GP Internet Offer 2021: All MB Pack

GP Internet offer

GP internet offer 2021 is essential for gp sim users. Right now gp is the leading operator in Bangladesh. There are a lot of users who is looking for new offers. Because offers save a lot of money. To help users , in this article I’m going to cover everything about Grameen phone offers. Keep scrolling until the end.

Are you looking for gp new internet offer? If yes! Then I want to tell you that you have came to the right webpage. From here you can choose the right internet plan. We always try to give the highest updates by following gp official announcement. So don’t worry about it. Just continue with us.

GP new internet offer 2021

As I said earlier, gp is the best operator in BD. They have been providing service and satisfying their users for a long time. Right now, they have more users than others. GP always comes with new offer for the valuable users. Also, it has very good speed in browsing and downloading. If you are a GP users, you are a lucky man for coming in the exact website. Here I have divided those offers into several section. Find out your favorite one.

GP 1 GB 21 TK 7 Days

Here is the best weekly offer provided by GP. In this offer you will get 1 GB internet for every use only at 21 BDT. This offer is not available for all the user. Who already get such a message, can be able to enjoy it with the limited time. If you are eligible, please dial *121*5166#. It can use all the time before the expiration.

GP 3 GB 108 TK 7 days

This is another better offer for the Grameen phone coatomer. Its also a weekly offer. Here you need 108 BDT to get 3 GB internet which can be used for everything. I also love this offer especially when it comes to the 7 days pack. To start the offer, Please go to the call option and dial *121*3344#. After that a confirmation SMS will be received. This offer is not available for skitto users. When you are done, dial *121*1*2# to know the remining balance.

7 GB 150 TK 30 days

This is an excellent offer especially for its validity. Here you will get 7 GB internet only for 150 BDT with the long validation date of 30 days. If you are a normal user, it can be the best offer for you. Dial *121* 5206# now and get rid of dialing 30 days. You can easily check the remining balance same like others pack. The offer may not available for all customers.

GP power load 20 GB 349 TK

This offer is only for the eligible users. Most of the eligible customer received message for the new arrival offer. Some you will not get the SMS even if you are eligible. So you can try this amount if its available for you. If you are not, the amount will remain to the main balance; you don’t have to worry about it. There is no difference with the balance checking system.

GP New Internet Offer at a Glance

OfferPriceActivation CodeValidityBalance Check
1 GB21 TK*121*5166#7 days*121*1*2#
3 GB108 TK*121*3344#7 days*121*1*2#
7 GB150 TK*121* 5206#30 days*121*1*2#
20 GB349 TKRecharge30 days*121*1*2#

GP monthly internet offer

Monthly offers is for pro users, who always spend time on internet. Now, Bangladesh is a digital country. It has a lot of internet users. They want to buy internet pack of monthly. To help them, Grameen phone give opportunity to buy internet pack monthly basis. It calls monthly offers. If you want to use a pack that is expired after a month. Have a look at the offers below. Hopefully, it helps you.

15 GB Internet at 498 TK

This is new Internet offer brought up by GP. On this offer, users will be able to enjoy 15 GB internet pack only for 498 BDT. The offer includes validity for 30 days. If you are a monthly user, it’s for you. To avail this offer, you have to dial *121*3459#. Remaining balance can be checked by dialing *121*1*4#.

5GB Internet at 299 TK

If the above offer is expensive for you. I think it would be good for you. On this offer, you will get 5GB only for 299 BDT with the validity of 30 days. All of the prepaid customer can avail this offer. If you are ready to continue with this offer, please dial *121*3458# right now. *121*1*4# is the balance checking code.

3 GB internal at 289 TK

This is a recharge offer by Grameen Phone. Users can enjoy 3 GB internal only at 289 BDT on that offer. It contains a validity for 30 days. To enjoy this offer, recharge exact 289 TK or continue with activation code. The activation code for this pack is *121*3391#. To checking remaining balance, you have to dial *121*1*4#

1.5 GB Pack at 247 BDT

This is another recharge pack brought up by GP. This offer includes 1.5 GB internal Pack for 30 days only at 247 TK. If you want to avail this offer, please recharge exact 247 BDT. Internet balance checking code is same as others pack. Before recharging, make sure you have not emergency loan.

1 GB internet at 189 TK

This is a monthly offer. That’s why price is expensive. The offer contains, 1 GB Internet for any use only by TK 189. It has an excellent validity of 30 days. Offer will be activated through recharge exact amount. It’s a auto renewal pack. To cancel your internet offer, please dial *121*3041#.

