GP New SIM Offer 2023 (Internet & Minutes)

GP New SIM Offer

Grameenphone is one of the most used telecom companies in Bangladesh. If you want to be associated with this family, there are several GP New SIM Offer waiting for you. After observing these offers, your interest in Grameen SIM will increase. Grameenphone has always congratulated their new customers with various offers. In this article I will give details about it.

GP New SIM 013 Internet Offer

Grameenphone has changed their digit number. At present Grameen Phone number is 013. If you want to buy old serial numbers, you need to contact their customer care. Usually when you buy a new SIM from a shop, you have to take 013 number. Grameenphone has provided some internet offers for the new serial. See all of them one by one from below.

GP New SIM Offer

Here are all the new updated offers of GP. You may find offers on various websites but most of them are old which you may not be able to enjoy. Here we have collected all the new offers of Grameenphone. All information is taken directly from the official website source. Grameen Phone has come up with a variety of offers for their new customers, including internet, minute & special call rates.

1 GB at 34 TK first recharge

After connecting with the Grameenphone community, the first thing you need to do is recharge Tk 34. After recharging 34 taka you will get 1gb internet which can be used in all things. The validity of the megabyte is 7 days. To get this offer you must recharge 34 taka for the very first time. Otherwise, you will not be included in this offer. Data balance can be checked by dialing *121*1*4#.

110 Minutes at Tk 66 Second recharge

This is Grameenphone talktime offer which is available for new users. With this offer, users will be able to enjoy 110 minutes by recharging only 66 BDT. Minutes can be used on any local number and it contains validity for a maximum of 10 days. The offer has to be purchased through recharge number two. Internet balance checking system is same as previous.

1 GB at 17 BDT

This is one of the most attractive offers for gp users. To get this offer, you must first recharge Tk 34. After recharging Tk 34, you will be able to take 1 GB for a total of 9 times; once per month from next month. 1 GB internet will be connected after recharging exact 17 TK every time which will be usable for 7 days. The offer can be accepted once a month for a maximum of nine times.

Special call rate

There is also a special call rate offer only for the new users. The offer will be added automatically after the first recharge of BDT 34. The user will be able to enjoy one paisa per second I mean 60 paisa per minute. It has a validation date of 30 days.

GP New SIM Offer 9 taka 1gb

GP new customer can enjoy 1 GB internal only by recharging 9 BDT. There is no activation code for this pack. You connection provider will let you know how many times it can be enjoyed. Most of the times users get this offer for 10 months.


Here you can get the most asked questions that you are looking for after purchasing a new connection.

What is the price of Grameenphone new SIM?

According to the official source, the price of each GP new SIM is 200 BDT.

How to check Grameenphone account balance?

It is very easy to check GP money balance. Users can check their main balance by dialing *566#.

How to check grameenphone internet balance?

To check out GP all Internet pack status, users have to dial *121*1*4#.

How to check grameenphone minute balance?

GP minutes balance can be checked by dialing *121*1*2#.

Final Thoughts

This was the detailed information of GP New SIM Offer. We hope you will benefit from this article. If you find this article helpful, please share it with your friends.

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