Bkash Offer 2021 (Latest Update)

Bkash Offer

Bkash is the most used mobile banking company in Bangladesh through which money can be exchanged easily. The company offers various benefits to its users, one of which is Bkash offer 2021. Bkash is continuously updating their offers. Here we have included the latest offers.

This article is very useful if you are a Bkash user. You can learn more about all types of offers from the following sections and enjoy the offer you want and need. So let’s move on to the main topic without delay.

Bkash New Account Offer

Bkash offers amazing offers to its new users. Many people are interested in opening a new account to enjoy these offers. They currently have available offers to welcome new users as well.

Users will get a bonus of up to 200 Tk when they open a new account. To get this bonus, you must open an account using the bkash app. For the first time after opening an account, you have to follow some rules to get an instant bonus of 20 BDT and the rest of the money for other activities. Which will be paid in the next 8 weeks.

These offers are constantly updated so we will let you know if they change later.

Bkash Add Money Offer

Bkash is giving add money facility for most of the bank of Bangladesh with excellent offers. If you do it for the very first time, you will get 200 TK bonus.

100 TK cashback and 200 TK coupon discount.

Bkash Offer with Uber

If you are a rider of uber, bkash gives an option to help you out. It offers upto 30% discount for adding bkash to uber. Bkash always wishes you to have a great journey.

Bkash Refer Offer

If you can bring a friend under under through your referral, there are offers for both. In this case he need to download a Bkash app using your referral code. To get the referral code, go to bKash app and collect it. Then share the link or code number with the desired person.

If you can refer successfully then both will benefit.

This means that there is a bonus of 20 taka as a referral offer for bkash. If you succeed in encouraging a friend to open an account by downloading the bkash app, you will both get a bonus of twenty BDT. In this way you can win bonus by referring as many as you want. Once the account opening is complete, the money will be sent to balance within two business days.

Download Bkash from here to get extra bonus

Bkash Recharge Offer

Bkash also gives recharge offers for its users. Currently, this offer is only available for Banglalink users. Although in the past other telecom users including Grameen could also enjoy the recharge offer. Now the offer is not available for all operators. Details about Banglalink Recharge Offer are mentioned in the following section. You can easily enjoy the internet and minute pack by recharging every day using banglalink.

Bkash Recharge Offer for All

Bkash New Year Offer

100% Cashback on Pay Bill Through Bkash

Now you can pay your electricity and gass bill trough bkash limited. It also offer the best offer for this option. Customer can enjoy a total of 100% cashback if they selected. Here is the brief of the offer:

Bkash Offer with Banglalink

There are three recharge offers for Banglalink users. You can use whatever you want in those offers. There is no limit, you can claim the offer as many times as you want during the campaign.

  • The first offer is 3 GB internet with a recharge of Tk 58 which is valid for four days. All Banglalink users have the opportunity to enjoy as many times as they want. Internet packs can be used for any purpose.
  • Number two is the weekly offer. Where you will get 5 GB internet for recharging 108 TK. It has validity for seven days.
  • The 3rd offer is the combo offer which includes minutes and MB packs. Here you will get 20 GB internet and 600 minutes talk time on 498 taka recharge. It allows you to use it within a month.

Bkash Offer with AjkerDeal

AjkerDeal is one of the most popular online shopping websites in Bangladesh. If you buy a product from the website, you can enjoy a discount of up to 50 percent if you pay through bKash. You can visit the website for details. The amount of discount may vary according to the price of your product.

Bkash Offer with Walton

Walton is the most widely known electronic company in Bangladesh. Currently, the company has involved with Bkash and offers many offers to the users. You can enjoy a certain amount of discount if you make a payment through bKash from Walton showroom. However, this offer may not be available in all showrooms, so you should check before making the payment.

Bkash Online Payment Offer

BKash constantly updating discounts and contracting with one online shopping website after another. Currently, many online service providers are associated with bKash and coming up with new offers for their users. Download the bKash app to find out the offers that apply to you.

Bkash 10% Discount with Computer Village

Computer Village is one of the leading computer and laptop sellers in Bangladesh. Here you will find a collection of all-new models of laptops. When you buy a laptop or PC of your choice, you can enjoy a 10 percent discount if you make a payment through bKash. For this, you must use the Bkash app.

Bkash 10% Discount with Makeup World

Makeup World is one of the most popular marketplaces in Bangladesh. All makeup products are sold there. When purchasing products, bKash users will get a maximum of 10% discount if they use bKash as a payment method. So don’t delay, contact your nearest Makeup World branch and understand the offer.

Bkash 10% Discount with Kodomo

Like the above sites, it is also an online shopping market. If you want to get a product from that website, I will suggest you make payment through bKash. Remember you get a 10 percent discount with kodomo that other organizations don’t offer you.

Bkash 10% Discount with BeshiDeshi

It is also one of the most popular platforms with which you can enjoy offers by transacting through bKash. When payment is done then you will be enjoyed a discount of up to a maximum of 10% for any product. To get the discount you must use bKash and pay on their given number.

Bkash Offer for Pharmacy Payment

You will be able to enjoy the offer through Bkash transactions with many pharmacies across Bangladesh. Division-based pharmacy stores have been included in Bkash’s offer. You can enjoy these offers if you use Bkash as a payment method to purchase medicines from these pharmacies. Check out the list of pharmacies from the link to see if it has the name of the desired store.

Bkash Offer with Furniture Bari (10% Discount)

Furniture bari is an e-commerce site for ordering as much furniture as you want from online. Every user will be able to enjoy a ten percent discount if they pay through Bkash when purchasing products from this website. You can buy the product according to your choice and enjoy the offer along with Bkash.

Bkash Send Money Offer

Now every operator of Bangladesh has the opportunity to send money from bKash. You can still send money if bKash is not opened on that number.

So if you send money to a number which is not associated with bKash, as soon as he opens a bKash account with that number, you will get 15 TK and the new account holder will get 25 taka bonus. This way both can enjoy 40 BDT bonuses.

Bkash cashback offer

Bkash cashback is only available for recharge. All of the users will not be eligible for this offer. Eligible customers can enjoy 100% instant cashback after recharging 12 BDT. Eligible users will receive an SMS from Bkash. You can also get the option on the App.

This is all about Bkash Offer 2021 with the details. I think now you are ready to go with the perfect offer for you. We always try to make the process easy. Even after that, if you have any problem to understand, feel free to let us know.

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