Turna Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Turna Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Turna Express is a popular train for going from Dhaka to Chittagong. On this article you will know turna express train schedule and ticket price. It runs on night, that’s why people know it as night Queen. We also know as nishita express. This train is certified by Bangladesh railway.

Would you like to go from Chittagong to Dhaka or Dhaka to Chittagong? If answer is yes then turna express must be a good choice. Before you start your journey you should know schedule, price of ticket and stoppages as well. In this post we will cover everything one by one. Keep with me at the end of this post.

Features of Turna Express

There are many trains available on this route but Turna Express is the best among of these. It is a luxurious train on the route of Dhaka to Chittagong. It is the first class Intercity train in there. It has many facilities that will impress you. Like, prayer room, security service, eating food on very good environment, Public toilate is also available there. Without those it has others facilities also.

Turna Express train schedule

Without knowing schedule you can’t make yourself ready for trip at the perfect time. The result will be, losing train or waiting for another train. So first of all you need to know timetable. After that you have another important thing to know. What is this? Ticket price! Here is the complete schedule of turna express.

Train RouteCodeOff DayDepartureArrival
Dhaka to Chittagong742No11:30 PM06:20 AM
Chittagong to Dhaka741No11:00 PM05:25 AM

Turna Express train schedule from Dhaka

Dhaka is the main station of turna express it starts running to Chittagong at night people who want to go in night time it will be suitable for them it starts journey at 11:30 p.m. and after a long period it reaches to distination at morning 6:20 a.m. their is off day, when you want to go from Dhaka to Chittagong then the train number is 742. This number is required if you want to track the train’s location.

Turna Express train schedule from Chittagong

Are you from Chittagong and want to go to Dhaka or any other station between Dhaka to Chittagong by train. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and Chittagong is also well-known division in Bangladesh  there are many people  they have to visit many places if you are one of them. Then you have to know this particular schedule, Turna Express starts journey from Chittagong at midnight 11:00 p.m. after 6+ hours it reaches at very first morning 5:25 a.m.. On the time your train number will be changed into 741 and also there is no of day we can visit everyday.

Turna Express train Stoppages

Another thing that, sometimes people start trip from stoppages or get down on stoppages. Specially local people. They should know the schedule of this particular stoppages and fare of this stoppages. So that I have also included on this article all of stoppage name with their time table and ticket price. If you want to start your journey from one of this stoppages then you have to be careful about your time because on those station train stops only for 5-10 minutes.

  1. Feni Station
  2. Laksham Station
  3. Comilla Station
  4. Brahmanbaria Station

Turna Express seats plan

According to Bangladesh Railway Station each train has different type of seats, like this Turna express has four different type of seats. Here is the list:

  • AC Berth
  • First Berth
  • Snigdha Chair
  • Shovon Chair

Among these list AC Berth is the most expensive because of quality and second one is first breath the price of this is 755 BDT. And the lowest quality seat is Shuvon Chair, which costs 365 BDT per person.

Turna Express train Ticket Price

Ticket price is another important point of every journey. Like others train turna Express has different seat quality. And, price of each ticket depending on quality of this seat. As I said before, it has four types seats so it means there is four types of ticket. On the section below I have included all of seats class with their price. Choice perfect one for you.

Seat ClassPrice BDT
AC Berth1249
First Berth755
Snighda Chair675
Shuvon Chair365

You can buy ticket from online through Bangladesh railway website or Android application or directly from station. Turna Express provide half price for students and children. It’s another facility of this train.


This was the full article about turna express train schedule as well as ticket price. I hope now you have no doubt and confusion with this topic. If you have any other questions or misunderstanding, feel free to comment here. I will try my best regarding to query. Thanks.

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