GP Request Call Code 2023

GP Request Call Code

GP is the best telecom company in Bangladesh. It has a lot of option to give their customers best experiences. The network speed of the company is also higher than other network in the country.

You can make a request call with the following steps when you don’t have sufficient balance. Alongside the steps, there are some essential details we want to make you aware of.

Step 1: Dialing The Number And Making The Call

  • You need to dial by adding *123* with the number you are trying to connect and then add a (#) at the end. 
  • Example: *123*017XXXXXXXX#.
  • If it’s one of the latest numbers you are dialing, then it should be- *123*013XXXXXXXX#
  • Next, make a call in the number. 

Step 2: The Task Of Target Number User

  • After, you make the call, the person owing the number could receive the call. If they don’t receive the call you need to make the call again with the same dialing process.
  • Anyway, if the person receives the call, they will hear from the operator informing them about you are making a ‘Pay For Me’ call.
  • Next, the operation will give them options for accepting the request. For example, they will get options like, 1 or 2. Then, they will choose either one depending on their wish to connect with you.

Alternative Method

  • You can add numbers in you Wishlist to make ‘Pay For Me’ calls. For that, you need to dial, *123*1*017XXXXXXXX# or *123*1*013XXXXXXXX#. Next, follow instruction they are showing. This way, you won’t have to dial the numbers every time.
  • You can avoid numbers for getting ‘Pay For Me’ calls as well. For that, you need to dial, *123*2*017XXXXXXXX# or *123*2*013XXXXXXXX#.

This all about GP request call and its code. Hopefully you have save it for the next time and will be able to reach someone without having balance.

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