Skitto Call & SMS Rate 2021

Skitto call rate

If you search for a low call rate, then you will buy the Skitto SIM because Skitto SIM brings a super low call rate than any other operator.

So, keep your mind calm and entirely without worrying about your money bag. Skitto users do all the calls every day and at the same rate without any condition.

The article will tell you the details of Skitto’s call rate. Let’s read below.

Skitto Call Rate

If you have a Skitto SIM, you try to know your call rate. Customers can enjoy all Skitto call rates in a 1-second pulse. Many types of Skitto call rates are given below:

Skitto to Skitto

When the customers call any Skitto SIM user, 0.50 paisa (including VAT + SD+Surcharge is 0.67 paisa) will cut your mobile balance per minute in 24 hours.

Skitto to other GP Number

Skip to SIM is similar to the GP Number because it is a sub-brand of Grameenphone. The cost is  0.50 paisa, but including VAT+SD+Surcharge, the amount is a 0.67 paisa call rate every minute within 24 hours.

Skitto to any Local Number

Skip to operators allow you to enjoy the same call rate as Skitto to Skitto SIM. Pakage rate is 0.50 paisa per minute, and VAT+SD+Surcharge will be deducted from your account, which amount is 0.67 paisa per minute.

3G Video call

Now, giving 3G video call is easy. But other operator’s 3G video call is expensive than Skitto operators. You need 0.60 paisa per minute, and including VAT + SD+ Surcharge amount becomes 0.77 paisa per minute.

Skitto to SMS Rate

When you are a Skitto Subscriber, you get many SMS rates at a cheap rate.

Skitto to Skitto

You can send an SMS Skitto number to Skitto number, which allows 0.25 paisa per SMS cut in your account and also including VAT+ SD+ Surcharge charge is 0.33 per SMS in daily. 

Skitto to Gp Number

For enjoying Skitto to Gp number, your account must have 0.50 paisa per SMS and VAT, Supplementary Duty and Sub-charge are available, and the rate is 0.67 paisa.

Skitto to any local operator

Same as Skitto to GP number.

International Number

You can communicate with your international friends and relatives by SMS. Customers enjoy 2.50 paisa per SMS, and the Included VAT+ SD+ Surcharge is 3.33 paisa per SMS.

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