Robi all Service Off Code 2023

Robi all Service Off Code

Robi is one of the most powerful network companies in Bangladesh and is currently at number two. Robi provides a variety of services for their users to easily reach the news. There are some services that are activated after a simple dial. There is a separate charge for each service. So if any service is started in your SIM by mistake, it will be charged at the scheduled time. That’s why Robi all Service Off Code come into play.

If you feel that the service is no longer needed, then there is an option to stop. To stop the service, they need to contact customer care or dial a code number. In this article we have mentioned the code number required to stop each service.

Robi all Service List

Since Robi has many services, first of all you have to make sure that money is being reduced from your SIM for which service. To make your endeavor easier, below is a list of current Robi SIM services through which you can easily get an idea.

  • Entertainment
  • Islamic Services
  • Calling & Mobile Management
  • Social & Chat
  • Music
  • Finance & Career
  • Information Services
  • Robi News Services
  • Multimedia
  • Loyalty Program
  • Health
  • Many more

Robi all Service Stop Code

It is very easy to stop the service of Robi SIM. Although there are many methods but I think the method of dialing is the easiest. Here is the code number for closing each service one by one. All the information has been taken from the official sources of Robi so you can proceed with confidence.

Service NameStop Code/SMS
Kids StationWrite STOP KS30 or KS7 or KS1 and send to 2494902
StarZoneType STOP SZD or STOP SZW and send to 22288
My BuddyWrite STOP <space> MBM and send sms to 218182
Smart Babies AppSTOP SBD to 16480
4DL Entertainment news ServiceSTOP NEWS to 16410
SATV Entertainment ServiceSMS: stopnews and send to 16361
Robi Golpo Bola*9090*6*1*2#
Audio BookSMS- STOP AB30 to 7050
Background Music Service*8386*2#
Bhooter AshorType “STOP DBA” and send it to 28365.
Entertainment World*28777*8#
Fun PortalDial 463603
Funny Status*6309*2#
Infotainment World*16235*11*1*2#
Love Portal463602
Magic Voice Service*21277*2#
Media Fun Voice Portal*5959*8*1*2#
Robi Kids ZoneDial 8543
Robi Kids Zone*21275*2#
20786 Islamic IVR ServiceSMS: Type STOP & send to 20786
Missed Call Alert*28272*2*23#
Robi CALL MANAGERType STOP 1 and send to 8181
Dynamic Voice Mail ServiceSMS Stop VM to 8121
Robi Addabaji*2828*1*2#
Robi Kothabarta*3131#
Twitter over USSDSMS: Type “STOP TW TO 16477
Voice Chat*21280#
Bondhu Shondhan IVRSTOP BSD to 16840
Social Xpress on USSD*325*22#
AddacafeSTOP RAC1 to 29040
Bangla Beats Music AppStop B to 9494
Bongo Music LoungeStop MLD to 16443
Gaanchill Radio*46367*1#2#
Robi GoonGoonType STOP or Off and send to 8466
Miles Music TipsType STOP<>MM and send to 20788
Miles TweetType STOP<>MT and send to 20788
Mobile Radio*8365*21#
Night Radio*80808#
Gaaner BhubonSTOP GBD/1111/STOP ALL to 16324
Radio Shampan*487808#
RadioG StreamingSMS: Write STOP RG and send to 4878
Robi Amar GoonGoonType STOP AG or 1111 send to 8466
Robi Bangla Dhol*46465*2#
Robi Desher Gaan*2877702*2#
Robi Icche Raat*200100#
ROBI NishiSTOP RN and send to 3636
Robi Radio*8080#
Rock IVR
Voice TubeOFF to 808088
Job AlertsSTOP JOBS to 3003
Robi Lifestyle TipsSTOP<space>LT to 28477
Football News on SMSType STOP FN or STOP ALL or 1111 and sent to 16580
Myhealth Combo*21216*1*5#
Projukti Jiggasha O SMS Tips*21281*2#
Robi Krishibarta*27676*1#
Robi m-FarmerSMS STOP WF to 27676
Robi ShobjantaType STOP SJ, 1111 or STOP ALL & send to 21268
Sports Alert*22020*1#
Cricket Alert*22020*2#
Football Alert*22020*3#
Tennis Alert*22020*4#
NTVType “STOP Keyword” and send to 16433
Prothom Alo Voice Sheba22221
BajaoSTOP BAJAO to 16214
Download ZoneSTOP DZ to 16348
BdvasWrite STOP FR and send to 16422
BoighorWrite STOP BM and send to 7050
Robi Apps ClubSTOP ALL to 6888
mComicsType STOP MC and sent to 21270
Robi ScreenSTOPRS to 29494
My SportsSTOP SP or SPW to 22222
Kuuk.tvSMS STOP BM to 16443 for Daily pack
Robi Chakri BazarStop CD to 16328
Robi AddabajiType STOP ALL and send to 6888
Robi Jante ChaiSTOP DJ to 16580
Gameloft Games ClubSTOP GAME and send to 21206
Celebrity Video BlogSTOP CB and send to 28777
Robi Islamic Kotha Loyalty offer*8155#
Robi Islamic Kotha Loyalty offer*8155#
MyHealth – Family Pack*21216*2*5#

Shortly after dialing the deactivation code, you will be notified in a replay message whether the service has stopped. In many cases charges for dial may apply. However, most of the services can be stopped for free.

These are the codes required to stop all services of Robi SIM. Hopefully this article has been very useful for you. Contact us if you have any problems in understanding. Thanks for visiting our website and be sure to share it with your friends so they can find solutions to such problems.

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