Teletalk SIM Replacement Offer & Details 2021

Teletalk SIM Replacement

Whether you have lost your Teletalk SIM or you are planning to own a 4G SIM, we have every detail about that for you’re here.

Give a read to all the sections below to learn about the process, offer, and fee for replacing a SIM.

Replacing A Lost SIM

  • They will ask you to show the document of the lost SIM. Never lose the documents for a SIM. Otherwise, it will cost will extra money and steps to replace a SIM.
  • You will have to block the lost SIM. To do that, you can fax the main document of the SIM. An application, along with the main documents of the SIM are also necessary.
  • You will have to bring your NID and 2 passport size photos as well.
  • If you can’t perform the process of SIM replacement. You need to write an authorization letter and send it to the person who will receive the SIM for you.
  • If you are confused about writing an application, do pay a visit to the nearest Teletalk Customer Care Service. They will help you with it thoroughly.
  • They might check your FnF number and call details to ensure credibility.
  • SIM replacement will cost you BDT 150.

Transforming Your Older Teletalk SIM Into 4G

  • To get the 4G network’s benefit, you must own a handset that supports the 4G connection.
  • Also, you must reside in 4G coverage areas.
  • You can transform the SIM as well. All you have to do is, send a text to 111 writing ‘4G’. Next, they will provide you with essential details about migrating the SIM.
  • You can check if your SIM can be changed into a 4G SIM. Go to the text option of your phone, and type- chk. Next, send it to 157. You will get the details in reply from the Teletalk operator.
  • Migration is free if you have bought the SIM after 2011.

Transforming A SIM Purchase Before 2012

  • You need to replace a SIM if you have collected before 2012
  • SIM transformation fee is same as SIM replacement
  • You need to visit the nearest Customer Care service with the documents of the main SIM along with NID, passport size photos.
  • You will have to pay here. The payment is the same (BDT 150) as the SIM replacement process.

Do They Have Any Offer For Sim Replacement?

Sadly, Teletalk doesn’t have any offer in this regard.

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