Dhaka to Joydebpur Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2023

Dhaka to Joydebpur Train Schedule & Ticket

Journey by train is more comfortable than others. So people love to travel with it. On this post you are going to know Dhaka to joydebpur train schedule with ticket price. Traveling with train is quicker than other vehicles like bus. Because it has no traffic jam. Traffic jam is one of the problems in Bangladesh, there is no alternative of train to avoid traffic jam.

Are you looking for train that runs from Dhaka to joydebpur or joydebpur to Dhaka? If yes! Then this post is only for you. Here you will find all of information about this route. Basically joydebpur is the stoppage, so people can go Dhaka from joydebpur station also. On this situation you need to know exactly when train will leave and reach.

Dhaka to Joydebpur Train List

Like others route, there are two types of train available on there. People can enjoy journey through those. Intercity train is more popular than mail train because it has many facility. Those two are.

  • Intercity train
  • Mail Train

Mail train is perfect if you have low budget or there is no problem with the time because it takes long time to reach destination.

Dhaka to Joydebpur Intercity Train

According to Bangladesh railway station, several intercity train run on this route. All is very good for making journey. Not only Dhaka to joydebpur if your destination is Dhaka and start journey from joydebpur then look at the train list below:

  • Dhomkato Express
  • Sundarban Express
  • Padma Express
  • Lalmoni Express
  • Ekota Express
  • SilkCity Express
  • Sirajgonj Express
  • Drutajan Express
  • Nilshagar Express
  • Chitra Express
  • Jamuna Express
  • Hawr Express

Dhaka to Joydebpur Mail Train

On the other hand there are several mail train is also run on this route. People don’t love mail train very much, actually those are perfect for carry others things. Those trains are:

  • Balaka Express
  • Dewangonj Express
  • Mohua Commuter
  • Jamalpur Commuter
  • Vawal Express
  • Turag Express
  • Joydebpur Commuter-2
  • Joydebpur Commuter-4
  • Turag Express

Dhaka to Joydebpur Train Schedule

Before you start your journey you must know the schedule of this train, by which you want to go. Or, when you will free. Wether or not train is available on this time. Only on solve of this confusion is knowing schedule. For this reason I have added complete timetable of Dhaka to joydebpur train. This schedule will help you to getting ready and reaching station as well as saving your time. Have a look at the table below and catch it.

Dhaka to joydebpur intercity train scheduled

As I mentioned earlier, on this route there are several intercity train run. I have included on this table departure and arrival time as well as off day. This schedule will help you and give an idea about timing. It starts journey from Dhaka and takes almost one hour to reach joydebpur station.

Train NameOff DayDepartureArrival
Chitra ExpressMonday19:0020:00
Drutajan ExpressWednesday20:0021:00
Nilshagar ExpressMonday08:0009:17
Sundarban ExpressWednesday06:2007:25
Sirajgonj ExpressSaturday17:0018:15
SilkCity ExpressSunday14:4015:50
Padma ExpressTuesday23:1024:08
Dhomkato ExpressSaturday06:0007:01
Lalmoni ExpressFriday22:1023:15
Jumona ExpressNo16:4017:55
Hawr ExpressThursday23:5024:49
Ekota ExpressTuesday10:0011:05

Dhaka to joydebpur mail train schedule

Mail train is not comfortable for journey because it has many stoppages and takes long time to reach. Anyways locality people like to come home regularly by mail train. So I have also added mail train schedule.

Train NameOff DayDepartureArrival
Vawal ExpressNo09:4211:35
Turag ExpressFriday19:1020:30
Turag ExpressFriday07:308:45
Joydebpur Commuter-4Friday15:2017:10
Joydebpur Commuter-2Friday10:4512:00
Jamalpur CommuterNo10:1011:15
Mohua CommuterNo20:0721:25
Dewangonj CommuterNo17:4519:15
Balaka ExpressNo16:1817:25

Joydebpur to Dhaka train schedule

After finishing your journey you have to return. On this moment you need to know joydebpur to Dhaka train timetable, Or if your starting point is Joydebpur then this timetable is applicable to you. So I wrote out the schedule for both going and coming.

Joydebpur to Dhaka intercity train schedule

Like I discuss above, now I have separated it in two section. On this section is for intercity train. There are more than ten intercity train on this route. Take a look at the complete schedule:

Train NameOff DayDepartureArrival
SilkCity ExpressSunday12:3013:30
Ekota ExpressMonday07:0008:10
Sundarban ExpressTuesday04:3505:40
Jamuna ExpressNo06:2407:40
Lalmoni ExpressFriday19:5020:55

Dhomkato Express
Drutojan ExpressWednesday17:1018:10
Padma ExpressTuesday20:3821:40
Chitra ExpressMonday16:4017:40
Nilshagar ExpressSunday06:0507:10
Hawr ExpressThursday12:5314:15
Sirajgonj ExpressSaturday09:2210:15

Joydebpur to Dhaka Mail train schedule

On this section I’m going to share with you mail train schedule. On this route more than eight mail train. I don’t know exact number. There is off day also, so you have to be careful if you want to with this particular train.

Train NameOff DayDepartureArrival
Vawal ExpressNo09:4211:35
Mohua CommuterNo20:0721:25
Dewangonj CommuterNo17:4519:15
Jamalpur CommuterNo10:1011:15
Balaka ExpressNo16:1817:25

Turag Express
Joydebpur Commuter-2Friday10:4512:00
Joydebpur Commuter-4Friday15:2017:10
Turag ExpressFriday07:3008:45

Dedicated train service for Dhaka to Joydebpur

Joydebpur located in Gazipur Upazila and Gazipur is the District of Dhaka division. Joydebpur railway station is well known train station. On this route there are two dedicated train is available. Those train not only run every day, those run twice daily and each train only goes for Dhaka to Joydebpur as well as joydebpur to Dhaka. So people named as dedicated train. You can visit without facing any problem. The Departure and arrival time is same in everyday. Maybe you know this two are:

  • Joydebpur Commuter
  • Turag Express

Dhaka to Joydebpur Train Ticket Price

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh, many people go from many places for their reason. Although Dhaka is not so far from joydebpur. People use to go regularly with the train. If you are so, then you have to know the ticket price of this route. I have added schedule before now time to give you proper idea of ticket price. On below section check it out.

According to Bangladesh railway, Dhaka to Joydebpur ticket price is 15-60 BDT Depend on train type. If you are a regular man on this route, monthly ticket is also available. Price of monthly ticket is 460 Dhaka.

You can easily buy tickets directly from station. There is counter for booking seat. There are serveral type of seat class, so ticket price depends on seats class. By changing the seat class price of ticket will be changed.


Now we are in the end section of this article. I hope it helps to you. If you face any problem to understanding, feel free to comment below. I will help my best and update article regarding to your comment. If you found this article helpful to you please do share with your friend on social media. Thanks for visiting.

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