Message Book PDF Free Download (Azhari’s First Book)

Message Book

Mizanur Rahman Azhari is one of the most popular islamic scholars in Bangladesh. Recently, he has published a book called “ম্যাসেজ”. From here you can get the Message book PDF free download link. To get it, please continue with us.

This article is only for those who are looking for this islamic book. The book is also ranked number 2 in the download list of Rokomari.

What Azhari said about the Message Book?

My first book at the Ekushey Book Fair in 2021 is being published by Guardian Publications under the title ‘Massage: A Touch of Religion in Modern Mind’, InshaAllah. Personally, I am very happy and excited to be able to add myself to the world of Bengali literature.

That’s how the story begins…..

During the last seven years, many religious brothers and sisters have demanded books from me. As well as listening to the discussion, a large part of the audience loves to read.

Apart from that, books and literature have a distinct appeal in intellectual circles. In literature, a responsible person can spread some lasting message through his writing if he wants. Dawahar’s literary presentation is also quite effective and sustainable.

It is from this thought that the initial interest in writing is formed. Apart from that, during the lockdown last year, I used to write status on Facebook from time to time.

In the meantime, many well-wishers have inspired me to write. At one stage I decided to present the speeches and thoughts to the nation in literary form along with the speeches.

What is the summary of the Book?

After inserting various data, we have created a total of 12 unique messages for the book in a new format. These 12 messages are my new path. ‘You have 12 unread messages’ on the cover. I have presented 12 messages in front of the Ummah in the light of my small knowledge.  Looking forward to reader feedback.

I hope that the book will contribute at least a little to the Bengali speaking readers to the main meaning, beauty, spirit and moderate teachings of Islam. May Allah Ta’ala accept the book to touch the religion in the modern mind.

Download Message Book PDF

The book will be pre-ordered from all online marketplaces in the country, including Rokmari. You can also get it from the nearest library.

We encourage you to buy this book from the link below. Reading a book illegally, will not benefit you.

If you want, you can easily order by filling various Google Docs. Click to order easily.

Or you can order by calling 16297 hotline.  


Follow hygiene rules in corona situations.  A believer will always put his trust in God, but he must be careful. Read the book ‘Massage’ yourself, encourage others to read and give gifts to loved ones.

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