HSC Result 2023 Chittagong Board with Marksheet

If you have recently completed the HSC exam under Chittagong Board, then the method of HSC Result 2023 Chittagong Board is very important to know with the details. Every student should know his result on his own. If you do not know the method of checking HSC results, then by the end of this article you will get detailed information.

HSC Result Chittagong Board

There are many exams and their results in student life, but the most important one is HSC because HSC results have a lot of impact on jobs.

The system for checking the results of each board is different. Here we have presented all the information required to get the result of the Chittagong Board. If you have posted any such information, then read the article at the end.

Chittagong Education Board of Bangladesh

Chittagong Board is the second largest education board in Bangladesh. Every year millions of students take part in public examinations under this board. A huge number of students take part in the HSC exams this year. There are many colleges under the Chittagong Board some are known as one of the best colleges in Bangladesh. From now on, you can collect the desired college results in addition to your personal results.

Chittagong Board HSC Result Published Date 2023

The results of all the boards across Bangladesh were published on the same date. According to the information given by the Minister of Education of Bangladesh, Dr Dipu Moni, it can be said that the HSC Result 2023 Chittagong Board will be published on 26 November, 2023 at 11:00:00.

This is a potential date; we will let you know a final decision later. The day of publication of results may change due to various problems or considering the situation.

Students will be informed if the day of the publication of results changes. We provide such regular updates on our website. You will also be able to know all the information through newspapers.

Chittagong Board HSC Result 2023

There are many methods available to verify the HSC result of Chittagong Board. One method is better for one person. I will present all the methods to you one by one. Then you can easily understand how to find your result. The methods are highlighted in the following section.

HSC Result Chittagong Board From Education Board Website

The first way to check the results of any board is through the website. If you are a student from Chittagong, then you can easily get your result from the website approved by the Government of Bangladesh. An only internet connection and a device are enough. Every student will be able to access the website and monitor their results.

Below is how to collect Chittagong Board results through the website.

  • Go to http://www.educationboardresults.gov.bd/
  • Select Examination as “HSC/Alim”
  • Select Year “2023”
  • Select Board Name “Chittagong”
  • Enter your roll number
  • Enter your Registration number
  • Solve the math
  • Click on the “Submit” Button

In this way, after selecting and clicking, your result will come in front immediately. If you are an interest off the user, then you can print.

Chittagong Board HSC Result by SMS

The easiest way to know the result is to know via SMS. If you want to know the result through SMS, you have to have a sufficient amount in your balance; otherwise, your message will not be sent. Public test results are known via SMS from all operators in Bangladesh.

Below is the instructions on how to know the HSC result of the Chittagong Board by SMS.

  • Go to the message option
  • Type HSC and give a space
  • Type CHI and give a space
  • Type roll number
  • Type 2023
  • Send it to 16222

After sending your message, wait for the next message. You can see your code number and result whenever the next message arrives.

Chittagong Board HSC Result with Marksheet

Everyone wants to get their result with a marksheet, which is why I have included this method in the article. You can quickly know the result of any public examination, including the marksheet from the website given below. To see the result of the HSC exam, you have to select it. If you are interested to know the result of the Chittagong Board, then you must select the Chittagong Board. Follow the procedure below for easy understanding.

  • Go to https://eboardresults.com/app/stud/
  • Select Examination “HSC/Alim/Equivalent”
  • Select year “2023”
  • Select Board “CHI”
  • Choose the Result type “Individual”
  • Give roll number
  • Then Registration number
  • Type Security Key
  • Hit the “Get Result” Button

This website is very popular for getting results, including marksheets. Here you can know the result of both parts of each subject. In other words, visit this website to know how much you got in MCQ and how much you got in CQ.

HSC Result 2023 Chittagong Board by App

As the number of mobile users is increasing day by day, so is the number of app users also increasing. If you feel comfortable using the application, you will get the desired results just by installing one application. Android users can download apps from the Google Play Store, and iPhone users can download apps from the App Store.

Follow the steps below and download the app.

  • Go to the Play store/App store
  • Search “All exam Result”
  • Install the Application
  • Open and do like website

The screen you will see after opening the application is just like the website. So there is no need for new instructions here. I hope you can get the job done very easily.

Chittagong Board HSC Result from Board Website

You also have the option to visit their private website to get the Chittagong Board result. In this website, you can only collect the results of this board. If you face any server related problems while viewing the results, you can easily see the results from the board’s website. Because there are fewer visitors to the private site. That’s why it loads fast.

Visit their website to know the results of Chittagong Education Board. Below is a link to their website.



This was the detailed information of HSC Result 2023 Chittagong Board. I think this information is enough to get results. However, if you think you want to know more, then you must comment below. And if you face any problem to see the result, send us your roll number. I will let you know the result as soon as possible.

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