Chittagong To Dhaka Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2023

Chittagong To Dhaka Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Travel with train is more enjoyable than others. That’s why nowadays people are looking for train to go their desired place. On this article you are going gather knowledge about Chittagong to Dhaka train schedule and price. That will help you a lot if you are willing to enjoy traveling.

Are you looking for schedule of Dhaka to Chittagong train? Don’t worry about your query, you have came to the exact website. Here we share all of information about Bangladesh railway station. For your answer just scroll down and read carefully at the end.

Before that I want to share with you the train list these run through Bangladesh railway. It will help you to choice your favorite one. Every train is good but I’m going to the right path for choosing train.

Chittagong to Dhaka Train List

There are nine train available for visiting Chittagong to Dhaka or Dhaka to Chittagong. I has divided into two parts.

  1. Intercity train
  2. Mail trail

There is six intercity and three mail train. I don’t know with which you feel comfortable or you want to go. I have just attached all of train name and their schedule. After reading you can easily make your decision. Bottom line is intercity train is batter than mail train. Because mail train is slower than intercity train. And, intercity train has some extra facilities that will make you happy and give you the interest on your journey.

Chittagong to Dhaka intercity train

Intercity train mean this train only available on this route. And, it’s well known as a local train. As I said earlier there is six intercity train in Dhaka to Chittagong route. Look at the list here:

  1. Subarna Express
  2. Mahanagar Godhuli
  3. Mohanagar Provati
  4. Mohanagar Express
  5. Turna Express
  6. Sonar Bangla Express

Dhaka to Chittagong mail train

On the route there is three different mail train available. Those will give you extra facility and easy to find out way of your journey. If you are not ready when intercity train  is available then you can wait for mail train.

  1. Chittagong mail
  2. Karnaphuli Express
  3. Chattala Express

Chittagong to Dhaka Train Route

There is different stoppages on the route of Chittagong to Dhaka. On those stoppages train will stop and take a break, on the break time passenger may take rest and relaxation. Passengers need to get in the train before the break is over.  So it’s mentioned here. The substations and stoppages are:

  • Feni
  • Comilla
  • Akhaura
  • B. Baria
  • Bhairaab Bazar.

So any can visit Dhaka or Chittagong from those stoppages. If your home is near of those substation, no need to go on the main station. You can take a set from there.

Actually it’s a very long journey that’s why pessanger have to take rest. The distance between Chittagong to Dhaka is 245 kilometers. If you calculate it into miles then it will be almost 152 miles.  If we want to know it into nautical miles then it will be almost 132.3 nautical miles. You should know that 1 mile is equal to 1609 meter and nautical mile is equal to 1852 meters.

Chittagong to Dhaka train schedule

I hope that now you are ready to go from Chittagong to Dhaka with the Bangladesh railway route. Now you have to know the complete schedule of Chittagong to Dhaka train otherwise you will miss the train. On the section below I have mentioned this time and table. Decide yourself when you are ready to start your journey, day or night. One thing to keep in mind is that some trains are closed for certain days, that mean you can not travel on that dsy. So you need to be careful about it. The schedule is listed by train name below.

Train Name (Code)Departure TimeArrival TimeOff Day
Subarna Express (701)07:0013:00Friday
Mahanagar Godhuli (703)15:0021:45No
Mahanagar Provati (721)07:1514:10Sunday
Turna Express (741)23:0006:10No
Sonar Bangla (788)17:0022:40Saturday

Subarna Express:

Train Number701
Off DayFriday
Departure07:00 AM
Arrival01:00 PM

Mahanagar Godhuli:

Train Number703
Off DayNo
Departure Time03:00 PM
Arrival Time09:45 PM

Mahanagar Provati:

Train Number721
Off DaySunday
Departure Time07:10 AM
Arrival Time02:15 PM

Turna Express:

Train Number741
Off DayNo
Departure Time11:00 PM
Arrival Time06:10 AM

Sonar Bangla:

Train Number788
Off DaySaturday
Departure Time05:00 PM
Arrival Time10:40 PM

Mahanagar Express:

Train Number722
Off DaySunday
Departure Time09:32 PM
Arrival Time05:00

Chittagong to Dhaka Train Ticket price

There is several ticket available for you, the price of each ticket depends on quality including AC and without AC. So ticket price will change with your seat plan. For this reason I have also included all of seat plan According to price. After that you can decide what type of ticket you want to buy.

Seat TypesTicket Price
AC Berth1039 BDT
AC Seat731 BDT
1st Class Barth635 BDT
1st Class Seat425 BDT
Snigdha610 BDT
Shuvon Chair320 BDT
Shuvon 265 BDT265 BDT
Shuvon160 BDT

Here you have seen two types of AC seat that is barth without Barth. 1st class is also two types and snigdha is only one quality, Shuvon is three quality. From those AC is higher and Shuvon is lower level.

Mohanagar Provati

It’s the intercity train that run Chittagong to Dhaka. Provat mean morning, it’s start journey every morning at 07:20 PM. Maybe that’s why they named it as provati. This is very comfortable train in this route. It has only one Friday that Sunday the number of this train is 721 it takes almost 5 hour to reach and its arrival time will 02:15 PM. Mohanagar Provati ticket price:

First Class455 BDT
Snighdha Second Class345 BDT
Shovon Chair150 BDT
Shovan Chair Second Class125 BDT

Subarna Express

Subarna Express is one of the most popular train for going to Dhaka from Chittagong. If you are ready to go with this train then you need to know some information about it. The number of the train is 701 and it has one stop day that is Friday, it starts fast journey on 14th April 1998. After that it’s going to be popular day by day. The time of arrival is 01:00 PM and departure time of this train is 07:00 AM. I think now you are clear about it so you can make your decision whether you go with this train or not. Price of ticket:

