Dhaka To Barisal Bus Schedule, Ticket Price & Contact Number 2021

Dhaka To Barisal Bus

Dhaka to Barisal bus schedule is available on this website. If you want to make a trip Dhaka or Barisal, don’t worry about ticket price and counter number. Here I’m looking to provide everything that you are looking for.

So, please continue with us until the end of the article. After reading completely you will not have anything to confused. Without any other talking, let’s go to the topic.

Dhaka To Barisal Bus List & Type

There are several Bus are available on the route of Dhaka to Barisal. If you would like to go with a specific one, please check weather it’s available. I have also included bus type. Some buses are AC connected and some are not. You should also lookup this.

Bus NameBus Type
Eagle ParibahanNon AC Chair Coach
Sakura ParibahanBoth AC and non AC Chair Coach
Sarbic ParibahanBoth AC and non AC Chair Coach
Ranga Provat ParibahanNon AC Chair Coach
Hanif EnterpriseNon AC Chair Coach
Ahmed TravelsNon AC Chair Coach
Surjomukhi ParibahanNon AC Chair Coach
MM ParibahanNon AC Chair Coach
Green Line ParibahanAC Chair Coach
Surovi ParibahanAC Chair Coach
Konok ParibahanAC Chair Coach

Dhaka to barisal bus time schedule

When it comes to start journey, time management is the most important thing. You should reach out to the counter or stand before the right time otherwise the possibility of missing bus is high.

So we are providing you updated schedule of this year. Please have a look and be sure about your time.

Bus NameFirst TripLast Trip
Eagle Paribahan8.30 am1.30pm
Sakura Paribahan 7.30am12.00pm
Sarbic Paribahan 6.00am11.30 pm
Ranga Provat Paribahan6.30 am2.45pm
Hanif Enterprise 7.00 am11.30 pm
Ahmed Travels5.30 am10.45 pm
Surjomukhi Paribahan6.45 am12.00 pm
MM Paribahan7.00 am12.00 pm
Green line water bus08:00 am

Dhaka To Barisal Ticket Price

Do you know the ticket price of Dhaka to Barisal bus? If not, don’t worry about it. Here you are going to get information about this.

AC Chair Coach

There are two major types of seats on the bus. AC chair is the comfortable. That’s why the price of the AC chair coach is higher than others. Here is the bus wise price below.

Bus NameTicket price
Sakura Paribahan700 BDT
Sarbic Paribahan700 BDT
Green line Paribahan800 BDT
Green line Water Bus1000 BDT
Surovi Paribahan700 BDT
Konok Paribahan800 BDT

Non-ac Chair Coach

If you want to go with non AC seat, please know the price from here. I think it’s perfect for all types of travelers.

Bus NameTicket price
Sakura Paribahan550 BDT
Sarbic Paribahan520 BDT
Eagle Paribahan550 BDT
Ranga Provat Paribahan500 BDT
Hanif Enterprise500 BDT
Ahmed Travel450 BDT
Surjomukhi Paribahan430 BDT
MM Paribahan430 BDT

Dhaka To Barisal Contact Number

Counter number of Dhaka to Barisal is available on this section. If you want to contact with manager, copy the number from below and dial.

Bus NameDhaka Gabtoli CounterBrisal Counter
Eagle Paribahan01779-4931560431-62975, 01712-562762
Sakura Paribahan01712-934430 01818-181232, 02-8021184, 02-801470201714-022341, 01712-618924, 0431-64771
Sarbic Paribahan0171466840901728486216
Ranga Provat Paribahan01711102164, 01715111855
Hanif Enterprise02-9012902.1713-450760, 0431-2174768
Ahmed Travels01721-626063(Baipall) 01776-648796
Surjomukhi Paribahan02-801182001712-162682
MM Paribahan01711-94930901760-093832, 01712-255888
Surovi Paribahan01791-25930501791-259306
Green Line Water Bus02-8315380, 01730-060004,01730-060071, 01730-060072, 01730-0600730 17113433510 1730060076

Dhaka To Barisal Online Ticket Booking

Right now, it’s popular way to book ticket. There are several ways can be followed for online ticket booking. I’m sharing with you the most easy and trusted platform.

  • Go to https://www.shohoz.com/bus-tickets
  • Select your journey details
  • Click on Search Bus
  • Select the desired Bus
  • Continue with info
  • Make a payment


This is all about Dhaka to Barisal schedule and ticket price with online ticket booking information. Hopefully, now you are ready to go. If you have any questions, please contact with counter number as we give above.

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