Skitto SMS Pack 2021

Skitto SMS Pack

Nowadays, many people have a smartphone, and they use their phones to communicate with each other. SMS is one of the processes that is a popular communication system for all.

People can send many important things and documents by SMS with security. Most teenagers communicate with their friends by sending SMS. So, people search for an inexpensive SMS pack for use.

Skitto SIM makes your wish a reality. Because Skitto’s SMS pack is cheaper, the operators can give you daily and weekly offers. Those people who want to buy a daily SMS pack can pick this package easily.

Only 1.5 taka is needed to buy Skitto’s daily SMS pack, which gives you 10 SMS.

On the other hand, the weekly offer provides 100 SMS for the customers. If you want to buy a Skitto SMS pack, you will need to install the app.

When you finish the app installation, you can easily choose your offer what you need. We are hoping that this article will give you a clear concept.        

Terms and condition for daily SMS Pack

  • 1.5 taka(included 5% SD +15% VAT+ 1% surcharge )  will cut in your mobile account to buy this offer. 
  • Then 10 SMS can be used by any local operator. 
  • 24 hour is an ending time of using the offer 
  • The process of auto-renewal is not here in the offer.  

Terms and condition for weekly SMS pack

  • Firstly you have to recharge 10 taka (included 5% SD + 5% VAT + 1% Savage) in your mobile account to enjoy this offer.
  • Customers can send this SMS to any local operators. 
  • When you buy this offer, activation will start.
  • The validity time of the SMS pack is finished for 7 days.
  • If you want to use this offer again, you will buy it again following the same process because auto-renewal is not available for this offer.
  • Skitto operator gives SMS packs with limited time.  

This is all about Skitto SMS Pack in this year. If you think that the article is helpful; don’t forget to share with friends.

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