Jamuna Future Park Off Day (Weekend/Holidays)

Jamuna Future Park is an exclusive place for shopping in modern days. People love to buy different kinds of dresses, ornaments, bags, and many other products.

If you want to go shopping in Jamuna Future Park then it is crucial to know when it is open and when it is closed. There is a weekly closed day for this shopping mall; if you go to the market during that day, your plan of shopping will be nipped in the bud.

From the beginning of the ultra-modern shopping mall, this weekend day is declared for the businessmen and employees. In 2022 the date is still the same.

Jamuna Future Park Off Day

In this article, We are going to tell you the off days of Jamuna Future Park. It will help you to shop in the perfect way. It will be a bad experience. We are trying to help you to have a nice shopping day. From this writing, you will find the list of every day when the Jamuna Future Park Shopping mall is closed. So, scroll down to know it.

What is Jamuna Future Park?

It is a relatively new shopping mall. It started its journey on 6 September 2013. It occupies a land area of 33 acres which is equal to 47000 square meters. There was no fancy shopping mall in Kuril or  Basundhara Residential Area. It is a business venture of the well-known Jamuna Group.

They have many other properties like Jamuna electronics, Jamuna TV, Jamuna Bank, etc. The making of this tremendous shopping mall started in 2002. It took 11 years to finish it. It has a great quality of entertainment park and rides too. The architect of this skillful building is A J M Alamgir. There are 510 numbers of stores and service places.

Nurul Islam Babul was the founder of Jamuna group. After his death, his wife Salma Islam Took responsibility. Now it has become the largest shopping mall in Bangladesh.

Jamuna Future Park Off Day

There are many markets in Dhaka city. It is normal they have an off day. The workers need to rest at least one day a week. Normally the employees of many governments and private companies enjoy 2 days holiday in a week but the salespersons or service holders of the Jamuna Future Park enjoy only one day in a week.

To make compensation for this, the Jamuna Future Park authority allows a half-day on Monday. Nevertheless, business individuals focus on their business too much that they give their attention only on selling products instead of the holiday they are having.

Jamuna Future Park Off Day Closed Day
Shopping Center & Markets Monday (Half)
Shopping Center & Markets Sunday (Full)

Jamuna Future Park Close Day Weekly.

Jamuna future park is open on Saturday, Monday(half day), Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday, and Friday. The weekly off day is only Sunday.

Name Close Day
Jamuna Future Park Off Day Weekly Sunday

Jamuna Shopping Center Off Day Dhaka

Jamuna Shopping complex is Off on Sunday. It is half-time off on Monday. there are other days when the park is closed like all the national holidays. the 26 march, 21 February, 16 December, 15 august, etc. The eid UI Fitr and eid ul Adha holidays are also included

Name Off Day
Jamuna Future Park Off Day Dhaka Sunday

FAQs (Frequently Ask and Question)

Q: On which day is Jamuna Future Park is closed?

On Sunday the Jamuna Future Park is closed. It is closed for half day on Monday. On another day the park is closed at 8 pm. The shopping mall authority will not allow you to enter after 7.45 pm.

Final Verdict:

If you have to go to Jamuna Future Park, Take a look at your calendar. If it is Sunday, you better stop your plan because it is an off day except for some special occasion. A few weeks Before  Eid ul Fitr, Eid ul Adha, Pohela Boisakh the Jamuna Future Park is open even on Sunday. If you find that it is Monday on your calendar, then it is a half-day off on that park.

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