Al-Haiatul Ulya Result 2023: (Full Marksheet & PDF Download)

Al-Haiatul Ulya Result

Al-haiatul ulya result 2021 is going to be published very soon. We know that all students are waiting for their result. That’s why we are writing this article with full information about al haiatul ulya exam result and published date as well.

Are you a student of Al-haiatul ulya lil jamiatil qawmia board? And, recently you have finished dawra Hadith examination? At this moment you are looking for your desired result. If you are so. Don’t worry about it, because this post will answered all of your questions. After reading complete article you will know everything. So keep reading at the end of the post.

Before we get start we have to know what is al haiatul ulya? Sure! Now I’m going to discuss about this board. I think every student has to know about this education board.

History of Al-Haiatul Ulya Lil-Jamiatil Qawmia Bangladesh

We know that Bangladesh is a Muslim country. Almost 80%+ people of Bangladesh are Muslim. And, qawmi madrasah is the highest islamic education in Bangladesh. Before this board qawmi education has no government recognized.

Al haiatul ulya is only one government recognized qawmi madrasah education board in Bangladesh. It was found on 11 April 2017. At the evening of that day with the presence of qawmi scholar. The honorable prime minister declared the highest degree of Islamic education in Bangladesh for qawmi madrasah.

The deceleration is Qawmi Madrasa Dawra-e Hadith equivalent to master’s degree. Student who complete dawra Hadith, he is like collage student who complete degree. Students of this board can apply any government job.

By the president order, On 13 April 2021 assistant secretary Mr. Abdus sattar Mia issued this notification to committee meeting. After his announcement This committee has established Al-Haiatul Ulya Lil-Jamiatil Qawmia Bangladesh to take the examination of Dawra-e Hadith in Qawmi Madrash.

Allama Shah Ahmad Shafi is the chairman and Maulana Ashraf Ali is the Co-Chairman of this board. It has six different board. On the section below I have included all of board name.

Number of Qawmi Education/Al-haiatul Ulya Board

As I said earlier, It consists six different board like general education has different education board. Those boards make it easy to moderate correctly. The questions of all the boards are same and at the same time the examinations of each board are held, the names of the boards are given below:

  • Befaqul Madarisil Arabia Bangladesh
  • Befaqul Madarisil Qawmia Gauhordanga
  • Ittehadul Madarisil Qawmia Chittagong
  • Azad Deeni Edara Board Sylhet
  • Tanjeemul Madarisil Qawmia
  • Ittehadul Madarisil Qawmia Chittagong

If you are a student of any of the above boards then you can take the final exam of Al Haiyatul Ulya.

Al Haiatul Ulya Result 2021 Published Date

Accounting to the announcement of Qawmi Authority, Al haiatul ulya result 2021 will be published on 11 July 2021.

We all know that this year al haiatul ulya exam started on 18 April 2020. Normally, Government exam result publish after three months of examination. Now al haiatul ulya board under Bangladesh government. This is not sure because official date has not punished yet. After official announcement we will update our post with exact date. Now you have to wait for official date.

No need to worry about the release date, sometimes it can be vary by one or two days. This is not a big deal. Pray to Almighty Allah for your good result.

Al-haiatul Ulya Exam Result 2021

Result is very important for all of students because without getting good results no one can get a good job. I think you will be get a good result in your examination and after seeing your results your teacher and your parents will be happy. They will pray for your future. It will be very much helpful for you.

It is very easy to find Al Haiatul Ulya result in online or offline. I will describe all of method. Result of all islamic Education Board will be published on the same date and time.

Qawmi Madrasa Result 2021

Qawmi is the Islamic education of Bangladeshi student. On this day, People also search for this query. That’s why I’m going to give you exact method of getting result quickly. There are many website available on the web, the give you facility of collecting result. But all is not safe for you. So you need to know exactly what is the official method. People also search Arabic by typing qawmi madrasha result 1440. There is no difference between these. Although it’s official name Al Haiyatul Ulya Result, many are known as Qawmi Madrasah Result.

Dawra Hadith Result 2021

The main purpose of the Qomi Madrasah is to gain knowledge of the Quran and Hadith. In the last two classes we learn a lot about Hadith, so we call it Dawra-e-Hadith. As I mentioned above, Dawra-E-Hadith is equivalent to a Master’s Degree. Thanks to the government for giving us this opportunity. On this website you can check out takmil fil Hadith or dawra Hadith result of this year. Here we have included everything that you need to know. If there any problem, share with us. We always appreciate your questions.

Al-haiatul ulya lil-jamiatil qawmia Bangladesh result 2021

There are two ways to check out your result. You can check it after publishing result publicly. After a long conference Education Minister Dipu Moni will hand over to the Prime Minister. Then PM will release result publicly. Now I’m going to share with you those methods. Methods are:

  • By mobile SMS (Offline)
  • On official website (Online)

Al haiatul ulya result 2021 by Mobile Message

This is the most popular and easiest way to get result in offline. Many people student don’t know how to check result will online. It will be helpful for them. And, there is no problem with server. All of operator of Bangladesh support this system. Here is the instructions:

  • Go to the message option on your mobile phone
  • Type HTR <SPACE> Roll Number
  • Sent to 9933

After sending this, reply message will come with your desired result. One thing should be remind, it will charge 2:50 TK. So make sure you have enough balance.

Al haiatul ulya result 2021 online

Online is the another way to check result instantly. Al haiatul ulya result will be published also on online. You can check it out directly from the official website. It’s simple and easy method. Every student can check result without facing any problem. Here is the step by step process:

  • First of all Go to the al haiatul ulya official website of by clicking on this link.
  • Have a Look at the notice board.
  • You can see update notice.
  • There are two server for checking Result.
  • Download result from server.
  • Open this document.
  • After that you will see all district name.
  • Tap on your District (where is your madrasha located in).
  • You will find your madrasha code number.
  • Click on the code number of your institution then you will see the result of all students.
  • Check out your roll number and result.

Al haiatul ulya result 2021 PDF Download

PDF is the official file format for information like Result and announcement. You can also download PDF file from official website of al haiatul ulya board. (Instruction is given above) After opening your file result page will appear in front of you. Search your roll or district name. If your device dosen’t support PDF file then you have to install PDF reader from the play store.

Click Here to Download PDF

Al haiatul ulya routine 2021

Exam routine is very important for every candidate. Because routine helps student to make schedule of their study. For this reason many students use to search routine. That’s why I have attached al haiatul ulya routine here. I hope it will help you with your study. Download exam routine from our website and make a proper plan for completing your study before starting examination. Download your upcoming exam routine from our website.

Al haiatul ulya website

Every institution has a personal website. When it comes to board then why not? Al haiatul ulya is the highest board of qawmi madrasa education in Bangladesh. They launched a website after foundation. On that site, you will find all of the necessary information related to this board. Also, you can check result after publishing. If you want to being updated with recent information, you should follow the notice board. However, the website of al haiatul ulya is


This is all about al haiatul ulya result 2021 with Marksheet. I hope now you got all answer of your query and there is nothing to say. If you have any other questions about it. Feel free to comment below. I will try my best regarding to your question. If you found it helpful, please share this information with your friends. Thanks for visiting. 

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