Chattala Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2023

Chattala Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Chattala Express is a mail train that runs from Dhaka to Chittagong. If you want to go Dhaka to Chittagong or Chittagong to Dhaka then you should know chattala Express schedule and ticket price as well as sttoppages. That will make your journey more easier.

Train journey is very safe for you there is no traffic jam and you can enjoy nature looking besides windows. On the other hand it’s low cost. Check out below for the in-depth details about chattala Express train.

Chattala Express Train Schedule

Knowing schedule is very important for you when want to make a trip by train. That’s why I am going to share with you chattala Express train schedule and ticket price as well. It has different stoppage between Dhaka to Chittagong route. You can also visit from one stoppages to others.

Chattala Express has two different train number, the first one is 67 which goes for Dhaka to Chittagong. Another one that will for your returning option or Chittagong to Dhaka journey, 68 is the number of this train. Both has only one holiday in week.

When you want to go Dhaka to Chittagong you should come to station before 01:00 PM, because it leaves Dhaka station at 01:00 PM serp, and it takes almost 9 hour to reach Chittagong. The arrival time of Chittagong station is 08:50 PM. You can have dinner after getting down.

On the opposite side, when it runs for Chittagong to Dhaka route, this schedule and timetable won’t be applicable for you. On this time it starts journey from Chittagong on the morning at 08:15 AM, after a long time it arrives to Dhaka station in the evening at 03:35 PM. Tuesday is the off day of this route as well.

For your batter understand I have made a table on the section below. Take a screenshot of this or download schedule image from above.

Schedule of Chattala Express

Train RouteTrain NoOff DayDeparture TimeArrival Time
Dhaka To Chittagong67Tuesday01:00 PM08:50 PM
Chittagong To Dhaka68Tuesday08:15 AM03:35 PM

Chattala Express Train Schedule From Chittagong To Dhaka & Dhaka To Chittagong

Chattala Express Train Stoppages

There are many stations on the journey of Chaitlala Express like other train, you can start journey or get down from those station. Look at the stations list from the list below.

  • Chittagong
  • Feni
  • Laksam
  • Comilla
  • Brahmanbaria
  • Bhairab

Chattala Express has six different substation including Chittagong station. If you added Dhaka station that it will change by eight. Passenger can get down on those station if there destination is enough. Also, it has ticket point on each station for new ticket. Generally, if the journey is less time then the ticket does not need to take.

Chattala Express Train Ticket Price

Chattala Express has several ticket depending on your seat quality. And, where is your destination or from where you start journey. We have just included substation wish ticket price that will be more helpful for local people. It has two types of seats class, It also plays a role in the price of your ticket.

StoppagesFirst ChairSulov
Bhairab Bazar125 BDT50 BDT
Brahmanbaria175 BDT90 BDT
Comilla250 BDT125 BDT
Laksham280 BDT150 BDT
Feni325 BDT175 BDT
Chittagong425 BDT265 BDT

Take a screenshot of the table above or download price chart by tapping below.

Where to buy tickets?

You can purchase chattala Express Train ticket directly from station. Apart from this you can also buy ticket from online by using Bangladesh Railway official website. They give us this facility for quick support. Thanks to Bangladesh Railway Authority. If you are not expert on online. No worry! You can buy train ticket from your home using mobile phone. GrameenPhone and banglalink operator give this facility to their customer. On this way, just you need to send a message and agree to payment.

Chattala Express Train Facilities

Chattala Express has many facilities that will help you to make your journey very easy and comfortable. Here I have attached some important things.

Chattala Express luggage facilities

An air-conditioned passenger can carry 65kg, first class passenger 37.5kg, shuvon passenger 28kg and shulov 2nd class passenger can go with 25kg without paying. Large stations have separate counters for luggage bookings. There is a trolley system for carrying luggage. Wheelchairs are available for carrying ill persons.

Coolie charges on cargo delivery

There is a cooling system for transporting goods from the station to the bogie or from the bogie to the outside of the station. They charge according to the quantity of the goods. Here is a list of the current prevailing charges.

Weight and Bag numberAmount
Less than 28kg (1bag)30 TK
Less than 28kg (2bag)40 TK
Less than 37kg (1bag)40 TK
Less than 37kg (2bag)50 TK
Less than 65 kg (1bag)60 TK
Less than 65kg (2bag)80 TK

Others Facilities:

  • There is also the convenience of eating and drinking at Chattala Express, where you can enjoy your favorite food anytime.
  • Chattala Express trains are designed for prayer. So you can perform shah.
  • The guard has a first aid box.
  • There are toilet facilities. However, it is better to no use the toilet when the train is stopped.
  • Each bogie has one guard. They are always responsible for the services of passengers, necessary advice and ensuring the overall safety of the train.

So dear, that was the full schedule of chattala Express train with ticket price. If you were looking for stoppage then this post would help you. If you think that this is not enough for you and you are looking for more information. No problem! That’s great. Feel free to knowing us via a comment. We will update article regarding to your query.

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