Dhaka To Mongla Bus Schedule, Ticket Price, Online Booking, Counters Number & More

In the last five years, we have noticed tremendous growth in the GDP of Bangladesh.  Export and import plays an important role in these augmenting of development.  Mongla port is a precious gateway of Bangladesh.  Tourists like to go to Mongla for visiting the port and the mid-route of going Sundarban.

Bangladesh Economic Zone Authority has introduced a new Indian-based economic zone in Mongla. this zone will need 205 acres. there is a new project to dredge mong port with the help of Chinese authorities. there are more than 10 projects that have been initiated to increase the efforts and advantages of Mongla Port.

Dhaka To Mongla Bus

The mighty Padma multipurpose bridge is going to have its inauguration within two or three years max. Once the Padma bridge is operable, Mongla will gain more magnificence.  From 2015 to 2019 this port has a net income of 497 crores and 31 lakh taka.

Dhaka to Mongla bus Service List:

There are many bus services in Dhaka to Mongla Route. Most of the services go to direct Mongla. it is about an 8 to 9-hour long bus journey. There are both AC and non-Ac services. People choose any of them as per their choice. i will give you a list of favorable bus services From Dhaka to Mongla. here it is:

  1. Soudia paribahan
  2. Sundarban service Pvt. Ltd
  3. Grameen service Pvt. Ltd
  4. Ehsan Paribahan

Dhaka to Mongla Bus Ticket Price:

Bus ticket prices may vary in different bus companies. Ac bus service is also available to ride. I will suggest you to know the ticket price from our site, here is a simple list of that:

Bus Name Ac Bus Non-Ac Bus
Soudia paribahan 1200 Tk 500 Tk
Sundarban service Pvt. Ltd 1200 Tk 500 Tk
Grameen service Pvt. Ltd 1200 Tk 400 Tk
Ehsan Paribahan 1200 Tk 400 Tk

Dhaka to Mongla Bus Schedule:

Mongla is so far from Dhaka. Every day there is a bus but at a specific time. after 11 pm it is hard to find any reliable bus. so it is advised to choose before 10 pm.

Bus Name Day Time
All Bus Every Day From 8 AM to 10 AM and From 6 PM to 10 PM.

Counter Number, Address Of Dhaka Mongla Transport:

if you know the location and counter number it will be easy to plan your journey. many of you may have bags and baggage to shift. so finding a counter in a particular location and asking their facilities shifting charge and other relevant information is very crucial. so we made a list of bus names with their address and number. the numbers are always updated on our site.

Bus name Location/address Counter number
Saudia paribahan Gabtoli Bus Terminal 8018445
Sundarban service Pvt. Ltd Sayedabad Bus Terminal 01675-943578
Grameen service Pvt. Ltd Saydabad (Aside from Janpath More of the highway), Dhaka. 01736-176655, 01770-806100
Ehsan Paribahan Saydabad Counter 01190-819762, 01692-903813

Online Ticket Booking Dhaka to Mongla Bus Service:

there are several third-party applications for booking a ticket. all of the websites will want you to pay at an instance. otherwise, if you don’t pay within twenty minutes they will cancel your tickets. so, please be sure while buying tickets online.  never trust any unknown site since you have to pay online for tickets and they will receive your bank debit or credit card numbers or mobile banking duties. we are providing a list for you describing some legitimate sites,

  • shohoz.com

FAQs[Frequently Asked Questions]

Q. Is there any website to book Mongla bus tickets from Dhaka?

there are several websites. in our article stated above, we give a list of reliable and legal sites. feel free to check from there.

Q. What is the travel time between Dhaka and Mongla??

it may vary because of the transport you are using. incase of bus journey it may take 8 to 9 hours.


Mongla is a beautiful Upazila with a big bunch of economic opportunities. people can go there to visit the historical places or have a business tour, anything but we hope our article will help every single one of them to find an affordable and safe journey.

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