Banglalink New SIM Offer 2023

Banglalink New SIM Offer

Banglalink is the most improving telecom company in Bangladesh. The company offers various new SIM offer to make users interested. Recently, the authority announced Banglalink’s new SIM offer. Users will be able to enjoy all of these offers if they join the Banglalink community.

Are you thinking to join the digital network? You may don’t know the updates offered by Banglalink. No need to get worried about it. Keep with us. In this article, you will get all the latest offers.

Banglalink New SIM Offer

Banglalink has bought up excellent offers for a new connections. New users will be greeted with several exciting offers. After the activation 5 TK will be Preloaded at the main balance with 15 days validation it can be used for any Banglalink service.

When you activate the prepaid, 50 MB will be given for 3 days along with 50 SMS for 10 days. Those are applicable to any local operator. Also, users will get 22 paise for 10 seconds to all numbers for the next 24 hours.

Banglalink 014 new sim internet offer

Recently, Banglalink has started its digit number of 014. If you want to buy a new Banglalink SIM, there is a high possibility of getting a 014 SIM. Because although Banglalink has 019 numbers those are stocks right now. Banglalink gives an excellent Internet offer for the new serial (013). Here is the offer list for you.

2GB at 48 TK Instantly

It’s a recommended offer for Banglalink’s new SIM. All of the prepaid users can enjoy it by recharging 48 BDT. After recharging, the total amount will be added to the main account. So you can tell it completely free offer.

The offer includes an excellent call rate of 1p/sec with the validity of 30 days. 2 GB any net for 7 days. Internet balance can be checked by dialing *5000*500#. To enjoy it, all you need to recharge exact 48 TK first recharge.

1GB Every Month 10 Times

Who has recharged 48 TK for the very first time, he can enjoy this 10 GB offer. Users can take it once every month. The day will be counted from the first recharge of 48 TK. The offer is available up to 10 times. After the 30 days of activation, please dial *132*111# to enjoy 1GB with a validity of 7 days. Customers can check out the remaining balance by dialing *5000*500# instantly.

Special call rate

The new connection user can talk at a very low cost. A special call rate of 1 Paisa/sec call rate will be added to this prepaid. This rate is applicable to any operator in Bangladesh. It’s a regular offer; there is no validity for that. Users can enjoy it up to 10 months of activation.

What is the price of Banglalink New Connection?

According to the official date. Banglalink’s new prepaid connection price is 200 BDT. If you want to buy at a low cost, wait for a fair.

How can I check my Banglalink Number?

Users can easily check out their own Banglalink number by dialing *511#. Memorize your new SIM number.

How to check the Banglalink account balance?

It’s easy to check out Banglalink’s main balance. BL account balance can be checked by dialing *124#

How can I check Banglalink bonus MB?

To check out the Banglalink bonus MB pack, please dial *5000*500#. The code is also applicable for others MB packs as well.

How can I buy a BL MB pack?

It’s easy to buy Banglalink Internet from Amar’s offer. Dial*888# and choice the perfect offer for you.

That is the updated information about Banglalink’s new SIM offer. Above mentioned offer is available for all prepaid connections. Hopefully, now you are ready to purchase a new SIM and enjoy. If you get it helpful, share it with friends.

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