Dhaka To Khagrachari Bus: Ticket Price, Schedule, Counter Numbers & Online Booking 2023

Did you know that Khagrachari is a hilly area and attracts tourists a lot. Hence, a great number of people every year visit Khagrachari for several reasons, especially to visit.

dhaka to khagrachari bus

However, it is a district of Chittagong division and southeastern Bangladesh. Additionally, the distance between Dhaka and Khagrachari by bus is 275.8 kilometers and it takes six-hour and thirty-seven minutes to reach Khagrachari from Dhaka by bus.

Specifically, I am in this article going to provide info about the Dhaka to Khagrachari journey by bus. So if you are thinking of making a journey from Dhaka to Khagrachari by bus, this article will highly help you. So, read and scroll and don’t forget to give feedback.

Dhaka To Khagrachari Bus Services

To make your journey more comfortable from Dhaka to Khagrachari, it is essential to know about Dhaka to Khagrachari Bus Services. However, there are several bus services available in Dhaka to Khagrachari routes.

Hence, I have provided the top 5 comfortable and best bus services with a rate of four-plus from five by google. So, let’s know about them.

In summary, I have given the top 5 bus services of Dhaka to Khagrachari names, addresses, buses models and contact numbers to assist you.

Names of the bus services Contact number Model of bus
Hanif Enterprise Bus 01971- 691  341 VOLVO AC
Shymoli Paribahan (NR) 01865- 068922 706 Hyundai
Eagle Paribahan 01779- 492927 Hino 1 AJ
Saint martin Hyundai 01971- 691341 6 Hyundai Universe AC
GreenLine Paribahan 01730- 060006 Hino 1J plus Hyundai

Dhaka To Khagrachari Bus Schedule

So you are in this paragraph to know about Dhaka to Khagrachari Bus Schedule. Hence, I have collected and gathered together Dhaka to Khagrachari Bus Schedule to assist you.

However, besides knowing about bus services, it is also important to know about bus timings. Additionally, knowing the bus schedule will highly help you to make your journey within your comfort time. Specifically,I have mentioned the Name of the buses, Arriving time, and Departure time. So read and check below:

Name of the buses Arriving time Departure time
Hanif Enterprise Bus 6:30 AM 11:00 PM
Shymoli Paribahan (NR) 11: 00 PM 6: 00 AM
Eagle paribahan 12: 30 PM 6: 30 AM
Saintmartin Hyundai 6: 00 AM6: 00 AM 11: 15 PM11: 45 PM
Green Line Paribahan 5: 00 AM 10: 50 PM

Dhaka To Khagrachari Bus Ticket Price

It is one of the most important things to know about ticket prices before making any kind of journey. Here, I am with the Dhaka to Khagrachari Bus Ticket Price.

However, I have provided both AC and NON AC bus ticket prices according to bus names.

Names of the buses A/C  Non- A/C
Hanif Enterprise Bus 1200 BDT Not available
Shymoli Paribahan (NR) 1200 BDT 520 BDT
Eagle Paribahan 850 BDT 520 BDT
Saintmartin Hyundai (NR) 1200 BDT Not available
Green line Paribahan 1200 BDT Not available

By the way, Hanif Enterprise Bus, Saintmartin Hyundai (NR), and Greenline Paribahan don’t provide any type of NON AC Services. That means you will always get AC services from them. Additionally, their ticket prices are equal and that is 1200 BDT. On the other hand, Shymoli Paribahan (NR) and Eagle Paribahan provide both AC and NON AC services.

Dhaka To Khagrachari Bus Ticket Online Booking 

I am in this section going to provide Dhaka to Khagarachari top 5 bus tickets online booking method. So let’s know about them:

Firstly, let’s know about Hanif Enterprise Bus. You can buy tickets for Hanif Enterprise Bus online from Sohoz.com. But how? Follow the methods given below:

  • Go to https://www.shohoz.com/
  • First, select the ‘Bus’ option.
  • Then, put your starting point and destination at ‘From’ and ‘To’ section
  • Then, write down the date of the journey and select the bus operator “Hanif Enterprise Bus” bus.
  • Give them time and seat number.
  • At last, make payment and confirm your ticket.

Secondly, Shymoli Paribahan (NR) is here. However, to buy Shymoli Paribahan’s tickets, you have to visit their official website. Methods are given below:

  • Go to this link- https://shyamoliparibahan-bd.com/
  • Select your starting point from the “Leaving from”.
  • Select your journey locations from the “Going to”
  • Then give the correct date.
  • After clicking on the search button, you will be able to see the details of your journey info.
  • Then confirm your ticket by completing payment.

Thirdly, there is Eagle paribahan. Unfortunately, Eagle Paribahan’s tickets are not available online.

Fourthly, Saintmartin Hyundai. You can buy their tickets online directly from their official website.

  • Go to this link-  https://saintmartinhyundai.com/
  • Select your starting point from the “Leaving from”.
  • Select you journey locations from the “Going to”
  • Then give the correct date.
  • After clicking on the search button, you will be able to see the details of your journey info.
  • Then confirm your ticket by completing payment.

Finally, the Green Line Paribahan. You can also buy their tickets from their official websites by following the above methods. Their website link- https://greenlinebd.com/

Dhaka To Khagrachari Bus Counters

So you are making your next journey from Dhaka To Khagrachari by one of those bus services mentioned above. But do you know about Dhaka to Khagrachari Bus Counters? If not, that’s bad! Importantly, you have to know about their counter’s names and contact numbers. Additionally, this will make your journey easier.

However, I have collected and provided Dhaka to Khagrachari some top and important bus counter names, addresses, and contact numbers. So let’s know about them!

Names of the bus Locations of counters Contact number
Hanif enterprise Bus Kalyanpur- Counters, 1
Counters, 2
01713-049540, 01713-049541, 02-9010212./ 01713-049573
Gabtali Counters, 02-9012902.
Kalabagan Counters, 01730-376342, 01713-402670, 02-8119901.
Shymoli paribahan Kamalapur New Counter Phone No: 02-8316246
Arambagh Bus Counter Phone No: 02-7194291                 02-7192215
Gabtali -1 Bus Counter Gabtoli -3 Bus Counter Mobile No: 01908899520Mobile No: 01865-068925
Eagle Paribahan Arambag (Opposite the Notre Dame College), Motijheel, Contact 044-78113-222
FAKIRAPU Fakirapul, Dhaka Contact No 044-78113-223
Rail Crossing, Malibag, Dhaka 044-78113-226
Saintmartin Hyundai Dhaka, Fakirapul Mob: 01762691350,01762-691342
Arambagh Office Mobile: 01762-691341
Panthapath Mob: 01762-691364
Green Line Paribahan Arambagh
167/1 Eden Complex,
Arambagh, Motijheel.
9/2 Outer Circular Road,
Momen Bagh, Rajarbagh.
69 Sheikh Rasel Square,
Kalabagan, Panthapath.


I always try to help you in different cases. Hence, I have tried to cover some information about the Dhaka to Khagrachari Journey by Bus in this article. Additionally, I have tried to provide the most updated info. However, some may have changed due to authority. By the way, pardon my mistake. Gracious!

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