Ena Paribahan: Phone Number, Bus Counter, Online Ticket Booking

Have you planned a fascinating trip? That’s why you need a fascinating, comfortable and well transport service within Bangladesh? Yeap, I can understand you. Hence, I am here to help you in this case with a soft and glamorous transport service suggestion in Bangladesh. Just read and scroll with your soft finger.

Well, who doesn’t want a fast and comfortable traveling journey while thinking of visiting long distances? I know you are one of them. 

But there is a great fact that a comfortable and fast journey most of the time costs a lot and it is difficult for general people to bear that cost at all. Here, a bus journey is a perfect solution. Because buses don’t demand huge costs. 

And I am in this article going to inform you about great and amazing bus service in our country and that is “Ena Paribahan”.

Ena Paribahan

Do you know about Ena Paribahan or Ena Transport Pvt. Ltd? It is one of the most comfortable and amazing and largest bus services in our country, which was established in 1984. 

It is improving day by day and is highly praised by people. So let’s know about Ena Paribahan Routes, Ena Paribahan Ticket Price, Online Ticket Booking, Time Schedule, Phone Number, etc. 

Ena Paribahan Routes

Want to know about Ena Paribahan Routes’ points? Look at below. I have given a complete list of Ena Paribahan Routes. Hope you will be helped.

Here, though the destination points are different, all the buses of Ena Paribahan start their journey mainly from Dhaka. That’s why if you want to make a journey through Ena Paribahan’s buses, you have to start the journey from Dhaka. 

  • Dhaka-Rangpur
  • Dhaka-Sylhet
  • Dhaka- Biyanibazar
  • Dhaka-Srimangal-Moulivibazar
  • Dhaka-Chatok-Sunamganj
  • Dhaka-HobiGanj
  • Dhaka-Chittagong-Cox’s Bazar
  • Dhaka-Bhurungamari-Chilmari
  • Dhaka-Panchagarh

Ena Paribahan Ticket Price

 If you are thinking of making a journey within Ena Paribahan, you are highly interested to know about Ena Paribahan Ticket Price. Am I right? I have given a complete list of ticket prices of Ena Paribahan from Dhaka to different destinations. Check below: 

Here, the ticket price of Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar is the highest and the ticket price of Dhaka to Moulvibazar and Sreemangal is the lowest. Because Cox’s Bazar’s distance is so far from Dhaka and Moulvibazar and Srimangal’s distance are not as far from Dhaka and ticket price is highly dependent on the distance of the destination. Hope you get it.

Starting Point Destination Ticket Price (Non-AC)
Dhaka Sylhet 470
Dhaka Rangpur 500
Dhaka Chittagong 470
Dhaka Thakurgaon 600
Dhaka Panchagor 700
Dhaka Cox’s Bazar 800
Dhaka Kurigram 550
Dhaka Moulvibazar 400
Dhaka Sreemangal 400

Ena Bus Paribahan Online Ticket Booking

Unfortunately, Ena Paribahan doesn’t provide any kind of online ticket booking. If you want to buy an Ena Bus Paribahan Ticket, you have to go to their counter. In addition, booking tickets online or by making phone calls is totally unavailable to Ena Bus Paribahan. 

From morning 7 am to night 10 pm, you will be able to book advance tickets from Ena Paribahan’s counter. 

Ena Transportation Time Schedule

 If you are thinking to make a journey by Ena transportation, it is important to know about their time schedule. That’s why I have given Ena Transportation Time Schedule with steps to assist you. Check below:

Here, I have given the starting time of every destination. Well, if your destination will Mymensingh, you have to start the journey at 5.30 am or 5.40 pm by Ena Transportation. 

  • Dhaka to Mymensingh: 5:30 am and 5:30 pm
  • Dhaka to Netrokona : 6:00 am and 6:00 pm
  • Dhaka to Jamalpur: 6:30 am and 6:30 pm
  • Dhaka to Sherpur : 7:30 am and 7:30 pm
  • Dhaka to Tangail : 8:00 am and 8:00 pm

Ena Bus Service Phone Number

 Phone number is the largest communicative method these days. You can easily know about several services and preferable counter etc. of Ena Bus Service by calling them. So, I have provided the Ena Bus Service Phone number according to several counters.

In addition, I have also given the address, phone number of head office, etc. of Ena Paribahan. Check below:

Address of the head office: House No. 23, Road No. 8, Block No. A Mirpur-12, Dhaka.

Phone Number of the head office: 01924-764571, 01716-131481.

Address: Mohakhali Inter-District Bus Terminal, Dhaka

Phone Number: 01869-802727, 01869-802740

Ena Paribahan Dhaka Counter

 There is a huge number counter of Ena Paribahan available in Dhaka. Well, there is a total of 17 several counters of Ena Transportations you will find in Dhaka. Those counter’s contact numbers have given below to assist you. Hope you will be helpful.

