Teletalk all Service Off Code 2023

Teletalk all Service Off Code available here. Teletalk is a telecommunication company run by the government of Bangladesh which is mainly used for official functions. In addition to official work, there are now many Teletalk users who use it for everyday conversations. With users in mind, Teletalk has come up with a variety of services that everyone can benefit from.

These services include a number of services that regularly reduce some money from the balance at a given time. And this trend will continue as long as the service is discontinued. So you should stop the unnecessary service as soon as possible, it will save you a lot of balance.

Today’s article is only for those Teletalk users who are suffering this type of problem. Here you will find all the necessary code numbers that can be used to get the job done very easily.

Teletalk all Service

Although Teletalk has many services, you may not need all of them. So I think before dialing anything you need to make sure that the thing is really going to work. Teletalk usually provides the following services to its users.

  • Entertainment
  • Games
  • News updates
  • Call Management Services
  • Teletalk Audio Book

Teletalk all Service Stop Code

If any of the above list is enabled in your existing SIM, it can be deactivated by simply dialing the desired code from the table provided below. This should not be a problem, you can also complete the procedure by talking directly to customer care. Take a look at Teletalk’s deactivation codes.

ServiceSTOP Code/SMS
Dial *9494*2#
Missed Call AlertSTOP to 22455
TELETALK Mobile TVVisit:
RTV NewsStop to 4141/ 24141
Maasranga NewsSTOP to 16239
Independent NewsStop to 16232
Prothom-Alo NewsStop to 2221
Teletalk Audio BookSTOP AB and send to 27050
HotobakCall 16480
EA GamesSTOP<space>EA and send to 25656
Bondhu Shondhan*16480#
Content BazarSTOP<>CB to 16235
Happy Cell PortalSTOP<>HC to 16368
Sweet TalkSTOP<>ST to 16235
Love TipsSTOP<>LT to 16235
CricketSTOP<>CRIC and send to 16235
FootballSTOP<>FTB and send to 16235
Taroka NewsSTOP<>AT to 16235
Bolloywood GossipSTOP<>BG to 16235
Fashion & LifestyleSTOP<>LS to 16368

All of this code has been collected from Teletalk’s official website and Facebook page so you can use it without hesitation. We publish on the website the topics needed to make your work easier.

These were all the codes needed to turn off the service of Teletalk SIM. No more words are needed to understand this article, I hope you have understood. If you think you need any information, please contact us or leave a comment below.

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