Independence Day Of Bangladesh Paragraph (For School Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 10)

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Independence Day

26 March coming after few days. If You are waiting for pictures of 26 March. Check out the above link. Express your feeling about Independence.

Bangladesh Independence Day Paragraph

Bangladesh’s Independence Day celebrated on March 26th, Bangladesh National Day. On the night of 25 March 1971 the people of East Pakistan started formally their own struggle for independence. On 27 March, Ziaur Rahman called on Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman to formally participate in the War of Liberation from the Kalurghat Radio Station of Chittagong to the people of Bangladesh. On January 22 , 1972 , a notification was celebrated as National Day in Bangladesh and officially declared holiday on this day.

Independence a memorable day of all Bengali people because we received a letter our Independence after 9 month blody war that killed 3 million people. That’s why we observe this day as our Independence. Every year the Independence day is observe with some occasions and respectable way.

On this day early in the morning we hoisted our national flag. All school and college, Madrasha & and another educational institutes, government and non government all of official word remain closed on the day. The day is begun with 31 gun shot.

During morning we go to Shahid Minar to offer flowers for the Martyrs. We observe one minute silence for the forgiveness of their souls. We got this freedom for them. We can not ever pay the debt to the martyrs. They are theWe observe one minute silence for the forgiveness of their souls. We got this freedom for them. We can not ever pay the debt to the martyrs. They are the real yoke We should remember the martyrsreal warriors.  We should pray to the Almighty Allah for the forgiveness of the martyrs. After flowering at the Shaheed Minar, we come home with a procession.

After returning home, we went back to the educational institute to do the next ceremony. Then we organize different memorials for the martyrs, such as poetry recitation, lectures, patriotic songs etc. There are also several sports competitions are appreciated. We spent a whole day at one of the events.

Independence is more important for all Nation because Man is born to be free. When he loses his freedom, he starts protesting. To get the freedom, he can do anything even he can sacrifice his life. And the martyrs have proved this through their self-sacrifice. We never forget them. That is why I sing in song. Those who brought Bengal’s independence in exchange for a sea of ​​blood, we do not forget you. Never forget you :'(

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