64 District List Of Bangladesh

64 District List Of Bangladesh

Bangladesh has a total of eight divisions. Those eight divisions are divided into 64 Districts. In this article, I’m going to share with you a complete list of all Districts. For your batter understand, I have included those under the division. You can easily find out desired District name from here. Also I have included some necessary information about each division.

Dhaka Division Districts list

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. It’s the largest city in Bangladesh. It’s also known as the financial capital of Bangladesh. More than 35% of the economy of Bangladesh comes from Dhaka. Most of the administrative head offices are located in Dhaka. It’s the ninth-largest and sixth-populated city in the world. It is bounded by several rivers, including Buriganga River, Shitalakshya River, Turag River and Dhaleshwari River. The districts of the Dhaka division are listed below.

Name of DistrictFounded YearArea (Square Km)
Dhaka District17721464
Faridpur District18152073
Gazipur District19841800
Gopalganj District19841490
Kishoreganj District19842689
Madaripur District19841145
Manikganj District19841379
Munshiganj District1984955
Narayanganj District1984683.04
Narsingdi District19841141
Rajbari District19841119
Shariatpur District19841182
Tangail District19693414

Copy the list from here:

  • Kishoreganj District
  • Gopalganj District
  • Gazipur District
  • Faridpur District
  • Dhaka District
  • Narsingdi District
  • Narayanganj District
  • Munshiganj District
  • Manikganj District
  • Madaripur District
  • Rajbari District
  • Shariatpur District
  • Tangail District

Chittagong Division District list

Chittagong is another division of Bangladesh. Most of the commercial activities are done in the Chittagong division. That’s it’s also called as the commercial capital of Bangladesh. The world’s largest sea beach (Cox’s Bazar Sea beach) is located on this division. Also, one of the most popular places in Bangladesh called St. Martin’s Island is located in Chittagong. It’s the second largest city in the country with more than 2.5 million population. Chittagong is the second significant urban center in Bangladesh after Dhaka. Geographically it’s the largest division in Bangladesh. The division contains 11 districts.

Name of DistrictFounded YearArea (Square Km)
Bandarban District19814479
Brahmanbaria District19841927
Chandpur District19841704
Chattogram District16665283
Cox’s Bazar District19842492
Cumilla District17903085
Feni District1984928
Khagrachhari District19832700
Lakshmipur District19841456
Noakhali District18212202
Rangamati District19836116.13

Here is the simple list:

  • Cumilla District
  • Chattogram District
  • Chandpur District
  • Brahmanbaria District
  • Bandarban District
  • Noakhali District
  • Lakshmipur District
  • Khagrachhari District
  • Feni District
  • Cox’s Bazar District
  • Rangamati District

Sylhet Division District List

Sylhet division is one of the most beautiful division in Bangladesh. It has many attractive tea gardens. That’s why it’s known as the land of tea. The division produced tea in Bangladesh and others countries as well. Sylhet division is also known as the holy land. Many saints are buried in the soil of Sylhet. Hazrat Shahjalal (Rahmatullahi Alaihi) is one of them. The division has many tourist places as well. It’s located on the bank of river Surma. The division has a population of more than half a million. First of all, Sylhet was a part of Chittagong division. It was declared as a division of Bangladesh in 1995. The division contains a total of four districts.

Name of DistrictFounded YearArea (Square Km)
Habiganj District19842637
Moulvibazar District19842799
Sunamganj District19843670
Sylhet District17823452

Copy list from here:

  • Sylhet District
  • Sunamganj District
  • Moulvibazar District
  • Habiganj District

Barisal Division District List

Barisal division is a well known division in Bangladesh. It was conquered by Ikhtyiar Uddin Muhammad bin Bakhtiyar Khalji. The division is lies on the river Padma. It was established in 1797. The division has many tourist places, Kuakata sea beach is the most popular among them. You can enjoy the moment of sunrise and sunset at the Kuakata sea beach. Barisal division has a total of six districts. In the section below, we have included those.

Name of DistrictFounded YearArea (Square Km)
Barguna District19841939
Barishal District17972791
Bhola District19843403.48
Jhalokati District1984735.09
Patuakhali District19693220.15
Pirojpur District19841277.8

Here is the simple list:

  • Patuakhali District
  • Jhalokati District
  • Bhola District
  • Barishal District
  • Barguna District
  • Pirojpur District

Khulna Division District List

Khulna is the third largest city in Bangladesh after Dhaka and Chittagong. The division was established in 1960. Jassore is the largest city of the division. It has many beautiful places to see. The world largest mangrove forest Sundarban is located there. The division is also known as the hub of the industry of Bangladesh. The several island of the bay of Bengal is situated on the area. The legendary cricket all rounder Shakib Al Hasan was born Magura Districts of that division.

