Dipjol Paribahan: Ticket Price, Schedule, Counter Numbers & Online Booking 2023

Whenever You hear the name Dipjol then one face peeps into your eyes that is the famous villain of Bengali cinemas and yes you are imagining the right person; Monoyar Hossain Dipjol the well-known Bangladeshi Actor is the owner of Dipjol Paribohon.

If you are searching for an affordable bus service with a comfortable environment then Dipjol Poribahan is the best choice for you. It is rendering best quality bus service for a  long time. It is said that Dipjol Paribahan always think for the safety, security, and pleasure of the Passengers. That is the reason why it is gaining popularity day by day. A lot of people depend on these transportation services for their daily communication and long journey.

In Dipjol Enterprises vehicle you can get all types of modern services of this era. They are thinking about adding wifi service in the next model buses. People say the cost of the ticket is more reasonable than any other transport company. They have built up many counters in various parts of the city, so it is very easy to find them.

As you are in this article so it is assumable that you want to know about the counter addresses, ticket prices, and other related information about Dipjol Paribahan. In this article, you will get all about the transport and ticket booking system of Dipjol Paribhahan.

dipjol paribahan

Dipjol Paribahan has started giving awesome transport services in different cities of Dhaka and Rajshahi Paribahan. Traveling in these districts by riding Dipjol Paribhahan will be a fantastic experience. The passengers from North Bengal areas are so satisfied that the southern areas of Bangladeshi people are also demanding for this Dipjol Paribhahan.

There are various routes where this paribahan has buses. We tried to collect the routes and the following is a list of them. Have a look now:

  • Dhaka To Bogra To Dhaka.
  • Dhaka To Sirajgonj To Dhaka.
  • Dhaka To Shatmatha To Dhaka.
  • Dhaka To Shantahar To Dhaka.
  • Dhaka To Naugaon To Dhaka.
  • Rongpur to Dhaka to Rongpur.
  • Dhaka to kurigram to Dhaka.

Dipjol Paribahan Ticket Price

The article already mentioned that this company is more customer-friendly than any other company. If you have a tight budget but expect a homelike journey. There are two types of buses. AC and Non Ac. As there is an option for more advantages AC buses are costlier than normal buses. There is also classification among Ac bus seats like business and economy class. Price is determined according to the classes.

Business-class tickets require more price than the normal ones.  Every counter sells all types of tickets. All you have to do that go to any of the Dipjol Paribhahan counters and ask for available tickets. For your sake, we are providing the updated list of tickets’ prices with mentioning the starting point and destination. Following is the chart of this information.

Starting Point Destination Ticket Price
Dhaka Bogra 400 BDT
Dhaka Sirajganj 300 BDT
Dhaka Shatmatha 350 BDT
Dhaka Shantahar 350 BDT
Dhaka Naogaon 400 BDT

Dipjol Paribahan Online Ticket.

Many incidents can happen for those who may be failed to reach the counters of Dipjol Paribahan counters. You don’t have to worry. Here is a smart solution for this. You can shift to an online ticket booking service. Dipjol Paribhahan still has to build up its personal website for selling tickets. Till then you can purchase tickets from the shohoz website. there are a few steps you have to follow.

First, sign up for creating a personal account. Then provide your phone number. After that write down the boarding points and other information like email and home address, etc. Then choose the destination date and place. A list of buses will pop up on your page. Select Dipjol Paribhahan for purchasing tickets from there. Now, select from available seats. You can choose more than one seat as per your need. Finally, you have to clear the payment via mobile banking account like Bikash, rocket r upay, etc.

paying via debit or credit card is also available for you. Be careful to pay within 2o minutes from booking time and not to choose any other spam website. If you need time more than 20 minutes to pay, you have to start the full ticket booking process again.

Dipjol Enterprise Contact Number.

It is seen that Dipjol Paribhahan has established a large number of ticket counters in the whole country for the welfare of its clients. Although they have so many counters sometimes you may face difficulties finding them. Besides many people prefer to buy tickets from the nearest counters.

For these reasons, people look for the counter numbers to make calls and collect information. By getting the counter number you may be able to book a ticket or know the exact location of counters or data about strikes, holidays, or any other interruption to be sure about it.

Some customers may have allegations against the service or behavior of the staff or any suggestions to improve their qualities. You may call for these too.

The Mobile number of the head office is 01787671500. The office is located at 3, Mirpur Road, Dhaka-1207. If you need other addresses then please continue reading.

Dipjol Enterprise Dhaka

Counters are important because they are the starting point as well as the reaching point of the buses. One can not get up from anywhere in the town in any bus for going to travel to different cities although she/he has the ticket. You have to come to the counter and wait for the buses.

A common rule of every bus company is that a passenger has to come to the counter at least 15 minutes before the mentioned time in the tickets. That is why counter addresses are important. You can call the counter for both purchasing and canceling tickets. you can call to tell that you were in a traffic jam and will reach within a few minutes. The address of the counters is needed to find their location easily without any hassle.

Following is a list of Counters of Dhaka city with their contact numbers. Hope this will bring you a great benefit.

Counter Address Contact Number
Gabtali Bus Terminal Counter 01882-004521
Bipile Counter 01882-004530
Chandra Counter 01882-004531
Nobi Nagar Counter 01882-004529
Savar Counter 01882-004528
Assad Gate Counter 01882-004527
Shyamoli Counter 01882-004526
Kalyanpur Counter (Khwaja Super Market) 01882-004525
Kalyanpur (Sohrab Pump) Counter 01882-004524
Technical More 01882-004523

Dipjol Bus Service Rajshahi Division.                                             

Rajshahi division is lucky because most of its districts enjoy the features of Dipjol Transport Service. People can buy tickets by going to the counters of Sirajgonj, Naogaon, Shantahar, or Sherpur. Otherwise, they can call the numbers given below and manage tickets. For getting up in the buses you have to reach on this counters.

If you come from other districts then they will let you get down in those counters. So, We gather all the addresses of the counters so it may seem easy for you to find those as per your needs. Following is a list of the counters and you should have a look at it.

Counter Address Contact Number
Sirajganj Road Counter 01882-004533
Naogaon Counter 01882-004543
ThonThonia Counter 01882-004537
Dupchanchia Counter 01882-004539
Santahar Counter 01882-004538, 01882-004542
Murrail Counter 01882-004540
Choumuhani Counter 01882-004541
Sherpur Counter, Bogra 01882-004534
Sirajganj Counter (Girani Bazar) 01882-004532

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How much is the ticket price for Dhaka to Rangpur using the Dipjol Enterprise bus?

Usually, the buses cost 500 taka for traveling from Dhaka to Rangpur. The AC bus prices may vary according to business and economy class.

Q: Where is the Dipjol Enterprise ticket counter location?

In Dhaka city, they have the head office on Mirpur Road. It is in Dhaka-1207, House number 3.

Q: Is Dipjol Paribahan safe?

As far as we know people reported this Dipjol Transport Service as a safe one. The bus staffs are well-behaved and drivers are experts.  No allegation against this company is still found.


For a comfortable journey with your friends and family, you may choose Dipjol Transport Service for going to Dhaka and Rajshahi divisional routes. We always try to update all kinds of information on our website. If you have any questions please comment below.

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