Airtel Internet Setting & 4G Activation Code 2023

Airtel Internet Settings

Airtel operator presents the fastest internet in Bangladesh. But if you don’t know the Airtel internet setting, you can’t enjoy the fastest network. You can set Airtel internet by auto or manual. The article shows the details.

Auto Internet setting for Airtel

Some steps are following to activate airtel internet settings. Steps are:

  • Firstly go to your mobile keypad.
  • You need to dial *121*3*7*1# for getting this set. 
  • In Bangladesh, airtel operators give this code.
  • After doing that, you get an auto setting.
  • You need to save it. 
  • Sometimes your phone can’t do this system. 
  • Most people’s phones support the setting. 

How to do Manual Internet Setting of Airtel

If your phone can’t support the auto settings, you will follow airtel’s manual internet settings.  

  • Firstly you have to go to the Settings option.
  • You should do scrolling down and choose the option named, such as a mobile network or cellular network.
  • Tap on access point name.
  • On the access point page, you get your manual setting. Need to click the + button at the top of the right corner for adding the new APN.
  • You get a name box and Write an airtel internet on the box and an APN box to write the internet.
  • After this, you can save it.
  • Again you have to go APNs page.
  • Choose APN name, which is airtel internet. Then you must off your phone or restart it.
  • Finally, you can get internet data.

Airtel APN Setting

Name: Airtel BD

APN: internet

Proxy: Not Set

Port: Not Set

Username: Not Set

Password: Not Set

Server: Not Set

MMSC: Not Set

MMS Proxy: Not Set

MMS Port: Not Set

MCC: 470

MNC: 07

Authentication Type: Not Set

APN type: default

APN protocol: Ipv4

APN roaming protocol: Ipv4

Enable/disable APN: APN Enabled

Bearer: Unspecified

MVNO Type : None

MVNO Value: Not set

Checking Code of 4G Airtel 

Just dial *123*44# and see the details.    

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