Dhaka to Jamalpur Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2023

Dhaka to Jamalpur Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Have you a plan for a trip Dhaka to jamalpur or jamalpur to Dhaka? If your answer is positive. Then you need to know Dhaka to jamalpur train schedule with ticket price. We have added all updated information from Bangladesh railway website.

You know Jamalpur is the district of Mymensingh Division, so you can follow schedule of Dhaka to Mymensingh train. Mymensingh is the most attractive place on this area, every day lot of people go there for many important work. And, they love train journey to avoid traffic jam.

Dhaka to Jamalpur Train List

In the route of Dhaka to jamalpur two types of train available. Intercity and mail. Each has 3-4 deferent train. Now I’m going to share with you all of train name with their schedule. According to Bangladesh rail President There are few intercity train. Intercity train is popular than mail train. On this route there is four intercity rail.

  • Tista Express
  • Aghnibina
  • Bhrammaputra Express
  • Jamuna Express

Mail train is not good as intercity, it’s slower so it will take long time on your journey. If you have enough time then you can collect the ticket of those. Mail train are perfect if you have low budget. Only three main on this route, here is the list.

  • Dewangonj Commuter
  • Jamalpur Commuter
  • Vawal Express

Dhaka to Jamalpur Train Schedule

Without knowing schedule you can reach out on the station at exact time. So that schedule is necessary for your trip. On this below section I have added the full timetable of Dhaka to jamalpur train. After seeing schedule you can understand that when you have to get ready for your journey.

Train NameTrain CodeOff DayDeparture TimeArrival Time
Aghnibina735No09:45 AM03:30 PM
Bhrammaputra Express743No06:00 PM11:50 PM
Jamuna Express745No04:40 PM10:30 PM
Tista Express707Monday07:30 AM02:20 PM
Dewangonj Comuter51No03:40 PM10.15 PM
Vamalpur Comuter47No05:40 AM11.40 AM
Vawal Express55No09:20 PM05:40 AM

This is the full and final timetable which is according to Bangladesh railway station schedule.

Dhaka to jamalpur intercity train list with schedule

There are four Intercity train available on this route. On the below section I have discussed all off train name with their schedule and ticket price. Check out it from here, after reading details you can make a decision by which train you want to go I mean which will be perfect for you.

Aghnibina Express

Aghnibina Express is the first intercity train on the route of Dhaka to jamalpur. It has two number 735 and 736 when you are going to Dhaka to jamalpur then your train number will be 735. On the other hand I mean your returning Time number will be 736. It’s the popular train on this route, it has no off day. Aghnibina starts running at morning 09:45 AM and reach to jamalpur station in the evening at 03:30 PM.

Bhrammaputra Express

The second train of Dhaka to jamalpur route is Bhrammaputra Express, it’s also an intercity train. The train starts journey every evening at 06:00 PM and it takes four and fifty hour to reach out to destination. Bhrammaputra has no off day, you can get ticket everyday. Check out ticket price from below section.

Jamuna Express

Jamuna Express is the third intercity train which runs every day Dhaka to jamalpur route. It’s also a regular train, it runs almost six hours. The starting time is 04:40 PM and it reachs on the other stations after a long journey at night 10:30 PM. After finishing your trip you can take dinner at station hotel.

Tista Express

Tista Express is the last intercity train on Dhaka to jamalpur route. It’s the only one intercity train which has off day. Monday is holiday for Tista Express. It’s the day journey train. You can enjoy beauty of nature while you traveling. Because it leaves Dhaka station at morning 07:30 and reach to jamalpur at afternoon 02:20.

Jamalpur to Dhaka train schedule

After finishing your journey you need to return jamalpur to Dhaka or if you want make a tour on Dhaka from jamalpur. On that moment you will looking for jamalpur to Dhaka train schedule. To make your journey easier we have mentioned it. The train are same just different on timings.

Train NameTrain CodeOff DayDeparture TimeArrival Time
Aghnibina736No04:30 PM10:35 PM
Bhrammaputra Express744No06:30 AM12:30 PM
Jamuna Express746No03:15 AM07:40 AM
Tista Express708Monday04:00 PM08:10 PM
Dewangonj Comuter52No02:05 PM07:15 PM
Vamalpur Comuter48No05:57 AM11:15 AM
Vawal Express56No03:30 AM11:35 AM

Dhaka to Jamalpur Train Ticket Price

Before take a ticket you have to know about ticket price. Ticket price depend on your seat class or your destination. Here we have mentioned ticket that applicable for intercity train. Mail train ticket is lower than intercity because it’s slower and has no facility.

  • 1st Class (Barth)- 350 BDT
  • 1st Class (Seat) – 235 BDT
  • AC(Berth) – 604 BDT
  • AC(Seat) – 403 BDT
  • Shulov – 65 BDT
  • Shuvon – 110 BDT
  • Shuvon (Chair) – 175 BDT
  • Snigdha – 340 BDT

I think now you have enough idea about Dhaka to jamalpur train as well as jamalpur to Dhaka. Now you can choice your desired train with your seat plan as well. Hope it helps to you, have a nice journey. If you want to more details please contact with us or comment on below. Don’t forget to share with your friend! Thanks for being with us.

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