115 MB at TK 58

This is a tiny Internet pack by GrameenPhone. On this offer you will receive 115 MB only for 58 BDT with the validity of 30 days. It’s not a good offer I think. It’s your choice whether you want to activate or not. To activate this offer right now, you need to recharge exact amount.

16 GB 4G Pack at 399 TK

This offer is only for 4G Internet users. On this offer, they can enjoy 16 GB data only for 399 BDT. It offers a high validity for 30 days. Users can activate this offer by recharging exact amount. Balance checking system is same like others offers.

20 GB at TK 649

This is another high volume Internet pack brought up by GP Bangladesh. On this offer, it gives 20 GB internet for 649 BDT. It has also high validity for 30 days. It’s a perfect offer for heavy users. To avail this offer, you have to recharge exact 649 TK. Remaining balance can be checked by dialing *121*1*4#.

30 GB at TK 998

This offer is more than heavy. If you want to get a solution for whole month, you can continue with this exciting package. On here, you will receive a total of 30 GB for 998 BDT. It contains a validation time of 30 days. To enjoy this offer please recharge exact 998 today.

555 MB at 149 TK 28 days

This is a half GB internet pack for GP users. By activing this offer, users will receive 555 MB only for 149 BDT. It includes a validity for 28 days. Offer can be activated by recharging exact amount during the period. If you don’t know balance checking process, please dial*121*1*4# and check out it

5GB Bioscope at TK 49

This offer is for bioscope users. On this offer, you will receive 5 GB bioscope data for 1 month. It can be started by recharging exact 49 BDT. You can not use this data for browsing or downloading. If you want to have it, recharge now.

343 MB Facebook at TK 19

If you are looking for monthly social pack. It’s only for you. On this offer, you will receive 343 MB Facebook only for 19 BDT. It has a validation of 28 days. To start journey with this pack, dial *121*3024# right now. Balance can be checked like regular MB.

30GB + 600mins at 989 TK

GP has brought up with a combo offer to its users. On this offer, users will get 30 GB internal & 600 minutes for any operator. It has a awesome validity for 30 days. All of the customers take this offer during campaign. To enjoy this, please dial *121*3450#. Internet balance can be checked by dialing **121*1*2#.

6GB & 1200 minutes at 997 BDT

If you are a heavy talker and want to get situation for one month, this offer would be best for you. On this offer, GP gives 1200 minutes talktime for any network along 6 GB internet. Any user can avail this offer by dialing *121*3449#. It is a monthly offer. To check the remaining balance, dial *121*1*2# right now.

15GB & 300 mins at 599 BDT

Here is another combo offer brought up by GP Bangladesh. It contains 15 GB internet for any network and 300 minutes for any operator only for 599 BDT. Also, it has enough time of 30 days. To avail this offer please dial *121*3448#. Balance checking process is same as others combo offer.

2GB Internet & 600 mins at 494 TK

If you think that above mentioned offer is expensive for you. It can be better than others. Here you will get 600 minutes talktime & 2 GB internet only at 494 BDT. It has a highest validity of 30 days. Remaining offer Balance can be checked by simply dialing *121*1*2#.

20 GB 4G Internet at 499 BDT

Here is another 4G Internet brought up by GP. On this offer, users will be able to enjoy 20 GB 4G Internet only for 499 TK. It contains a validity for a month. To enjoy this opportunity, you will require update SIM, 4G handset with 4G network area.

60 GB 4G Internet at 999 BDT

It’s the high quality Internet offer under 1k. To avail this offer, your balance need to be more than 999 BDT. Please dial *121*3436# to enjoy 60 GB 4G for 30 days. When you are ready with 4G network, only then parchase this exciting package. Balance checking USSD code is *121*1*4# for this pack.

100 GB 4G at 1,499 BDT

Want to enjoy 4G speed of GP? This pack is only for you. If you want to parchase a high validity 4G pack under 1500 TK, continue with it. The offer includes 109 GB internet for 4G available users at only 1499 BDT. To activate this offer, dial *121*3437# or Type 100GB4G and Send it to 25000. It contains a validity of 30 days with activation date.

200 GB 4G at 1,999 BDT

This is the high cost Internet pack for GP users. Parchase this pack if you want to use 200 GB and feel the power of GrameenPhone. You need 1999 TK to avail this 4G pack. If you are ready to start, please dial *121*3438# or go to the message option, Type 200GB4G and Send to 25000. Reply will comes with activation details. Users can check their remaining balance by dialing *121*1*4#.

