Airtel SIM Replacement Offer & Details 2023

Airtel SIM Replacement

Airtel is also geared up for providing you 4G+ connection! Since you are here, you must be thinking about changing your 2G/3G SIM into a 4G.

But you could be here because you have lost your SIM. Don’t worry! We have all the details regarding replacing the old SIM, also about getting a 4G SIM.

Please go over the information below we have laid out to know how to replace both lost SIM and older SIM. You will also learn about the offers they have with the replacement of SIM.

Airtel SIM Replacement Offers

They are giving offers because people don’t seem to replace their 2G/3G SIMs. With the world moving at a faster speed, people should upgrade their SIM.

Their connection can also get disrupted sometimes when they don’t change the SIM and receive the latest service.

The point is, you need to change your SIM for the best. And you are getting offers too, so why not? Let’s have a look at the offer now.

  • You will get 7GB free internet with 7-days validity once the 4G is enabled in a SIM.
  • Good news for the Elite user! You can replace the SIM-free.

Ways You can Replace An Airtel SIM.

  • You can visit the nearest Airtel Customer Care point.
  • You can get help from a retails shop.
  • They have the Door Step Service available for you too!

Replacing A SIM From A Customer Care Center Or A Retailer

  • Visit any of the places with your NID.
  • The NID has to the one you have used to register previously.
  • If you don’t have the right NID, you need to submit your latest photos.
  • They will need your birth date and fingerprints (biometric registration) as well.
  • You will have to pay BDT 200.
  • They will help with other necessary details to replace the SIM.

NOTE: SIM replacement process, offers, and the fee are the same for both lost SIM users, old SIM users.

How To Take Their Door Step Service

  • Call at 121. Once you get to tell them what service you are looking for, they will help you with further information to get the service from the comfort of your home.
  • You can connect with them by email as well. All you need to do is shoot an email at
  • With the email, you will have to provide them with all the details.

This is all about airtel Sim replacement offer and details. Hopefully, now you are ready to move forward. Thanks for visiting!

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