Chandpur To Dhaka Launch Time Schedule

From very ancient time, the water way served as a good sector for transportation. You certainly have Known about different wars where war ships were used. But this is not the war, rather it is public transport services through which people in sea side or rivary areas will be able to contact with the other areas for different purposes.

Chandpur To Dhaka Launch

Chadpur is such a district in our country Bangladesh which is covered by many rivers. Many rivers crisscrossed the district Chadpur as its location is in the southern part of our country Bangladesh.

For transportation services, the people of the Chadpur have to depend on the water way since the road way is not active their because of enormous numbers of rivers. So they have got many launch services for their transportation with the other parts of the country.

Chandpur To Dhaka Launch Time

As Dhaka is the capital of our country Bangladesh, so many people live there for different purposes. Some people are there for finding their livelihood, some are for getting education, some are for their business etc.

Here in the following table, the time schedule of the launches serving in the route Chadpur to Dhaka are given along with the contact numbers. If you need to contact with the following authorities of these launch services, you have to call to these respective numbers. Check this table for more information.

Launch NameContact NumberDeparture Time
MV Russell 30171273590011.05 minutes
MV Rough Rough017160020299.30 minutes
MV Eagle017110085242 7.00 minutes
MV Refill017175010846.45 minutes
MV New Al-Borak017160020296.00 minutes
MV Raffar0171600202912.00 minutes
MV Mayur-60175994414412.15 minutes
MV Zamzam-1 / Taqwa 01714246589 019453737011.20 mins
MV Mitali-4017160020299.40 minutes
MV Sonar Tari01717501062.50 minutes
MV Gold Boat01717501073.40 minutes

Dhaka Chandpur Dhaka Launch Schedule

Many launch services are available in the route Dhaka to Chadpur. As the Buriganga river is located beside the capital Dhaka, the water ways are very active. This river ends up with the river Meghna which is the longest and widest river in the country.

Here the time schedule of the launches from Dhaka to Chadpur along with the departure time are given below.

Launch NameTime
Mitali-49:50 am
MV AB A Zamzam-1 / MV Taqwa9:15 am
MV Bhogdadia-68:30 am
New Meghnarani8:00 am
MV Sonar Tari / Bagher Hat08:45
Sonar Tari-108:20 am
MV Swarnadwip-610:15 am
MV Prince of Russell-3 12:30 pm
MV Refurbishment12:00 PM
MV Ab A Zamzam11:30 pm
MV Ripple / Gold Boat6:45 p.m
Rangabali6:30 pm
MV New Al Borak6:45 pm
MV Mayur-61:30 pm
MV Imam Hasan-511:45 pm
MV Imam Hasan-211:00 am
MV Eagle-14:30 pm
MV ruffle3:30 pm
Kalaiya6:00 pm
M. V emigration5:30 pm
MV Eagle-2/3 – 2:30 pm

Dhaka to Chandpur Launch Time Schedule

Here the contact numbers of the launches serving in the route Dhaka to Chadpur, the time schedule of these launches are given in the table below. If you want to travel by any of these launches available in the route Dhaka to Chadpur, you can have a look at this given table.

Launch NameTime to Start the LaunchLaunch Authority Number
MV New Al-Borak6.00 Minute01716002029
MV Deshantor6.45 Minute0171750107
MV Sonartori7.15 minute0171750106
MV Egal-78.00 minute01711008777
Egal-39.00 Minute01711006
MV Rof Rof9:30 minute01717002029
MV Tutul/Takoya10.00 minute01711006
MV Bogdadiya 8/910.40 minute01712636228
MV Rasel 311.5 minute01712735300
MV Rof Rof 212.00 minute01717002029
A-B-Jomjom1.00 minute01714246569
MV Meghna Rani2.00 minute01711006
MV Sonartori 22.40 minute0171750106
MV Sonartori13.40 minute0171750106  
Bogdadiya-75.00 minute
Emam Hasan 0/56.00 minute
MV Emam Hasan 0/57.00 minute
MV Mitali-49.40 minute01717002029
MV Emam Hasan 211.10 minute01711008777
MV Jomjom-1/Takoya11.20 minute01714246569
MV Moyur-712.15 minute01711008777
MV Moyur-212.45 minute

Chandpur to Dhaka Launch Schedule

Here the starting time of the launches whose initial point is Chadpur and the terminal point is Dhaka are given in the table below.

Launchs NameStart Time
Sonartori/Bagher hat6:45 minute
MV Sonartori7:20 minute
MV Megh Rani8:00 minute
MV Bogdadiya-78:30 minute
MV A-B Jomjom-19:15 minute
MV Takoya9:15 minute
MV Mitali-29:50 minute
MV Sorno Dip-810:15 minute
MV Emam Hasan-211:00 minute
MV Emam Hasan-511:45 minute
MV Moyur-212:30 minute
MV Moyur-71:30 minute
MV Egal 2/32:30 minute
MV Rof Rof3:30 minute
MV Egal-74:30 minute
MV Sonartori-15:20 Minute
MV New Al Borak6:45 Minute
MV Ripol/Sonartori7:45 minute
MV A-B Jomjom11:30 minute
MV Rof Rof12:00 minute


If you want to go to Chadpur from Dhaka, then the only way to get into that region is the water way. You must have to depend on the water way in the southern part of the country. The road section is not much developed on those parts due to the presence of rivers. For more information, you can visit the other articles in our website. Have a good day.

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