MyGP Zee5

Watch Zee5 content in MyGP app with 1 GB Zee5 video internet for 7 days for 48 taka. To take dial *121*3496#

See Zee5 in MyGP app with 1 GB Zee5 data for 7 days for 39 taka. To take dial *121*3427#

Watch 5GB Zee5 Video Internet with a validity of 30 days for Tk 99. View Zee5 content on MyGP.

Watch Zee5 content in MyGP app with 5 GB Zee5 video internet for 30 days for 138 taka. To take dial *121*3496#

GP weekly internet offers

Many people love to buy internet pack for a week. Most of the users love this pack. Especially, who doesn’t like to buying pack regularly. If you are also this type of customer. This section is only for you. From the section below, choose your favourite offer and enjoy for a week. Here I have included all of the updated offers. Hopefully, those are available for you.

4GB for 108 TK

This is a good enough offer for weekly users. On here, GP includes 4GB Internet only at 108 BDT. Data can be used for any network. Users can activate this offer by recharging exact amount. Internet balance can be checked by dialing *121*1*4#. The offer is available for all customers.

12 GB at 198 BDT

This is another weekly pack brought up by GP. In this offer, users will enjoy 12 GB internet for 198 TK with the validity of 7 days. To avail this special offer, you have to dial *121*3133#. Auto renewal will be applicable for this. Dial *121*1*4# to know remaining internet balance.

1 GB at 89 BDT

This is a regular internet pack of GP. For this offer, GP provides 1 GB anynet for 89 TK. It contains validity for a week. To start this offer, please dial *121*3056# or recharge your account. To check out available data, you have to dial *121*1*4#.

8 GB at 148 BDT

Here is another high volume Internet pack for GP users. It includes 8 GB internet data only for 148 TK with the validity of 7 days. Pack will be started by recharging exact amount; 148 TK. It’s a renewal offer. If you want to cancel please dial *121*3041# and dial *121*1*4# for remaining balance.

1GB Bioscope at 17 BDT

This offer is available for bioscope streamers. They can enjoy 1 GB internet only for 17 BDT. Please dial *121*3237# to enjoy this offer. It contains remaining date of 7 days. This offer is available for all customers without skito. There is no difference for balance check.

2GB (1 GB Bioscope) at 101 BDT

This offer includes 1 GB regular and 1 GB Bioscope internet. It can be used within 7 days. Users need to dial *121*3333# to start the offer. You can also active it by recharging exact TK. Balance checking code is *121*1*4#.

90 MB FB at 6.28 BDT

This is an weekly social pack for Facebook users. It contains 90 MB only for 6.28 BDT. This offer can be used within 3 days before activation. To active it, please dial *121*3023# right now.

6 GB 4G at 118 BDT

If you are connecting with 4G network, you can start this exciting offer. Here you will enjoy 6 GB 4G Internet only for 118 TK. It offers a validity for 7 days. The activation code for the pack is *121*3434#. Balance checking code is same like 3G megabytes.

GP 3 days & 72 hours internet offers

Gp has many types of offers for the customer. On this section you will know all of the offers that can be used for three days. Basically it’s a great features. Especially, for those customers who use many megabytes. It offers more megabytes than others offers. If you want to download something, this offer is the perfect for you. So what are you waiting? Have a look at the below and jump into the your favourite one.

1GB (512 MB Bioscope) at 39 BDT

This offer is for regular and Bioscope both users. From here, you will be able to get 512 MB Internet for everything and 512 MB for bioscope. To avail this offer you have to dial *121*3470#. It has a validity of 3 days.

3 GB at 67 TK

This is an enough pack for 3 days. After activing this, you can enjoy 3 GB internal only for 67 BDT. If you want to have it, please dial activation code: *121*3282#. It contains auto renewal system. To check out the balance, dial *121*1*4#.

2 GB at 54 TK

Here is the widely used offer pack by GP users. It includes 2 GB Internet for any use only for 54 BDT. The validation time of this pack is 72 hours. To receive this offer, you need to recharge exact 54 BDT or dial *121*3242#. Balance Checking USSD code like as previous offers.

350 MB at 33 TK

This package is not for heavy users. If you want to just browse, you can start this offer. To activing this pack, you have to dial *121*3083#. The offer includes a validity of 3 days. There is nothing changes with balance checking code.

30 MB FB at 1.57 TK

This pack is lowest price Facebook pack. On this pack, users will get 30 MB only FB at 1.57 BDT. To enjoy this mini pack, you have to dial *121*3022#. 3 days is the validity of that pack.

