Dola Paribahan: Contact Number, Ticket Price, Booking & Time Schedule

Buses are one of the best means to travel from one place to another place. Every country has several bus services available in their country for public transportation. So, relatively in our country Bangladesh, there are more than hundred bus services available which are working throughout the country regularly.

Dola Paribahan

Dola Paribahan is one of the underrated bus services in our country Bangladesh. They are providing their best in the transportation sector but somehow are not famous to all the people. But the regular passengers through this bus service are appreciating their service. So you can have your journey done by the Dola Paribahan.

Dola Paribahan Route

Here I am showing you all the routes through which Dola Paribahan travels. Notice at the bulleted list here.

  • Dhaka to Pirojpur
  • Dhaka to Bagerhat
  • Dhaka to Gopalganj
  • Dhaka to Patgati
  • Bagerhat to Chandipur
  • Morelganj to Bagerhat route

Dola Paribahan Ticket Price

Dola Paribahan is having very customer friendly ticket prices for their country wise promotion. For different destinations, the price of the tickets are different. Here the prices of the tickets of the Dola Paribahan for different destinations are given below.

Starting PointDestinationTicket Price

Dola Transport Time Schedule

To travel by a particular bus service, you have to know the time schedule of that buses. Here the time schedule for different routes of the Dola Paribahan buses are given in the following table.

Chandipur to Bagerhat6:30am
Gulistan to Bagerhat1:00pm
Moralganj Bagerhat6:15am

Dola Paribahan Online Ticket Booking

In this pandemic situation of the whole world,it is necessary to be safe and remain at home as much as anyone can. So, you can buy the tickets of the Dola Paribahan buses staying at your home. For this job, you have to follow the given procedures below. Get through the bulleted list here.

  • At First, go to the Shohoz website
  • Enter your destination, starting point, and the date
  • Then, choose the seat number that you want
  • Then, select the bus ticket
  • Make payment for the ticket and confirm
  • Yes, you have done.

Dola Bus Service Counter List

Total four district counters are there of the Dola Paribahan. Read the ramaining portion of the article for more information.

  • Dhaka Counter
  • Pirojpur Counter
  • Gopalganj Counter
  • Bagerhat Counter

Dhaka Counters

In Dhaka, there are total three bus counters of the Dola Paribahan available. If you are a passenger from Dhaka and want to travel by the buses of the Dola Paribahan then the following table is for you. Here all the information including the contact numbers of the counters are given.

Counter addressContact Number
Counters of Dhaka edge 6- Gulistan01730-69611, 01730-69612
Counters of Sayedabad01969-030171, 0174-996272
Counters of Kaliganj new road  01552-462752, 01730-63 01730-69613, 01730-69614

Pirojpur CounterRgg

In Pirojpur, there are three bus counters of the Dola Paribahan available. If you want to travel by the Dola Paribahan and from Pirojpur, then you have to look at the following table for more information.

Counter AddressRggggContact Number
Pirojpur Sadar01739612299
Kodom Tola017397Rggggg58371
Peach para01739758370

Gopalganj Counters

Total three bus counters of the Dola Paribahan are available in Gopalgonj. So travellers from Gopalgonj can have a look at this given table and contact with their nearest bus counters.

Counter AddressContact Number
Pathgathi  01729540049, 01716240657

Bagerhat Counters

Bagerhat is located at the southern part of our country Bangladesh. There are total five counters of the Dola Paribahan available in the district Bagerhat. So, if passengers are requested to get through the given table for your journey from Bagerhat.

Counter AddressContacts Number


From two years, the covid 19 is spreading so quickly that we are leading towards an uncertain future. It is highly recommended to stay at home during this worldwide pandemic. And Dola Paribahan is strictly following the health advices given by the government. Take your safety measures during your journey as much as you can. Have a sound journey by the Dola Paribahan bus service.

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