16 December Images, Banner, Poster, Pictures, Wallpaper 2023 (Bijoy Dibosh)

16 December is a memorable day in the history of Bangladesh. We also know as Bijoy Dibosh. In English, we call it Victory Day of Bangladesh. Here you will get a large collection of 16 December images 2023 to invite your friends for this victory.

16 December Images

Every Bangladeshi should celebrate this day. For this reason, it is a public holiday in our country. And why not? It has a long story. It’s impossible to describe by writing, in my free time I will try to share some important points of this significant day on this website.

This is the website where you get everything you need to know about Bangladesh. We always try to update as soon as possible. In this article, you will have a brief idea about Bijoy Dibosh.

16 Dec Bijoy Dibosh pic

As Bengali, we should respect to this day as well as the libration fighter. All of the credit goes to our honorable freedom fighter. Because of their sacrifice today we can enjoy the victory, we are an independent country. We should pray to the Almighty to forgive them and Grant them heaven.

Introduction about victory day – Bijoy Dibosh

Victory is not an easy word, it came across the unlimited life. Many people lose their houses and family member for this victory. At that time I mean in 19971 most of my sister and mother were raped. That was a very sad story. After the victory, they forgot everything that they had faced. They were happy with the independence. They are the real heroes, we can never repay their debt.

victory day

Actually, this war started on 25 March 19971. Pakistani military force killed many sleeping Bangladeshi on that night. After this incident war began to start. It was a long war about nine months. Almost three million people lose their lives and many women were raped. After nine months of the bloody fight, we got a victory against Pakistan as they surrender to us with their all weapon. This day is the result of a historic war.

After the declaration of Independence and victory, a new flag was found on the map of the world. Now we are a free nation in the world. To remember this victory every year we celebrate this day with huge respect. On this day victory day is knocking at the door.

16 December Bijoy Dibosh

We celebrate this day by following many ways and traditions. On this morning we go to the Shahid Minar and arrange it with the flowers, after that we keep ourselves silent for at least one minute. Actually, there is no benefit to it. It’s just tradition. We should pray for their soul by praying Salah or keep fasting.

On this day, we want to write posts on social media platforms and send pictures to our friends. If you are also and now looking for some images of the victory day of Bangladesh. I want to reply to you that you are so lucky person beacouse you have come to the exact place. Here we are going to share with you 20+ excellent pic of Bijoy Dibosh.

16 December Picture Download

In this section, you will get the most beautiful images for sending your friends and family on the day of 16 December. I have collected the best photos online and shared them with you. By sending those pictures you can enjoy your day. Have a look at the new collection.

Bijoyer Shuveccha
Village children hoisting flag on Victory Day

Bijoy Dibosh Wallpaper images

Bijoy Dibosh is the bangla meaning of victory day. On this day people search online for that term. For this reason, I have included Bijoy Dibosh Wallpaper for you. After downloading those images you can use them as Wallpaper on your mobile, tablate, or desktop. All images are suitable for Wallpaper.

Bijoy Dibosh Wallpaper

Victory Day images collection

Victory is the English that refers to Bijoy. Most of the Bengali is called victory day. Without Bangladesh, over the world, this day is known as a victory day. Now I’m going to share a large collection of victory days. All of the images are easy to use and short in size but fully clear. Download from below one by one and use where you want.

Bijoy Dibosh Drawing Picture
Victory day quotes image
 Bijoy Dibosh er kobita

Bijoy Dibosh profile picture and cover photo

Now people are tranding on social media, they Express their feeling by posting or sharing images. Those pictures can be used as profile pictures on Facebook and Instagram. Also, you can use it as cover pictures on Facebook and Twitter. Facebook is an open platform for expressing feelings of your mind.

Bijoy Dibosh profile picture
 16 December victory day cover pic

16 December Banner, Poster

On this day we go to rally with banner and poster. So poster, the banner is also required to celebrate this significant day. For this, I’ve attached some attractive banners for the day. Hopefully, you will enjoy this awesome collection. Scroll down below and choose your favorite one.

Bijoy Dibosh victory day banner
Bijoy Dibosh Poster

That was the full article about 16 December – Bijoy Dibosh images and wallpaper. I hope now you have enough collected victory day pictures in HD. If you think this article is helpful for you don’t forget to share it with your friends on social media.

If you found any problem with our collection feels free to comment below. Want more images? No problem! let us know we will add a letter. We are not designers of that image, all credit goes to the actual designer. We just collected it from Google, thanks for being with us.

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