Padma Express Train: Schedule, Ticket Price, Counter Number 2023

Do you know about the Padma Express Train? It is one of the most popular and important train services of Bangladesh especially in Dhaka to Rajshahi.

So if you are planning to make a journey by Padma Express Train or a journey from Dhaka to Rajshahi by Padma Express Train, this will be important and a useful content for you. Hence, read and scroll.

Padma Express

However, the Padma Express Train journey is very comfortable and enjoyable. If you make a journey by this train, you will be able to feel a different and better journey.

Additionally, let’s know several info about Padma Express Train like Padma Express Train Schedule, Padma Express Ticket Price, Padma Train Online Ticket Price, Dhaka to Rajshahi Route Train Schedule etc.

Padma Express Train Schedule

In Bangladesh railway, Padma Express Train is ebullient, splendid and popular as well. Additionally, it is also one of the quickest and most magnificent train services.

However, it has so many factors to satisfy its passengers and always try to give the highest comfort to passangers. Do you want to know about their services? Here I have given a list of their services.

  • Three AC chaires,
  • Two AC sleeping chaires,
  • Three power carts,
  • Three food carts and
  • Three ornamental chaires.

However, before visiting by any train, it is important to know about its schedule. Hence I am here to provide Padma Express Train Schedule. Well, check the table has given below:

Train Name Off Day Departure Time To
Dhaka to Rajshahi Tuesday 23:00 04:30
Rajshahi to Dhaka Tuesday 16:00 21:40

Padma Express Ticket Price

Before making a journey, it is one of the most important tasks to keep the cost within limit. In this case, if you make your journey by train, you have to keep a complete concept of your preferred train’s ticket prices.

However, I am here in this part going to give a complete idea of Padma Express Ticket Price. Check below.

Look, the ticket price of a general single chair is lower than the other and that is 340 Tk (for adult) and 225 Tk (for child), but the ticket price of an AC single chair is higher than others and it is 782 TK (for adult) and 518 Tk (for child). Let’s check more!

Class Price (Adult) Price (Child)
Single Chair 340 Tk. 225 Tk.
Snigdha 656 Tk. 437 Tk.
AC Single 782 Tk. 518 Tk

Dhaka to Rajshahi Route Train Schedule

Rajshahi is one of the most beautiful, ebullient and important divisions and places of Bangladesh. That’s why a lot of people visit the place every day. However, if you are planning to go to Rajshahi from Dhakafor several purposes, Padma Express Train will be perfect for you.

Well, I am going to discuss the Dhaka to Rajshahi route train schedule, and which stations are available from Dhaka to Rajshahi by train. Besides, I have provided several station departure times.

Additionally, it takes a total of 5 hours 30 minutes to reach Rajshahi from Dhaka by train. Okay, let’s check the Dhaka to Rajshahi route train schedule with station names and departure times.

  • Off day of this table is –Tuesday
  • Journey time 5-hours 30 minute
Station Departure
Kamalapur 02:45 PM
Dhaka Airport 03:17 PM
Joydebpur 03:53 PM
Mirzapur 04:30 PM
Tangail 04:59 PM
BB Setu East 05:29 PM
SH M Monsur Ali 05:58 PM
Jamtail 06:17 PM
Ullapara 06:32 PM
Boral Bridge 07:00 PM
Chatmohar 07:16 PM
Ishurdi Bypass 07:37 PM
Abdulpur 07:52 PM

Rajshahi to Dhaka Train Schedule

I have discussed the Dhaka to Rajshahi train schedule above. But in this paragraph, I have provided the Rajshahi to Dhaka train schedule with station names and departure times.

However, there are a total of 13 stations available on the Rajshahi to Dhaka train route. Let’s know about their departure times.

  • Train no: 760
  • Off day: Tuesday
Stations Departure
Rajshahi 04:00 PM
Shordha Road 04:19 PM
Abdulpur 04:46 PM
Ishurdi Bypass 05:02 PM
Chatmohar 05:30 PM
Boral Bridge 05:45 PM
Ullapara 06:05 PM
SH M Monsur Ali 06:24 PM
BB Setu East 07:05 PM
Tangail 07:27 PM
Joydebpur 08:40 PM
Dhaka Airport 09:12 PM
Kamalapur 09:40 PM

Padma Train Online Ticket Price

So you are here to know Padma Train Online Ticket Price. However, sometimes it is not possible to collect tickets directly from the counter. In this case, booking tickets online highly helps.

Well, if you want to buy Padma train tickets online, you have to keep the concept of Padma Train Online Ticket Price and I am in this part going to provide online ticket prices of Padma trains.

There are four categories of chairs available in the Padma train. They are- Shuvon Chair, Snigdha, Ac Seat and AC Birth. Their prices are given below:

  • Shuvon Chair- 315
  • Snigdha- 525
  • Ac Seat- 630
  • AC Birth- 940

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Is Padma express provide AC service?

Yes, absolutely! Padma Express Train provides high quality AC seats.

Final Verdict:

Eventually, I tried to provide the right and needed info of Padma Express Train. So if you are thinking of making a journey by Padma Express, this article will highly help you. However, pardon my mistake! Gracious!

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