Dhaka To Kolkata Bus Schedule, Ticket Price & Contact Numbers 2021

Dhaka is the capital of our country Bangladesh. Many people live in Dhaka for different purposes. Some people are living there for finding their livelihood, some are studying in different institutions there, some are engaging in business and so on.

Kolkata is a state in our neighbor country India. This is a very large state situated in the west side of Bangladesh. Their mother language is Bangla like us. So, many people travels from Bangladesh to Kolkata for various reasons.

Dhaka To Kolkata Bus

You can travel from Dhaka to Kolkata by the bus services available in our country. Many bus services are working in the abroad routes like Kolkata. Here all the information about the buses working on the route Dhaka to Kolkata are provided in this article.

Dhaka To Kolkata Bus List

Here the list of the buses available in the route Dhaka to Kolkata are given below. We have found total eight bus services on this route.

  • Shohag Poribohon
  • Royal Coach
  • Green Line Poribohon
  • Shyamoli Poribohon
  • Desh Travels
  • Soudia AC.

Dhaka To Kolkata Bus Schedule

Time schedule is necessary for traveling from one place to another place by the public transports. Here the schedule of the buses working on the route Dhaka to Kolkata are provided here.

AC bus Schedule from Dhaka to Kolkata

There is two trips for the AC buses which travel from Dhaka to Kolkata. Here according to the bus services, the time schedule is given.

Bus Name (AC)FromToFirst TripLast Trip
Desh Travels DhakaKolkata22:1523:55
Shyamoli Poribohon DhakaKolkata22:1523:55
Green LineDhakaKolkata22:1523:55
Royal CoachDhakaKolkata22:1523:55
Shohag PoribohonDhakaKolkata22:1523:55

Non AC bus Schedule from Dhaka to Kolkata

For the Non AC buses, there is also two trips for every bus services available in the route Dhaka to Kolkata. Here the time schedule of these respective bus services are provided here.

Bus Name (Non AC)FromToFirst TripLast Trip
Desh TravelsDhakaKolkata22:1523:55
Shohag PoribohonDhakaKolkata06:3022:30
Green Line PoribohonDhakaKolkata07:0023:30
Royal CoachDhakaKolkata09:0023:30

Dhaka To Kolkata Bus Ticket Price

For AC and non AC variations in the buses, the price of the tickets are different. Some bus services have only AC service and some have only non AC. Here the pricelist of these buses depending on AC and non AC are provided in this table.

Bus NameTicket Fee BDT (AC)Ticket Fee BDT (Non AC)
Green Line Poribohon1900 
Shohag Poribohon1820890
Royal Coach1300 (Hino)1700 (Hyundai Universe)900
Desh Travels1500900
Shyamoli Poribohon1900 (E Class)1700 (Hyundai Universe) 
Saudi Air Con1100 

Dhaka To Kolkata Bus Route Distance

The distance between Dhaka to Kolkata by route is almost 330 kilometers (205 miles).

Dhaka To Kolkata Ticket Booking Online

For buying the tickets of these buses online, you have to follow the given procedures.

  1. First, go to the Shohoz website.
  2. Enter your destination, starting point, and date.
  3. Then, choose the seat number that you want.

Dhaka To Kolkata Bus Counters Contact Number

Here the contact numbers of the buses available in the route Dhaka to Kolkata are provided below.

Shyamoli Poribohon Dhaka Counter

The contact numbers of the counters of the buses of the Shyamoli Poribohon along with the location are given below.

Counter LocationNumber
167/21, Inner Circular Road02-7193910, 02-7194291, 01716-416831

Dhaka To Kolkata Green Line Poribohon Counters Contact Number

The counter name and the contact numbers of the buses of the Green Line Poribohon are given in the table below.

Counter NameCall Now
Kallyanpur Khalek Pump Counter, Dhaka02-8032957, 01730-060080
Kola bagan Counter, Dhaka02-9133145, 01730-060006
Fokirapul Counter, Dhaka02-7191900, 01730-060013
Arambagh Counter, Dhaka02-7192301, 01730-060009
Rajarbagh Counter, Dhaka02-9342580, 02-9339623
Norda Counter, Dhaka01730-060098
Badda Counter, Dhaka01970-060074
Uttara Abdullahpur Counter, Dhaka01730-060076
Uttara Ajampur Counter, Dhaka01730-060075
Golapbug Counter, Dhaka0447-8660011

Green Line Poribohon Kolkata Counters Contact Number

The counters of the buses of the Green Line Poribohon in Kolkata along with their locations are given here with the contact numbers.

Motilal Mullick Lane, Neogipara, Ariadaha, Kolkata917044090041

Desh Travels Dhaka Counters Contact Number

In Dhaka, the counters of the buses of the Desh Travels along with the contact numbers are provided.

Uttara BMS01762-684438
Uttara Ajimpur01762-685091
Arambagh02-7192345, 01762-684430, 01709-989436
Kola bagan02-9124544.01762-684431, 01709-989435
Technical Counters01762-684404
Sohrab Pump02-8091612, 01762-684403
Kallyanpur02-8091613, 01762-684440

Shohag Poribohon Dhaka Counters

Here is the detailed information about the bus counters of the Shohag Poribahan and the contact numbers of these bus counters are given below.

Counter NameCounter Number
Brahman baria01926-696264
Bishwa Road01926-696165

Royal Coach Dhaka Counters Contact Number

The hotline numbers of the bus counters of the Royal Coach available in the capital Dhaka are given below along with the location.

Kamalapur01971-396331, 01872-723205
Shyamoli Counter01872-723209.
Arambagh01971-396330, 01872-723203
Fokirapul 01971-396334, 01872-723207
Panthopath01971-396332, 01872-723208
Kallyanpur01971-396333, 01872-723210.
Chittagong Road01872-723224


Hopefully, it you have read this article then you have known that what to do if you want to travel by any of these bus services from Dhaka to Kolkata. For more information, you can visit the other articles in our website. Thank you for visiting our website.

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