and more.

Later on, it decided to change entry level on class three with the English language. After that, it divided shift into two groups to maintain properly. Right now, it has more than 2000 books for the current students. It has been improving day after day.

Bangladesh Mahila Samiti Girls’ High School & College

Here is another institution when you are talking about the best schools in Chittagong city. It was founded in 1962. The school is also known as Bangladesh Women’s Association High School & College. It gives advantages for the girls make them proper educated.

The motto of the school is Knowledge is enlightenment, Education is ideal. It has been trying to go ahead with the motto. As a result, it was ranked on #3 position for the excellent performance of JSC result in 2013. The management always thinking positive to move forward.

Chittagong Govt. Girls High School

Chittagong Govt girls high school is another best school for the girls. It was founded in 1984 and situated in Nasirabad. It has been providing a lot of opportunities for the students since the beginning of their journey. The ultimate goal of the school is to provide quality education around the city.

It allows students who want to get admitted around class five to ten. Students have to be passed for the enrolment. You can enjoy others facilities on there. The teachers are very friendly and helpful. As of recent update it has more than 1500 students and 25 teachers.


This is all about the 10 best school in Chittagong. I have included everything you need to know about this query. Hopefully, you got the solution and ready to go ahead. Best wishes for you. Thanks.

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