Robi New SIM Offer 2023 (Minutes & Internet)

Robi New SIM Offer

Robi is the most popular telecom company in Bangladesh founded in 1997. Since the beginning, it has been providing exiting offers to the users. It also, encourage users by providing Robi new SIM offer. If you want to buy a new Robi SIM, different types of offers are waiting for you. In this article, we are going to share all of the updated information about new SIM offer of Robi.

Robi New SIM Internet & Minutes Offer

There are several telecom companies in Bangladesh. They always competing with each other to make the users satisfied. If you are ready to join Robi community, Robi is also ready to celebrate you by giving existing Internet and minutes bonus. Here I have included updated offers from their official website.

1GB Internet at 9 TK

The new users of Robi can enjoy 1 GB internal by only 9 BDT. That’s cool! This can be used over any network. If you are using 4G, Robi will be able to boost up your browsing experience. This offer can be enjoyed 12 times (one time per month). The offer includes a validity for 7 days. Balance can be checked easily by dialing *123*3*5#.

2GB at 41 BDT

Here is another offer for Robi new SIM. New user can enjoy, 1 GB anynet and 1 GB 4G by only 41 BDT. This offer is available for within three months of activation. On this period, you can enjoy it as many times as you want. To enjoy this opportunity, you have to recharge exact 41 TK. It includes a variety for 5 days. To check out the balance of this offer, please dial *123*3*5# right now.

BDT 42 recharge offer

After buying a new SIM, users can enjoy 2 GB internal for 7 days, 8 minutes for 7 days and 48p/min at any local number for 30 days. To enjoy this combo, you have to recharge exact 42 TK. To check out bonus balance, you have to dial *123*3*5#. Also, 34 TK will be added to main balance.


BDT 96 recharge offer

There is two options for you. You have to choose one between these. If you recharge 96 BDT for the very first time; 34 TK will be added to the account, you can enjoy 2 GB for a week, 105 minutes for any local operator with 10 days validity and 48 paisa per minute for any local number with 30 days validity. To look up at remaining balance, dial *123*3*5#.

34 TK Main Balance

This offer is only for new customers. If a new user recharge 42 or 96 BDT for the very first time, he will receive 34 TK on the main account. Don’t miss it!

Why You Should Choose Robi?

As I said earlier, Robi is second largest telecom company in Bangladesh. The users of Robi is increasing significantly. The main reason is it always update and comes with exiting combo offer according to users demand. Here is the most common cause.

Best Call Rates

Robi Axiata Ltd provides cheapest call rate in Bangladesh. Users can talk with friends and family with a very low cost. All of the Robi users are satisfied with the call rate. Thanks to the Robi for this excellence service.

High Speed 4.5G

Robi has bought up with 4.5G for the very first time in Bangladesh. It will give you an awesome experience of browsing and gaming. They are working to improve more. So why not Robi? I’m a Robi fan especially when it comes to net speed.

Voice & Bundle Pack

Want to enjoy combo and bundle offer? Robi is the solution for you. It provides to the users various types of minutes and Internet of offers. You can also enjoy minutes combined with SMS and Internet as well at low prices.

Best Offers

Comparing all aspects, it can be said Robi always brings the best offer for their users. Currently, Airtel has also been linked with Robi and it’s working to give users something better in the future.

Robi Prepaid Package

Robi has launched several packages to suit the needs of the users. You can easily check the package of connection by dialling *140*14#. It does not cost any money. The packages of Robi are mentioned below.

  • Goti 36
  • Shorol 39
  • Noor Pack

Essential Codes For New Users

If you have just purchased a new Robi SIM, then there are some things you need to know, especially checking balance and checking your number. To check out your own number, you have to dial *140*2*4#. And, dial *222# to check out main balance, *3# for the internet pack, *222*2# for checking minutes.


This section is for those who want to know more about new connection of Robi Axiata Limited.

How can I get Robi 1 GB?

If you have just registered with the Robi, 1 GB internal will be given instantly. Also, you can enjoy 1 GB monthly recharging 9 TK upto 10 times.

How can I activate Robi 4g SIM?

After the first recharge, your connection will active and suitable for 4G network. You have nothing to do for this.

How do I know my SIM is 3g or 4g?

Robi has the facility to check whether is your SIM 4g or not. You can easily get the answer visit Robi website from here.

How can I replace my Robi SIM?

You can replace SIM card from the nearest telecom store. Following this will be required for the replacement.

  • NID information.
  • Fingerprint.
  • Payments @BDT 60.

Final Thoughts

This was the full article about Robi new SIM offer. All of the information was collected straight from Robi official website and Facebook page. If they make any changes, we will update this article as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting and don’t forget to share with friends and family.

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