GP FNF/Super FNF System 2021 (Add, Delete, Check, Change Number)


If you would like more connect together with your friends and family then you need to be known about a way to FNF in GP.

Nowadays, GP has provide special FNF offer for his clients and a awfully low cost. This text can facilitate your understand about it properly.

SO, read this text very carefully.

How to Add FNF in GP

In easy ways you can add a FNF number in GP. Two options when it comes to adding a number in GP FNF. You can choose one of them from the list.


  • Go to message option
  • Type the number “017xxxxxxxx”
  • Send this sms to 2888.

After that you will receive a confirmation message from the GP service. Then you will be able to enjoy the super call rating.

Dialing Code

  • Go to the Mobile phone keypad
  • Dial *121*1*5*1#
  • Enter the Number
  • Follow the instructions to finish Adding

Add Super FNF in GP

Grameenphone user can also add number in GP fnf list. Super FNF allows you to continue talking with lowest call rate. Have a look at the instruction to confirm a number in super FNF.

By Dialing

  • Go to Mobile keypad
  • Dial *121*1*5*2#
  • Enter the desired number


If you want to do it by sending SMS from your handset, you need to follow the procedure as I mentioned below.

  • Go to message
  • Type SF
  • Give Spece
  • Type Desired number 017xxxxxxxx
  • Then send the sms to 2888.

Change FNF in GP

If you would like to alter your FNF number then you need  to follow during this steps properly.


  • Go to messages
  • Input  “Old number
  • Give Space
  • Type new number
  • Then send sms to 2888

Delete FNF Number in GP

In a  simple ways you’ll be able to delete a FNF number in Gp. The both is available in our website. You can continue with your favourite process to delete the FNF number.

Dial Code

  • Go to the mobile keypad
  • Dial *121*1*5*3#
  • Enter the number that you want to remove


  • Go to message
  • Type D
  • Spaces
  • Type Number 017xxxxxxxx
  • And send sms to 2888.

Check  FNF/Super FNF Number in GP

If You wish to check FNF and Super FNF number then please follow during  this instructions..

Dial Code

SMS Process

  • Go to message
  • Type FF
  • And send a sms to 2888


  • There are no charge for FNF.
  • After 1 day of activation, you can change Super FNF.
  • For more help, please call 121.

This is all about adding FNF in GP. By following this article, you can also be able to check and change FNF number of your connection. Anything to ask? Feel free to comment below.

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