Robi Special Call Rate Offer 2023

Robi Special Call Rate Offer

Robi creates their different place of customer’s heart by giving many attractive offers in Bangladesh. Nowadays, The operator provides many recommendations to choose from those offers.

Before selecting any offer, you have to know all the Robi unique call rate offer details. When you learn about all offers, you can easily choose your desired package by recharging the exact amount.

You take significant advantages from the offers according to your need. Moreover finding many small and large amount both suggestions, people enjoy any offers.

Reading this article is an essential part for the robi customers to know the details of Robi special call rate and offers valid time.

21 taka Recharge 

Robi company comes with reasonable offers for their customers. By recharging 21 taka in your robi main balance, you can enjoy 1 paisa per second for 2 days. As you can say, it is a low priced offer in Robi operator.

49 taka Recharge 

You can get many options to choose from different validities offers. 49 taka recharge with 1 paisa per second offer is one of them. If you want this offer, you will recharge the exact and enjoy it within 15 days.

166 taka Recharge 

While using the phone for different purposes such as communication with relatives and friends, business, your main concern always has balance in the phone and cheap call rate. So, you can recharge 166 taka and get a low call rate of 1 paisa per second. Your offer will serve you for 90 days.

47 taka Recharge 

The customers get an advantage as much as he wants by recharging 47 taka. Talking with others, 47 paisa per minute, and 10-second pulse for 6 days.

Terms and Conditions 

  • Robi Prepaid customers are capable of enjoying this special offer.
  • The customers can use a call rate offer for any local number.
  • After recharging the exact amount, you can automatically get the offer. 
  • Then you receive a code by SMS; this code helps to check your offers detail.
  • There is no relation between Bonus Minutes, Bundle minutes, and special call rate. At first, you have to finish your Bonus minutes and Bundle Minutes. 
  • The customer can also enjoy the offer next time by renewing.
  • If you have FnF and Priyo numbers, you will enjoy a low call rate.
  • 15% (SD), 15% VAT, and 1% surcharge will be added in charge.
  • Until any of Robi operator, the customers can use the special call rate offer.

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