50 MB Video pack at 6.28 BDT

This pack is only for video streaming. The offer provides 50 megabytes only for 6.28 TK. This video pack has a validity for 3 days. If you are agree with it, please dial *121*3020# for enjoying.

26 MB Whatsapp pack at 2.61 BDT

This is WhatsApp pack for GP users. It gives 26 MB at only 2.61 TK with the validity of 3 days. To enjoy this offer please dial *121*3063#. This MB is not usable for others.

26MB Viber at 2.61 TK

If you are a regular user of viber messanger, this pack is for you. After buying it, you can enjoy 26 MB for messaging. To start enjoying it, users have to dial *121*3070#.

Grameen Phone Recharge internet offers

If any user wants to buy MB pack without dealing I mean by recharging, this section is for them. On here you can find out what offers you can enjoy. No need to dial, just recherche and start enjoying. It’s an easy way to buy internet pack. Everyone can use it without facing problem. So, without farther thinking; dive into it. Here are the list:

GP All Internet Offer at a glance

OfferPriceActivation CodeValidityBalance Check
15GB498 TK*121*3459#30 days*121*1*4#
5GB299 TK*121*3458#30 days
3 GBTK 289 TKRecharge30 days
1.5 GB247 TKRecharge30 days
1 GB189 TKRecharge30 days
115 MB58 TKRecharge30 days
16 GB 4G399 TKRecharge30 days
20 GB649 TKRecharge30 days
30 GB998 TKRecharge30 days
555 MB149 TKRecharge28 days
5GB Bioscope49 TKRecharge30 days
4GB108 TKRecharge7 days*121*1*4#
12 GB198 TK*121*3133#7 days
1 GB89 TK*121*3056#7 days
8 GB148 TKRecharge7 days
1GB Bioscope17 TK*121*3237#7 days
2GB (1 GB Bioscope)101 TK*121*3333#7 days
1GB (512 MB Bioscope)39 TK*121*3470#3 days
3 GB67 TK*121*3282#3 days
2 GB54 TK*121*3242#72 hours*121*1*4#
350 MB33 TK*121*3083#3 days
30 MB FB1.57 TK*121*3022#3 days*121*1*4#
90 MB FB6.28 TK*121*3023#7 days
343 MB FB19 TK*121*3024#28 days
50 MB Video pack6.28 TK*121*3020#3 days
26MB Whatsapp2.61 TK*121*3063#3 days*121*1*4#
26MB Viber2.61 TK*121*3070#3 days
30 GB & 600 mins989 TK*121*3450#30 days*121*1*2#
6 GB & 1200 minutes997 TK*121*3449#30 days*121*1*2#
15 GB + 300 mins599 TK*121*3448#30 days
600 mins & 2GB494 TK*121*3447#30 days
6 GB 4G118 TK*121*3434#7 days*121*1*4#
20 GB 4G499 TK*121*3435#30 days*121*1*4#
60 GB 4G999 TK*121*3436#30 days
100 GB 4G1,499 TK*121*3437#30 days
200 GB 4G1,999 TK*121*3438#30 days*121*1*4#


Here are the most common questions we often asked when talking about GP Internet pack and offers.

How can I buy GP internet package?

There are several ways to buy GP Internet package. Users can easily buy direct recharging or dialling. GP also offers scratch card system to purchase Internet at any time. When you are going to enjoy offers, you may need to dial the exact code to activate.

How can I get 1gb at 21 TK in GP?

This is a limited offer for the GP customers. You can’t get 1 GB for 21 TK until you have received such a message. When you have this offer and sufficient time, then you will be able to get 1 GB 21 TK.

How can I get 1gb in 9 TK in GP?

Normally, 9 TK 1 GB offer is only for the new SIM connection. Sometimes we can enjoy it as an offer. To get this pack your SIM has to be applicable. If you will have the opportunity to enjoy, a short message will be given to you with the activation code.

What is GP Powerload?

Powerload means activing any pack directly from recharge without dialling. It’s the most easy way to purchase offer and pack. You can enjoy the offers that allows Powerload system.

How many MB is left in my mobile?

If you want to know how many MB is left on your SIM, you have to dial *121*1*4#. Reply message will comes up with the remaining balance of all Internet package. Sometimes you may need to dial seperate codes for the separate offer.

How many Mbps is a GB?

GP gives the highest Internet speed in Bangladesh. But the Mbps is depends on the area where you are living. Rural areas face trouble with the speed.

That is the full article about gp internet offer 2021. Hopefully, you have enjoyed it. If you are not available for one offer, try another one. If you have any problems to understand or question to ask, feel free to share with us by putting comment below. Don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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