Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan: Ticket Price, Schedule, Counter Numbers & Online Booking 2023

A regular transport service is specially modified for the northern districts of Bangladesh. Every day thousands of people use this transport service for reaching their destination. Although there are some complaints against the management of this bus company overall their performance is above the average. It is also notable that they provide both AC and non-AC services at a reasonable price than most other bus services.

Day by day they are improving their service and their main focus is to provide safety and comfort to the passengers. Different types of Volvo, Hino, etc buses of this company are moving throughout Bangladesh. The citizens of Bogura, Naogaon, and Joypurhat know these buses most deeply.

Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan

As you are on this page we can be sure that you want to know about the counter location, ticket price, and all other information about this Shah Fateh  Ali Paribahan.  Consequently, I will write all those information for your benefit. First of all, let’s see the routes of Shah Fateh  Ali Paribahan If they have bus service in your desired districts. In the routes mentioned below, The company is rendering bus service for a long time.

  • Dhaka to Naogaon to Dhaka
  • Dhaka to Bogra to Dhaka
  • Dhaka to Joypurhat to Dhaka
  • Dhaka to Rangpur To Dhaka
  • Dhaka to Dinajpur to Dhaka
  • Dhaka to Gaibandha to Dhaka
  • Dhaka to Chittagong to Dhaka

Shah Fateh Ali Bus Service Ticket Price

In many bus companies, the bus owners are greedy and demand extra money from the passengers. Also, In Bangladesh, there is a tendency to copy other reputed bus services like Hanif to Hanifa, S alam to S kalam, Soudia to Saudia, etc. So, If you want to be confirmed about the ticket price then you have to collect the information of tickets before. For these reasons, we have added the cost of different routes in this article.

The amount of the fare is based on their distance from the starting point to the departure point. Besides The Price Of non-AC buses, Economy AC buses and Business AC buses may vary according to their quality. Have a look on the following list.

Route Ticket Price
Dhaka to Bogra 350 BDT
Dhaka to Naogaon 400 BDT
Dhaka to Sonatola 300 BDT

Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan Online Ticket Booking

It is seen that a large number of tickets are now sold online. People try to buy tickets online for avoiding traffic jams and other hassles. In spite of feeling disgusted about the service charges, They easily pay those without any hesitation. Many sites like sohoz dot com, bd tickets, busbd, etc are gaining trust by offering tickets with a minimum service charge.

Also, people can choose the seats as they like to. but there are some problems that can happen if you select any spam sites. You have to give your internet banking information while buying tickets online so you should be careful.

We suggest you go to the Shohoz website. Enter your destination and boarding point. Choose Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan from the appearing list. then choose your date and time along with the seats. You will need a valid phone number for finishing these formalities where they will send you confirmation messages.

Available seats will be shown and blocked ( Already sold) seats will be mentioned. Once you fill up your seat numbers and your personal information like name, age, address then they will ask you to pay. You should pay on the time limit of 20 minutes. Use mobile banking or debit /credit cards for paying. Visa and the master card are also accepted.

Some portals deliver the tickets to your home. You can insurance your ticket too with a little cost.

All Contact Numbers Of Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan

This is an era of telecommunication. Everyone wants to call to become confirmed. There are so many counters and most of the time it is not possible to collect all the counters’ numbers. Then, here is a nice solution. We have gathered all the counters from Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Naogaon, Rangpur, Gaibandha, and Bogura. By calling on these counters you will get the data about the next bus schedules, updated ticket price, and other information, please, see the following.

Shah Fateh Ali Dhaka Counters.

Dhaka is a big city with more than a 1.5 crore population. Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan Has established a large number of counters all over the megacity. Passengers get up and get down from the counters. And If anyone wants to book or cancel as well as change the trip time of your tickets then you have to go to the counters.

We thought if you have all the counters numbers of Dhaka in one table then it may be easy to decide which one is nearest for you. unless you choose the closest one, you have to carry all your goods on a long path. So, For avoiding this type of hassle, we entered all the counters number of Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan in various locations like Gabtoli, Uttara, Savar, etc. As Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan renders service to the northern districts, most of the counters are in Dhaka North. Following is a list of all these counters.

Counter Address Contact Number
Gabtali Bus Terminal Counter Phone: 01938-896493
Chandra Counter, Gazipur Phone: 01938-896455
Bipil Counter, Gazipur Phone: 01938-896458
Abdullahpur Counter, Dhaka Phone: 01938-896453, 01742-005980
Uttara Counter, Dhaka Phone: 01938-896452, 01742-005812
Asad Gate Counter, Dhaka Phone: 01938-896488
Mohakhali Bus Terminal Counter, Dhaka Phone: 01938-896451, 01731-315582
Nabinagar Counter, Dhaka Phone: 01938-896496
Hemayetpur Counter, Savar, Dhaka Phone: 01938-896494
Savar counters, Dhaka Phone: 01938-896495
Technical Counter, Dhaka Phone: 01938-896491
Kalyanpur Counter, (Khwaja Market) Phone: 01938-896490
Shyamoli counter Phone: 01938-89649
Gabtali (Rajab Ali Market) Phone: 01938-896492

Bogra Counters

Bogura is one of the oldest cities in Bangladesh. The Mahasthangar and Behular Basor both are famous tourist attractions. Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan is providing quality service in this town. you can travel from Dhaka to this city with comfort by this transport service. There are both Ac And non AC buses to have a trip. when the tour will be ended and you need to come back to Dhaka or other cities then you will search for the counter numbers. For the welfare of people, we listed all the counter addresses with counter numbers below. Have a look on the list;