Name of DistrictFounded YearArea (Square Km)
Bagerhat District19843959
Chuadanga District19841177//7200
Jashore District17812567
Jhenaidah District19841961
Khulna District18824394
Kushtia District19471601
Magura District19841049
Meherpur District1984716.08
Narail District1984990
Satkhira District19843858

Here are the District list:

  • Khulna District
  • Jhenaidah District
  • Jashore District
  • Chuadanga District
  • Bagerhat District
  • Satkhira District
  • Narail District
  • Meherpur District
  • Magura District
  • Kushtia District

Rajshahi Division District list

Rajshahi is another widely known District in Bangladesh. It’s the hub of commerce and Education of Bangladesh. It’s located on the near of the India boarded and bank of Padma river. According to the many traveler, rajshahi is the most clean and green division of Bangladesh. The division has a very good communication with the railway. Right now, it’s considered as most valuable District in Bangladesh. Notable Islamic scholar Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani born on sirajganj District of the rajshahi division. The division has 8 districts.

Name of DistrictFounded YearArea (Square Km)
Bogura District18212919
Joypurhat District1983965.44
Naogaon District19843435.67
Natore District19841896.05
Chapainawabganj District19841702.56
Pabna District18322372
Rajshahi District17722407
Sirajganj District19842497.92

Here is the exact list:

  • Chapainawabganj District
  • Natore District
  • Joypurhat District
  • Naogaon District
  • Bogura District
  • Sirajganj District
  • Rajshahi District
  • Pabna District

Rangpur Division District list

Rangpur is another division of Bangladesh. It was established on 01 July 2010. Before that, it was the District of Rajshahi Division. The communication system in this District is very easy through trains. Rangpur division has a total of eight Districts. There are several places to visit in Rangpur, including Tajhat palace There are eight districts in Rangpur Division.

Name of DistrictFounded YearArea (Square Km)
Dinajpur District17863438
Gaibandha District19842179
Kurigram District19842296
Lalmonirhat District19841241
Nilphamari District19841580
Panchagarh District19841405
Rangpur District17722368
Thakurgaon District19841810

Here we have mentioned below the District list again:

  • Dinajpur District
  • Gaibandha District
  • Rangpur District
  • Panchagarh District
  • Nilphamari District
  • Lalmonirhat District
  • Kurigram District
  • Thakurgaon District

Mymensingh Division District List

Mymensingh is the last established division of Bangladesh. Prime minister Sheikh Hasina announced for establishing of Mymensingh division on 12 January 2015. After that, on 14 September 2015, it was officially announced as a division of Bangladesh. Before that, it was under the Dhaka division. Mymensingh division contains four Districts.

Name of DistrictFounded YearArea (Square Km)
Jamalpur District19782032
Mymensingh District17874363
Netrokona District19842810
Sherpur District19841364

The list of District is given below:

  • Sherpur District
  • Netrokona District
  • Mymensingh District
  • Jamalpur District

All District List Of Bangladesh

  1. Kishoreganj District
  2. Gopalganj District
  3. Gazipur District
  4. Faridpur District
  5. Dhaka District
  6. Narsingdi District
  7. Narayanganj District
  8. Munshiganj District
  9. Manikganj District
  10. Madaripur District
  11. Rajbari District
  12. Shariatpur District
  13. Tangail District
  14. Cumilla District
  15. Chattogram District
  16. Chandpur District
  17. Brahmanbaria District
  18. Bandarban District
  19. Noakhali District
  20. Lakshmipur District
  21. Khagrachhari District
  22. Feni District
  23. Cox’s Bazar District
  24. Rangamati District
  25. Patuakhali District
  26. Jhalokati District
  27. Bhola District
  28. Barishal District
  29. Barguna District
  30. Pirojpur District
  31. Sylhet District
  32. Sunamganj District
  33. Moulvibazar District
  34. Habiganj District
  35. Khulna District
  36. Jhenaidah District
  37. Jashore District
  38. Chuadanga District
  39. Bagerhat District
  40. Satkhira District
  41. Narail District
  42. Meherpur District
  43. Magura District
  44. Kushtia District
  45. Chapainawabganj District
  46. Natore District
  47. Joypurhat District
  48. Naogaon District
  49. Bogura District
  50. Sirajganj District
  51. Rajshahi District
  52. Pabna District
  53. Dinajpur District
  54. Gaibandha District
  55. Rangpur District
  56. Panchagarh District
  57. Nilphamari District
  58. Lalmonirhat District
  59. Kurigram District
  60. Thakurgaon District
  61. Sherpur District
  62. Netrokona District
  63. Mymensingh District
  64. Jamalpur District


That was the complete article about District Of Bangladesh and division of Bangladesh as well. I hope you have found this article helpful. If you have are happy with our information, feel free to comment below. Don’t forget to share with your friends on social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for being with us.

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