Counter Address Contact Number
Mohakhali Bus Stand 01760-737650 (Non-AC), 01619-737650 (AC)
Kachukhet Bus Point 01869-802732
Hotel Monolova 01869-802726
Station Road 01760-737653
BGB Market 01760-737651
Shib Bari, Gazipur 01941-714714
Gazipur Chourasta, Gazipur 01776-191421
Mirpur- 11: Mirpur 11/5 (Sahre 11) 01869-802731
Mirpur 10 no. circle 01878-059201
Gabtali Terminal 01958-135207
Abdullahpur Counter 01958-135154
Jirani 01973-586888
Asad Gate 01958-135172
Savar 01958-135175
Kalyanpur 01958-135173
Nabinagar 01958-135176
Chandra 01958-135179

Sylhet Counter

 There is the highest number of counters of Ena Paribahan available in Sylhet. There is a total of 27 counters located in Sylhet. All counter’s contact numbers have given below: 

Counter Address Contact Number
Sylhet Bus Terminal 01760-079986, 01619-737656 (AC)
Kadamtali, Sylhet 01619-737656, 01958-135201, 01760-079986, 01760-079987, 01619-737650.
Shahjalal Mazar Gate 01611-950750.
Subhanighat Point 01680-292430
Humayun Chattar, Sylhet 01958-135202
Sunamganj Dhaka Bus Stand 01776-191418
Sunamganj Pagla 01776-191417
Sunamganj Jaua 01776-191412
Sunamganj Gobindaganj 01776-191434
Srimangal 01756-915198
Moulvibazar 01768-321464
Goalabazar 01615-465433
Aushkandi 01722-215850
Sherpur 01737-151184
Narsingdi Velanagar 01916-278526
Biyanibazar 01712-233364
Hotel Highway Inn 01958-135203
Hotel Rajmoni 01958-135208
Shayestaganj 01747-926743
Ulipur 01761-018125
Mazar Gate, Sylhet 01611-950750
Habiganj 01722-706075
hhatak: 01722-230348
Bishwanath 01707-352391
Borolekha 01815-257132
Juri 01730-854448
Kulaura 01837-083500

Ena Paribahan Chittagong

 Ena Paribahan Chittagon has 15 several counters. So if you want to communicate with one of them, you need their contact number. That’s why I have given a complete list of Ena Paribahan Chittagong’s all counter’s contact numbers. 

Counter Address Contact Number
Alangkar Counter 01958-135164, 01869-802742.
Feni Mahipal 01984-999673
Hotel Nurzahan, Kumilla 01958-135140
Hotel Zamzam, Kumilla 01958-135139
BTRC Counter 01958-135165, 01869-802744
Kumira 01974-977275
Navy Gate Counter 01869-802743, 01869-802743
Baraiarhat Counter 01850-819273, 01872-625745
Free port Counter 01869-802749
Mireshwarai Counter 01869-802747
Sitakunda Counter 01869-802746
Bhatiari Counter 01869-802745
Dampara Counter 01958-135166, 01878-059209
Bayejid 01711-969904
AK Khan Counter 01617-242710, 01711-346177

Cox’s Bazar Counter

 Cox’s Bazar Counter is one of the most important counters of Ena Bus Paribahan. There are total of 15 counters available in Cox’s Bazar. If you want to contact them, you can call. And here I have provided Cox’s Bazar all counter’s contact number. Check below:

Counter Address Contact Number
Cox’s Bazar Bus Terminal 01958-135214, 0188-059206.
Chakaria Old Bus Stand Counter 01317-676707, 01838-333334.
Chakaria Bus Terminal Counter 01687-774106, 01878-059210
Khutakhali Counter 01875-1176
Eidgah Counter 01734-703035, 01878-059208
Ramu Counter 01872-508990
Cox’s Bazar Link Road Counter 01819-843596, 01878-059207
Window Tirez Hotel Counter 01878-059205
Ocean Paradise Hotel Counter 01878-059204.
Sea Alif hotel Counter 01621-499522
Long Beach Counter 01958-135210, 01878-059203
Dolphin 01958-135213
Sea Hill 01958-135212
Sugandha 01958-135211
Jhautala Counter 01878-059202, 01958-135208, 01958-135209, 01721-282533

North Bengal Counter

 Want to communicate with the North Bengal Counter of Ena Paribahan? There are several 22 counters available in North Bengal. Each North Bengal counter phone or contact number have given below. Maybe those will highly help you to contact with North Bengal Counter.

Counter Address Contact Number
Rangpur Kamarpara (Dhaka Bus Stand) 01958-135218
Mokamtola 01797-818757
Bogura B Block 01771-424949
Polashbari 01797-818753
Gobindaganj 01797-818752
Shathibar 01797-818754
Bagura Sherpur 01797-818758
Chilmari 01958-135186
Thakurgaw Bangabandhu Road 01958-135190
Thakurgaw NC Road 01728-541380
Kurigram 01958-135184
Ulipur 01958-135185
Birganj 01958-135191
Ranir Bandar 01958-135192
Syedpur 01958-135193
Jaldhaka 01958-135196
Dimla 01958-135197
Nageshwari 01958-135198
Nageshwari 01958-135245
Vurungamari 01958-135199
Hotel Food Village 01958-135205
Pirganj 01797-818756


 I have tried to cover almost a lot of information about Ena Paribahana Bus Service to assist you. I don’t know how much I have helped you, but I tried my best. By the way, if you want to make a journey by Ena Paribahan Bus Service, that information will highly help you. Gracious! 

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