GP SIM Replacement Offer & Details 2023

GP SIM Replacement

You replace SIM when you lose it somehow. Currently, people are replacing their GP SIM for another reason. The reason is people are upgrading their SIM to get the amazing 4G connection from GP. 

GP 4G SIM Replacement

GrameenPhone is 4G now! Since you are living in a technologically advanced era, what are you going to do with a 3G SIM anyway? If you want Internet with faster speed, you need to change your 3G SIM into the 4G configuration.

When you change a 3G SIM into 4G, it’s called replacing the SIM because you will still be owning the same number. The only difference is your new SIM has better internet speed.

People who are buying the latest GP SIMs are receiving 4G SIMs. But, many of us have older GP SIMs that only supports 3G coverage.

Here, you will get all the essentials details regarding GP SIM replacement. Read on to know how to replace your 3G SIM and offers they have for you to covert the SIM!

GP 4G SIM Replacement Offers

Yes, they have offers for you if you upgrade your SIM! Why are they giving the offer? Because they don’t want you to be lag behind while the world is keeping on going forward.

This offer is an excellent motivation for the people who are still not realizing the necessity of replacing their old SIMs.

The Offers

  • You will be getting a total of 6.5GB of Internet for FREE with 7-days validity.
  • SIM replacement is free for GP Star users

And, let’s not forget about the opportunity for you to explore the world via Internet with the fastest speed internet in the country.

GP 4G SIM Replacement Details

We have a list of the things you will require to provide to replace your SIM.

  • Provide the number you want to replace.
  • An alternative contact number.
  • NID number: The same NID number you have registered the sim with the first time.
  • Your fingerprints: It also needs to match with the first registration.
  • Replace fee is 200/-
  • You can only replace SIM at the authorized points.

Is replacement is same when I lose a SIM?

  • Yes, the entire process, fee, and offer are the same for replacing SIM. 
  • If you have lost a 3G SIM and replace the SIM, you will have no option but replace it with a 4G SIM.

This is all about gp Sim replacement process and details. Hopefully, now you can move forward and will replace your card.

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