Counter Address Contact Number
Charmatha Bus Counter Mobile No: 01938-896458
Sonatala Bus Counter Mobile No: 01938-896473
Randigram Bus Counter Mobile No: 01755-127125
Choumohani Bazar Bus Counter Mobile No: 01938-896471
Dupachanchia Bus Counter Mobile No: 01938-896472
Mahasthangarh Bus Counter Mobile No: 01938-896483
Madhuyil Bus Counter Mobile No: 01938-896466 Mobile No: 01793-059741
Murail Bus Counter Mobile No: 01938-896464
Sherpur Bus Counter Mobile No: 01938-896474
Adamdighi Bus Counter Mobile No: 01938-896459
Santhara Bus Counter Mobile No: 01938-896463
Satmata Bus Counter Mobile No: 01938-896456 Phone No: 051-61222
Thanthania Bus Counter Mobile No: 01938-896457 Mobile No: 01711-020626 Phone No: 051-67111

Naogaon Counters.

Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan provides  bus service to Bhandarpur, Dhamairhat and Saphar. there are more than ten counters in Naogaon city in important places. There are both Ac And non AC buses to have a trip. Staffs are friendly and cooperative. Following is a list of mobiles number of those counters. You can call on these numbers and book your tickets and know information.

Counter Address Contact Number
Naogaon Bus Counter Mobile No: 01938-896450
Bhandarpur Bus Counter Mobile No: 01938-896470
Badlagachhi Bus Counter Mobile No: 01938-896469
Dhamairhat Bus Counter Mobile No: 01938-896478
Saphar Bus Counter Mobile No: 01938-896465
Najipur Bus Counter Mobile No: 01938-896467
Mahadevpur Bus Counter Mobile No: 01938-896468
Mangalbari Bus Counter Mobile No: 01938-896479

Rangpur Counters and Mobile Number.

The rangpur city has 6 counters in Shitalbari, Mithapukur, Pirganj, Baradagaon and Gopinathpur. You can purchase tickets by going to these counters. If you want to cancel your tickets then you have to go to the counters at least 24 hours before the trip. there are the contact numbers of counters. You can call on these numbers and book your tickets and know information. Have a look below.

Counter Address Contact Number
Rangpur Bus Counter Mobile No: 01938-896449
Shitalbari, Miftkur Bus Counter Mobile No: 01938-896447
Metapukur Bus Counter Mobile No: 01938-848548
Pirganj Bus Counter Mobile No: 01938-818551
Baradargaon Bus Counter Mobile No: 01938-896446
Gopinathpur Bus Counter Mobile No: 01938-896461

Gaibandha Counters and Contact Numbers.

Gaibandha is a northern-west district of Bangladesh with many interesting places to visit. Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan is one of the specialized buses for this district. If you want to know the counter addresses and names in Gaibandha then have an eye on the list given in the following chart. The phone numbers are also added so that you can call anytime to book tickets and ask for information.

Counter Address Contact Number
Mahimganj Bus Counter Mobile No: 01938-896481
Gaibandha Bus Counter Mobile No: 01938-896485
Palashbari Bus Counter Mobile No: 01938-896499
Gobindaganj Bus Counter Mobile No: 01938-896482

Chittagong Counters.

For visit to the northern areas of Bangladesh Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan is one of the popular transport services in Chittagong. Chittagong is our  Commercial capital and port city. Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan renders bus service from the Chittagong division to other districts and sub-districts. The popular ticket booking places of Chittagong like GEC, Goribullah Shah Majar, Ak khan counter, etc all have Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan counters. If you have any difficulties finding counters on Chittagong then you can call their number. Following is a list where we gathered all the locations and counter numbers of Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan in Chittagong.

Counter Address Contact Number
Dampara Bus Counter Mobile No: 01919-949453 Mobile No: 01938-818550
Madam Bibi Hat Bus Counter Mobile No: 01938-896477
Biojid Bottom Bus Counter Mobile No: 01919-969904
Hathazari Bus Counter Mobile No: 01722-939023
Jewelry Bus Counter Mobile No: 01938-896476 Mobile No: 01745-662074
Colonel Hat Bus Counter Mobile No: 01938-896475

Other Counters.

Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan tries to cover most of the districts of north Bengal. So, there are other counters in Dinajpur, Joypurhat, etc area. You can call on these numbers and book your tickets and know information.

  • Dinajpur Bus Counter, Mobile No: 01938-896497
  • Hili Bus Counter, Mobile No: 01938-896498,
  • Joypurhat Bus Counter, Mobile No: 01938-896480
  • Akkalpur Bus Counter, Mobile No: 01938-896460, Mobile No: 01786-573027

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How much is the ticket price for Dhaka to Bogra in Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan bus?

The ticket price for Dhaka to Bogura is only 350 taka in Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan buses. The price of the Ac bus service may differ from this.

Q: Can I take more than 20kg of luggage to Shah Fateh Ali?

If you carry luggage that weighs around 10 kg, then it is free of cost. If you carry more than 10 kg then you have to pay a particular amount of taka set by the company for taking those. One point has to be noted that carrying illegal things is extremely prohibited and the service providers will take no responsibility for illegitimate objects.

Q: Is Shah Fateh Ali bus safe?

Most people find it safe and comfortable. No case of serious complaints is still found against this Transport company.  If you request the conductor for any help with the seat exchange or other vehicle or washroom-related issues, you will definitely be assisted.


If you want a convenient and safe bus service withing a low cost you can choose from any of the Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan buses stated above. We hope you got security and cordial behavior on the bus journey. If you have any other queries or questions, feel free to comment below there. We wish you a journey with great pleasure.

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