Snighdha673 BDT
Shovan Chair355 BDT

Mahanagar Godhuli

Mahanagar gudhuli is another train to travel Chittagong to Dhaka. If you want to go with this train you have to know about schedule of this. I have mention earliest schedule. It starts journey everyday in the evening at 3:00 p.m. and it takes almost 7 hours to reach. After 6 hours it will arrive on Dhaka at 9:45 p.m. The number of this trend is 703, another facility of this train is it has no off day you can take a seat everyday on mohanagar godhuli. According to cricket quality have a look at the tickets price:

AC Berth756 BDT
AC Seat495 BDT
1st Class Barth455 BDT
Snigdha380 BDT
1st Class Seat290 BDT
Shuvon Chair150 BDT
Shuvon125 BDT
Shulov100 BDT

Turna Express

If you want to make your journey at night or you have any work on the morning, and you have to go at night then Turna Express will be the fast choice because it start journey every night at 11:00 p.m. and arrive on the morning. Dome people love to go at night, if you are so then you can choice this train without any hesitation. The number of the train is 741 and it has no holidays. It takes almost 7 hours to reach destination. Price of ticket:

AC Bath1093 BDT
Ac Seat731 BDT
Shuvon Chair320 BDT

Sunar Bangla Express

Sonar Bangla is another comfortable train to visit Chittagong to Dhaka. It is a non stopped train, that’s why it takes very short time to go. It has only one stoppages and that is Dhaka airport. Sonar Bangla has one off day Saturday) serial number of this train is 788. It starts journey every evening at 5:00 p.m. and arrives at 10:40 p.m. it’s an evening time train if you want to go on the evening time then it will be a great solution for you. It provides canteen for eating food  or drinking liquid. Check out the price of this train.

AC Seat1100 BDT
Snigdha1000 BDT
Shovon Chair600 BDT

Dhaka to Chittagong train ticket

Now a days Bangladesh is improving gradually. You can buy train tickets from anywhere you are living. You can buy it quickly from online as well as directly from railway station. The SIM operator has given us another opportunity to buy ticket online. You can get an application on your Android phone for collect your train ticket, the name of this application is Rail Sheba. Just head over into Google Play Store and install it.

Chittagong Mail

Chittagong Mail is a popular mail train of Chittagong to Dhaka. It starts from the Biman Bandar station Chittagong the time of starting journey is 23:10 p.m. It is a mail train that’s why it will take time to reach out your destination, after a long journey it’s reach at 7:25 in the morning. The price of this train ticket is also not high. I think it will be good enough for you.

Chittagong Express

Chittagong Express is another mail train of this route. We known that mail train has no off days that’s why it has no off day it will run everyday on exact time. So if you you want to visit with this train you have to know that schedule. Start journey every morning at 8:35 a.m. and arrived in 03:35 PM After seeing the schedule you knew that it is an day journey train it has many stoppage also like Feni, Comilla, Bhairab etc.

Karnaphuli Express

Are you looking for this type of train that will take journey from morning to evening? Then it will be your because it start it journey every morning at 10:00 AM and it will finish its journey Sunday evening at 10:00 a.m. It will arrive on the destination at the evening at 08:35 PM. It has no holiday because it is also a mail train like as I mention earlier. So if you are willing to visit on the day time and enjoy the beauty of nature then it will be definitely perfect for you you can visit without any problem.

Dhaka to Chittagong Train Schedule

Schedule is most important thing when you want to go out. If you don’t know the exact time and table then probably you will miss the train and lost your valuable time. I have mentioned earlier on this article schedule of Chittagong to Dhaka and now are you looking for the schedule of Dhaka to Chittagong? That’s a good. But you have to know that the schedule of both is same when you want to come back return from dhaka then it will be applicable for you or you have a plan for make a trip on Chittagong district then it will useful for you. Just look at the schedule that I mentioned above all off arrivals time will be on Dhaka station I think you have got an Idea about it.

Train Name (No:)DepartureArrivalOff Day
Subarna Express (702)15:0020:10Friday
Mahanagar Express (722)21:0004:30No
Mahanagar Provati (704)07:1514:10Sunday
Turna Express (742)23:0006:10No
Sonar Bangla (788)07:0012:20Saturday
Chittagong Mail (02)22:3007:15No
Karnaphuly Express (04)10:0020:45No
Chattala express (67)08:1515:35Tuesday

Subarna Express:

Train No701
Off DayFriday
Departure03:00 PM
Arrival08:00 PM

Mahanagar Godhuli:

Train No703
Off DayNo
Departure09:00 AM
Arrival04:30 PM

Mahanagar Provati:

Train No721
Off DaySunday
Departure07:15 AM
Arrival02:10 PM

Turna Express:

Train No741
Off DayNo
Departure11:00 PM
Arrival06:10 AM

Sonar Bangla:

Train No788
Off DaySaturday
Departure07:00 AM
Arrival12:20 PM

Mahanagar Express:

Train No722
Off DaySunday
Departure09:32 PM

Chittagong Mail:

Train No784
Off DayNo
Departure10:30 PM
Arrival07:15 AM

Karnaphuly Express:

Train No746
Off DayNo
Departure10:00 AM
Arrival08:45 PM

Chattala Express:

Train No768
Off DayNo
Departure08:15 AM
Arrival03:35 PM

Friends, it was the full and final information of the train of Dhaka to Chittagong or Chittagong to Dhaka with the schedule and the ticket price. I think now you have a clear idea about it. If you realise that It helped you then please share with your friends in the social media. Or if you have any problem to understand any query of this post then feel free to comment there we will give you an correct answer. Thanks for visiting.

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