GP Miss Call Alert Service On/Off Code 2021

GP missed call alert service

Grameenphone presents amazing service, which name is Gp Missed call Alert service since 2007. Many reasons occur to switch off the customer’s phone. The service helps the subscriber to know the calls.

When they keep their phone switch off or going anywhere, that is out of network. If you register this service, it will give you a notification through SMS. The information shows the user all miss calls when the user’s phone is unreachable, or the phone’s battery dies.

If you switch on your phone or the phone comes to the network, the service will notify you of all the missed calls. For activating this, you can call them back. That’s why It is a very helpful service for the customer, and they start this service anytime at a low price.

Only grameenphone customers can use this service. On the other hand, Gp postpaid users use this Gp miss call alert service.

How to Activate Gp Miss Call Alert?

Activating miss call alert is a very easy process. If you want to start this service, then you should follow some instructions. Some instructions have given below:

  • Firstly on your phone, you should search for a message option. When you find the message option, then you go to the message.
  • Type the message, “START MCA.”
  • You should send this SMS to the 26221 number
  • If you can’t send a message, you will dial *121*6*3*1#.
  • Following this instruction properly, the service will become active.
  • When you activate the service from now, and then 10.00 will be charged for every month.

How to stop Gp Miss Call Alert Service?

Sometimes users want to stop the service for their reason. For controlling this service, you go to the message option and type “STOP MCA.”Then this message send to the number 26221 or dialing *121*6*3*2#

Terms and Conditions

If you want to use the service, you have to know the terms and conditions. Some terms and conditions have given below:

  • Firstly, the customer who wants to use this service is Bangladeshi because it is only available for Bangladesh.
  • 10.00 will be taken from your account for every month.
  • The offer’s price is included, such as VAT, SD, and service charge.
  • Grameenphone operator can change and stop this offer anytime.

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