HSC Result 2023 Dhaka Board with Marksheet

HSC result is a very important part of student life. Because your future depends on this result. If you want to get a good job then you must get good results. HSC exams were completed a few months ago and students are now eagerly waiting for the results.

HSC Result Dhaka Board

In this article, I will mention the details of the HSC Result 2023 Dhaka Board. You will also know when the result will be published and how to collect it.

If you are an HSC candidate then please understand this article for the details. Here are some result checking systems that you can follow.

Dhaka Education Board of Bangladesh

Dhaka Board is the largest education board in Bangladesh. The number of students on this board and the number of institutions is much higher than others. In terms of results, Dhaka Board is far ahead of Bangladesh. This board was established on May 7, 921. At present, the board has been successfully controlling the education system in Bangladesh.

Apart from HSC, the system of Dhaka Board plays an important role for SSC and JSC candidates. All the paperwork and official activities of the three public examinations are done through the board. The board is located in the Bakshibazar area of ​​Dhaka.

HSC Result 2023 Dhaka Board Published Date

According to the announcement of Dr Dipu Moni, Minister of Education of Bangladesh, the HSC results of Dhaka Board will be published on 26 November, 2023 at 11:00:00. The result published date may be changed if needed. So it is not possible to say the exact date until the final decision is reached.

We will let you know when the date of publication of results is final. You will also see the news on different news channels.

When the results are published, they will be published on the official website of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh with the permission of Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Then you can collect your desired results from any part of the world.

How to Check Dhaka Board HSC Result 2023

There are several methods to check the HSC result of Dhaka Board. You can find out your result by following what you think is easy. In this article, I have detailed all the methods one by one. After reading you will understand which method is perfect for you then you can proceed to check the result.

Nowadays you don’t have to do much to check the results, just having a smartphone is enough. Bangladesh is slowly moving towards development so things are getting easier day by day due to information technology. You will know as soon as the results are published. The result checking system is discussed below.

Dhaka Board HSC Result Online

Checking results online is the easiest and most effective method. For this you don’t have to be an expert, you just have to be able to use mobile. Two websites are very popular for viewing results online. You can choose one between two sites. Or if there is a problem with one, you can check on the other server. So I will tell you to bookmark the links of both the websites.

HSC Result on Education Board Result Govt BD

This is a website regulated by the Government of Bangladesh where all types of public exam results are published. As soon as the results of HSC candidates are published, they will be uploaded in the database on this website and then the students will be able to collect the results by anyways. If you want to collect your results from the Education Board Results website, follow the steps below.

  • Go to http://www.educationboardresults.gov.bd/
  • Select Examination as “HSC/Alim”
  • Select Year “2023”
  • Select Board Name “Dhaka”
  • Enter your roll number
  • Enter your Registration number
  • Solve the math
  • Click on the “Submit” Button

Once the job is done, clicking the submit button will show your results.  From there you will be able to print out or take a screenshot through your mobile. And if there is any problem with the server on this website, you can try the following website.

Dhaka Board HSC Result with Eboardresult

This website is very popular for checking the results of any public exam. One of the reasons is that you can collect results with mark sheets from that website. In addition, the server of this website is a bit stronger than the previous site, so you can easily get results here without any problems. You can visit this website only to check the result of any exam other than HSC. The following is the procedure for checking the HSC result of Dhaka Board.

  • Go to https://eboardresults.com/app/stud/
  • Select Examination “HSC/Alim/Equivalent”
  • Select year “2023”
  • Select Board “Dhaka”
  • Choose the Result type “Individual”
  • Give roll number
  • Then Registration number
  • Type Security Key
  • Hit the “Get Result” Button

Dhaka Board HSC Result by SMS

SMS is one of the popular ways to get HSC results easily. This method allows you to collect instant results using a mobile phone. Currently, the use of this method is slowly increasing. Moreover, this method is very effective for those who are not very expert about online issues.

To get HSC result through SMS on mobile, the following procedure has to be followed.

  • Go to the message option
  • Type HSC and give a space
  • Type DHA and give a space
  • Type roll number
  • Type 2023
  • Send it to 16222

For Example: HSC DHA 452368 2023 (Send to 16222)

Before sending an SMS, you must make sure that you have enough money in your balance. 2.50 BDT will be charged for each SMS. Make sure you have at least two and a half tk in your balance.

Wait a while after sending the SMS. In the next message, you will be informed of the result along with your subject code.

HSC Result by App

There are many students who are interested in getting their results through the app. If you want to get instant HSC result using mobile then you can follow this procedure.  For this, you will definitely need a smartphone.  You can get the job done with both Android and iOS devices.

  • Go to the Play store/App store
  • Search “All exam Result”
  • Install the Application
  • Open and move ahead

HSC Result from Dhaka Board Website

There is a separate website for each board of education. If you have finished the exam under Dhaka Education Board then it is possible to collect your results directly from the result page of Dhaka Board. One of the advantages is to avoid server problems. It is easy to collect results from personal sites as there is a lot of pressure on public sites. Follow the link below to collect HSC results from the official website of Dhaka Board.



This was the detailed information of HSC Result 2023 Dhaka Board. Hope you fully understand and have been able to check your results. And if there is any problem then you must contact us or comment your roll and reg number I will let you know the result.

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