Satkhira Express: Schedule, Ticket Price, Online Booking, Counters Number & More

Satkhirais a district in southwestern Bangladesh and Khulna is the division of it. Satkhira is one of the tourist destinations as It has a big part of Sundarbans. besides It has an India-Bangladesh land port named Bhomra. It lies along the border with West Bengal, India. Moreover, it is situated near Mongla Seaport too. Mongla port is a precious gateway of Bangladesh.  Tourists like to go to Mongla for visiting the port and the mid-route of going Sundarban.

Because of all this Khulna has been one of the most economical zones and tourist hotspots in Bangladesh. If you want to go to Khulna, There are many transportation ways that you can use by Air, by sheep, by train and obviously by bus.

Satkhira Express

People are continually searching for a quickly travelling medium to travel from one location to every other place. Till now, the aeroplane is the quickest automobile in the world. It saves a lot of time for the passengers however it is very luxurious to journey through an aeroplane. For this reason, people pick to journey via bus. Satkhira Express is one of the best bus services in Bangladesh that provides hospitality, safety and comforts while travelling.

Satkhira Express Ticket Price

Almost eighty per cent of service providing buses have their counters in Dhaka. So you can book your tickets from any counter near your home to go to Khulna.

From Dhaka, you can go to these districts of Khulna by Satkhira Express. here is the list of costs for bus tickets from Dhaka to different districts of Khulna.

Destinations Fare BDT
Dhaka-Satkhira 450BDT
Dhaka-Khulna 500BDT
Dhaka-Jhinaidah 500BDT
Dhaka-Bagerhat 550BDT
Dhaka-Jessore 650BDT

Satkhira Express Online Ticket Booking

There are numerous third-party functions for reserving a ticket. all of the websites will choose you to pay at an instance. otherwise, if you do not pay within twenty minutes they will cancel your tickets. so, please be positive while buying tickets online.  in no way believe an unknown website considering the fact that you have to pay online for tickets and they will acquire your financial institution debit or savings card numbers or cellular banking. we are supplying a listing for you describing some professional sites,


Dhaka Counters Number [All]

Satkhira Express have three counters in Dhaka from where you can book tickets.

Satkhira Express Dhaka Counter Phone Number
Shamoly Counter Phone: 01191414042,017269466
Gabtoli Counter Phone: 01191414043, 01712807606
Nobinogor Counter Phone: 01712656067

Jessore Counter

Dhaka might be familiar to you for knowing counters and bus stops. but If you are new at Jessore you can contract with the counters to buy tickets. We are providing you with the contact numbers of Jossore counters. You can simply call and know the locations from anywhere.

Satkhira Bus Service Jessore Counter Phone Number
Navaron Counter Phone: 01713909493
Bagachara Counter Phone: 01711211802
Kashobpur Counter Phone: 01719629090
Monirampur Counter Phone: 01717937057

Satkhira Counter

It is almost a 9-hour journey between  Satkhira to Dhaka depending on the traffics on the roads. And for this long journey, you can book tickets from these counters in Satkhira. Here is the list of counter numbers in Satkhira.
Satkhira Counter Phone Number
Satkhira sadar Counter Phone: 01712787360
Kolaroa Counter Phone: 01711352756
Patkelghata Counter Phone: 01720586444
Kaligong Counter Phone: 01714515158

FAQs (Frequently Ask Question)

Q: How can I get the ticket price of Satkhira express?

we have decried almost everything about Satkhira express in this article. You can comment and let us know if you don’t understand something.

Final Verdict:

Satkhira Express is here at your service. Khulna is one of the best tourist destinations and it has historical, economical value too. We hope this article will help anyone visiting Khulna with whatever business purposes or Business tour

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