GP all Service Off Code 2023

GP all Service Off Code

GP all Service Off Code is available on this site. Grameenphone is the most used SIM operator in Bangladesh. GP provides a variety of services to provide maximum service to their customers. Many times these services are started unknowingly by mistake which later reduce the money.

This article will be very useful if you think that your SIM has this type of service that needs to be stopped. Here we have detailed how to stop these services. There is a separate code for each service that can be accessed by dialing.

GP all Service

GP has a huge number of services, including weather updates, cricket updates, daily news and more. So first of all you need to know which service is running then you have to take action. Usually the message through which your money is reduced mentions the service name. Below we have listed all the services of GP SIM.

  • Welcome Tune
  • Icche Tune
  • Music Radio
  • Music News
  • Entertainment Box
  • Bengali Lifestyle Service
  • Kitchen Tips
  • Jokes
  • Beauty Tips
  • Book Info Service
  • Fashion Tips
  • Celebrity Gossip
  • Social Alert
  • Happy Life
  • IT Tips
  • Informative Query
  • Self Development
  • Namaz & Hadith Alert
  • 5 Times Namaz Timing Alert
  • Religious Video
  • Amol
  • Fazilat
  • Ifter – Sehri Alert
  • Hajj Services
  • Ijtema Services
  • Cricket Alert
  • Football Alert
  • Sports Alert
  • Sports Celebrity Gossip
  • Missed Call Alert
  • Call Block
  • And more

Grameenphone VAS Stop at Once

If you want to stop all the value added services at once, GP has an option for you. By applying this simple method you will be able to get rid of all unwanted services, which is really cool. All you need to send a message and wait for the confirmation message. Here is the process.

  • Go to the message option
  • Type “Stop all”
  • Send it to 2332
  • You have done the job

GP all Service Stop Code

You must dial a code or speak directly to Customer Care to deactivate this offer from your SIM. Talking to customer care is actually boring where you have to wait a long time. So to make your job easier, below is the desired dial code to shut down each service.

Service NameDeactivation Code/SMS
Welcome TuneType Stop and send to 24000
Icche TuneType IT<SPACE>Stop and send to 24000
Dial *24000*2*5#
Music RadioType STOP and send SMS to 24040.
Music News*111*3*5*1*5#
Entertainment BoxType STOP <space> FL to 21234
Bengali Lifestyle ServiceType STOP <space> NYP to 22666
Kitchen TipsType STOP <space> KT to 22666
JokesType STOP <space> J to 22666
Beauty TipsType STOP <space> B to 22666
Book Info ServiceType STOP <space> BK to 22666
Fashion TipsType STOP <space> F to 22666
Celebrity GossipType STOP <space> CG to 22666
Social AlertType STOP <space> SA to 22666
Happy LifeType STOP <space> HL to 22666
IT TipsType STOP <space> IT to 22666
Informative QueryType STOP <space> IQ to 22666
Self DevelopmentType STOP <space> SD to 22666
Namaz & Hadith AlertType STOP <space> NH to 22321
5 Times Namaz Timing AlertType STOP <space> NA to 22321
Religious VideoType STOP <space> RV to 22321
AmolType STOP <space> AMOL to 22321
FazilatType STOP <space> FAZ to 22321
Ifter – Sehri AlertType STOP <space> IS to 22321
Hajj ServicesType STOP <space> HA to 22321
Ijtema ServicesType STOP <space> IJ to 22321
Cricket AlertType Stop Cric to 22321
Football AlertType Stop FT to 22321
Sports AlertType Stop Sports to 22321
Sports Celebrity GossipType Stop SG to 22321
Job NewsSTOP<space>JOB CATEGORY to 23003
Missed Call Alert
Call Block*121*6*4*4#
EBillType Ebill <space> cancel and send to 24777
Buddy TrackerType Stop and send to 23020
Breaking News*22321*3*1*2#
Bangla Breaking News*22321*3*2*2#
Morning News*22321*3*4*2#
Business News*22321*3*6*2#
Midday News*22321*3*3*2#
Evening News*22321*3*5*2#
Positive News*22321*3*7*2#
Dhaka News*22321*3*8*1*2#
Chittagong News*22321*3*8*2*2#
Sylhet News*22321*3*8*3*2#
Khulna News*22321*3*8*4*2#
Rajshahi News*22321*3*8*5*2#
Barisal News*22321*3*8*6*2#
Rangpur News*22321*3*8*7*2#
Mymensingh News*22321*3*8*8*2#
Voice ChatDial 22828 and press 9

Copy and dial the code number from the above codes to deactivate your service. Then it will be stopped through the next message and the money will not be reduced from your balance later.

These were the details of GP all Service Off Code. Hope you have found the answer to your desired question and will be able to stop it. If you have any problems with understanding or want to know something new, you must make a comment.

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