Dhaka IDB Bhaban Off Day (Weekend/Close Day) Updated Information 2023

IDB Bhaban is a famous center for buying computer and electronics products. It is situated in Agargaon, Sher E Bangla Nagar area. Its formal name is BCS computer city. IDB refers to Islamic Development Bank and the elaboration of BCS is the Bangladesh Computer Society. There is a corporate office of IDB is near the BCS computer city. So, that is called IDB Bhaban. It has been there since 1999. It is a 10 stored building.

From all districts of the country, people come to purchase desktop computers, laptops, and other parts. There are thousands of shops there as that is almost 100,000 square feet area. If you want to buy products at a fair price then this place is certainly going to help you.

There are many kinds of products of mid-range, high-range, even low range. But it is confirmed that all the products have good quality. The salespersons will inform you about the flaws and good sides of the product. The best part is they will suggest you buy within your budget. 

There are lots of shops and lots of products. That is why maximum type of products is always available there. It is kind of the wholesale market for the businessman of computers and other essential parts. Business individuals often come to this building for collecting their goods.

Dhaka IDB Bhaban Off Day

It is very important to know the opening and closing times of IDB Bhavan. IF people do not know the exact time then it will be a problem. If they come to the closed day they may face much loss for the transportation cost. 

On the closing day of IDB Bhaban, The half-closing day that’s are described in this article. People are not willing to waste their expensive time by coming on the day the IDB Bhaban is closed. 

Sunday is the day when IDB Bhaban is fully closed. The building is situated in Dhaka -1207 post office area. It is a very busy area with lots of corporate offices. Various kinds of government offices also have their place there. The half-closed day is Monday.

Every day except Sunday the IDB Bhaban is open at 10 am. it has been closed at 8 pm. You have to plan your shopping within this time. On Monday it is closed at 2 pm. 

Dhaka Agargaon IDB Bhaban Off Day is Sunday

Why is IDB Bhaban Known?

IDB Bhaban is known for its huge marketplace of computer accessories.  There are wholesalers and retailers. Big businessmen come there and also normal customers come.

Quality product delivery is the promise of the sellers of IDB Bhaban. A matter of funny fact is The real name of IDB Bhaban is BCS computer city. But the name IDB Bhaban is so Famous that the real name has been lost. Students come there mainly for buying laptops. Giving service for the repair of sold equipment and computers also available there. The servicing is very good.   

IDB Bhaban Off Day

Sunday is the international Holiday for employees in many countries. IDB Bhavan follows the rules of International community. So, it is closed on Sunday.

People come to IDB Bhaban for purchasing various devices and computers and other electronic essential parts like headphones, routers, hub, switch, motherboard, soundbox, laptop, LAN card, wifi card, USB port, keyboard, mouse, monitor cables, multiplug, game station, lights, wireless earphones, etc.

Most of the people are from distant places, some of them come from different parts of Dhaka and other districts, many of them are service holders,so, it is impossible for them to come on other days except Saturday and Friday. Most of the office of Bangladesh is closed these days. So, they get the chance to buy things on These 2 days.

The authorities have a business mind and so they have to keep this information on head while choosing the closed day. If IDB Bhaban is closed on Friday or Saturday instead of Sunday ten the customers have to go back and the businesspersons have to lose many sales.

IDB Bhaban Off DayMonday (Half)
IDB Bhaban Off DaySunday (Full)

BCS Computer City Weekly Close Day

The weekly close day is Sunday. it has only one day off in a week. te half-close day is monday.

IDB Bhaban Close DayMonday (Half)
IDB Bhaban Close DaySunday (Full)

IDB Bhaban BD Holiday

Bangladesh has so many festivals. This is called because the people of this country are very festive. The salespersons have the right to celebrate these days. People also want to spend this day with their friends and families. So these days, almost all the market is off.  Following is a list of these days; 

21st February, 26th March, 14th April, 1st May, Shab e Barat, Eid Ul Fitr (5 days), Eid Ul Azha (5 days ), 16th December.

IDB Bhaban Agargaon Weekend

Weekend means weekly holiday. The weekly holiday is Sunday and the half-holiday is Monday.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Question.

Q. What is the full Meaning of IDB Bhaban?

The full meaning of IDB Bhaban is Islamic Development Bank.

Q. When is The IDB Bhaban Weekly Off Day?

The weekly off Day of IDB Bhaban is Sunday.


Sometimes there are some special features or offers. Those days, the IDB Bhaban is open. If you want hassle-free shopping then come in the other days of the Week as Sunday the business center is off. We wish you a happy shopping.

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