Airtel Emergency Balance Code 2023

Airtel Emergency Balance Code

Sometimes we haven’t not enough balance to make a call. All of the telecom companies know it very well. That’s why they have advanced balance taking options to continue talking. It’s a great service that i love must.

As a leading telecommunication company in Bangladesh, Airtel has also emergency balance option to make the clients more satisfy. It’s now operating under Robi and planing to give more opportunities.

How to get Airtel Advance Loan?

This is the most asked questions by the Airtel user. If you are also looking for the answer of the question, please continue with the article until you get it. You can also get balance checking process here.

Getting emergency balance is easy on Airtel Bangladesh. Users need to dial *141# to avail this. This USSD Code is applicable for all of the packages.

After dialing code, you will get a confirmation SMS shortly which will provide you how much amount you have received. According to the users activity airtel allows to enjoy up to 100 BDT. The balance can be used to every operators of the country.

Airtel Emergency Balance Check Code

The USSD code for checking airtel emergency balance is *778#. It’s the same code that is used for checking the main balance.

Charge for Advance Loan

Loan 12 TK2.67 BDT14.67
Loan 15 TK2.67 BDT17.67
Loan 22 TK2.67 BDT24.67
Loan 25 TK2.67 BDT27.67
Loan 32 TK2.67 BDT34.67
Loan 50 TK2.67 BDT52.67
Loan 100 TK2.67 BDT102.67

This is all about Airtel Emergency Balance code and balance checking system. I think no more water required to describe this query. If you have found it helpful, don’t forget to share.

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