Bangladesh Railway Train Route Map

In Bangladesh, the transport sectors are mainly owned by the government. Generally for travelling from one place to another place there is only 3 ways. These are the air, water and the road. The transports in the air way cost very high monetary value then the other two routes.

People generally prefer to travel by the roadway because this is the safest way to travel from one place to another place. In the road route the train is one of the the services working. People from the rural area always depend on the train for their travelling from one place two another place.

The trains which are working everywhere in our country are owned by the Bangladesh Railway. Usually the train journey is a quite bit different than the other transports. This article is going to be displayed about the rail routes crisscrossing the whole country. Have a look in this article to get acknowledged of the the train services all over the country.

Bangladesh Railway Route Map

Here, I am going to show you the the map of the the Bangladesh Railway working throughout the country. In every part of the country the train services is available. Here the map of the working route of the trains working under Bangladesh Railway is being provided.

Map Of Bangladesh Railways Network And Stations

Usually, there are three types of rail line. This depends upon the breath between the two rail lines. Depending upon the rail line the size of the trains always matter.

  • Broad gauge
  • Meter gauge
  • Mixed gauge
Bangladesh Railway Train Route Map

In conclusion, it can be said that if the trains which are working in our country Bangladesh are very much promising in the transportation sector because the price of the tickets of the trains are very affordable to the common people of this country as this is a low income country.

The other transport services always cost very high charge to the common people for their journey through them. You always cant count on The Bangladesh Railway for that.

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